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  1. What are the best places to sell a Dillon XL650 with tons of accessories and consumables? would prefer a local buyer in the Portland OR area. To much stuff to ship. Thanks Mikelindsey@comcast.net
  2. Anyone close to Portland OR that wants an XL650 with lots of accessories? Mikelindsey@comcast.net
  3. I have two Sig Romeo 4s. Most of my long guns and one pistol run with Trijicon, I got used to no batteries. Anyway does anyone have life expending for the Romeo 4s. I’ve just got two MPXs and wondering. I’ve been just turning them off when I bag them up from the range. I shoot at least once a week. If I could get six months on I’d just leave them that way.
  4. Mikelindsey

    SIG 365

    I have been carrying different types of Sigs small and lighter weight. I think I have 5 pistols and 2 MPX carbines. They are all good shooters.. sinice getting the 365 its the small or if you will medium gun I carry every day now. I have smaller guns I used to swap to in the summer like the LC9 Ruger but I’m going to try to keep the Sig year round.
  5. I too was intimidated at first, then I got it down to 5-10 minutes. That got old too so I jut bought change overs for all calibers I load.
  6. They have a inclusive extras in the 650 package. I’m just wondering if anything is different.
  7. I don’t know about the triggers. The only ones I have ever got were aTimneys and loved them. what I did was to buy the MPX by itself as a pistol then buy the stock. It’s the same size around as an AR spring tube. 1 inch or more. I really like it as it’s very sturdy. Cost was only about $5-$10 more than the flimsy stock that goes down both sides of the back sides of the gun. It folds to make it a pistol or to hide in your backpack.
  8. I got the butt that’s a single folding tube and really like it. It’s sturdy enough for shoulder oops...chest or cheek firing.
  9. What do you guys think about the KRISS Vector.
  10. You can buy a 25 round magazine from KRaiSS Vectors web page. I have one of their carbines and there’s none better. Anyway I used my 25 rounders the other day on a new Sig and worked fine.
  11. I’m thinking of getting a Sig mini 1911. I currently have the 938, MCX and a 220. They have all run flawlessly. Anyone have one that wishes to comment.
  12. I’m not all that fast of a reloader on my 650. I like to watch the cases after getting through the powder check. I don’t know how anybody fast or slow could do it without the case feeder.
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