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  1. I'm looking for one for the wife as the 2011 grip is a little big for her, but at this rate would be easier to find a unicorn in the store first. LOL
  2. Didn't see the post a couple below me, that's what I get for looking on a phone. LOL Mods please close
  3. Just picked up a low round count PM9, with g10s and a Dawson ice Maxwell. Is there any think else I need to do to it by chance that current owners noticed it needs? Not sure on putting in a SVI trigger bow for shave weight and hopefully it makes weight just under 43oz. Going with my load from the Phantom that make 130PF, not sure what spring it has or what I should run to limit the nose dive, if any, with a stock spring.
  4. Yeah it’s good, fairly faint on the lower settings but bright on the highest. Not as bright as the Razor, but was easy to see and didn’t wash out against trees , houses etc. Haven’t had it to the range yet to see how it does in the desert landscape.
  5. Picked one up and the glass is phenomenal! and on par with both Razor 1-6 and Accupower 1-8 that I've peeked through. I picked up the 1-8 BRS with the R-14 reticule and from a look at the data (223 factory ammo @2,700 to 3.,000fps) it should match the bullet drops that are built in to the scope already (FFP so should bullet drop and any power). Ended up with this one as I wanted a dual purpose scope for both competition and varmints. The thing is a beast and feels very good, even on the edges has true color ( from what I can tell) , I actually haven't had a chance to even sight it in yet due to work schedule and vacation travel.
  6. Was looking for a entry level scope for 2 gun and the shepherd scopes 1-6 or 1-8 have good reviews any thoughts?
  7. Have a guy here in Mesa AZ, that custom made mine for the Ultra Tac FS, for $50 or 60 and turn a round was in 2 days.. I can get his info if you want it.
  8. Cool thanks for the help gentlemen..
  9. Did a search and it seem that the last comments on this powder were from years ago. Is anybody still loading this? I'm looking to load for 9mm minor/production and .40 major. Thanks.
  10. The club I’m Currently at we had 200 shooters on average for TNS every week
  11. Not trying to hijack this thread, but do they have a weekly shoot in the San Antonio area, like Tuesday night steel or something similar.
  12. Out of Kuna I see, I met my wife there in Meridian. How did it preform in the cold, noticed much of a drop in velocity?
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