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  1. Oldhand

    Switching from 180gr to 200gr.

    Going to give this a recipe a try as I have a few 165gr fmj laying around and see, if this works.
  2. Oldhand

    Switching from 180gr to 200gr.

    I run the 11# spring now and will change it to the 13#, I'm going to chrony some rounds this weekend to see what the difference and feel is.
  3. Oldhand

    Switching from 180gr to 200gr.

    Haven’t considered going down (yet). What I’m trying to do is build a soft load for steel on 180 then switch to heavier 200 , keep the same charge and have a major load for matches. Trying to get the best out of wash without having to adjust the powder charge for ease of use.
  4. Oldhand

    Switching from 180gr to 200gr.

    Checked my OAL and it’s 1.129. Same as some factory ammo that I have. Going to load some and take to range today see how soft they are. In southwest AZ (Phoenix) I’ll borrow my buddy’s chrono and see what the power factor is for both the 180 and 200
  5. Oldhand

    Switching from 180gr to 200gr.

    On a side note, I though I was the only fool up trying to reload this early. ?
  6. Oldhand

    Switching from 180gr to 200gr.

    Winchester WSF. Came with my 650 when I picked it up here in the valley. Running it as I have 10lbs. The factory load data says 5.2gr for 180 nothing for 200. I’ve sweetspotted at 4.5 for the 180. Shoots soft with fast sight recovery have really shaved some time off my stages. Have loaded at 4.2 and gun still ran, below 4.0 she won’t cycle back to battery.
  7. Did a forum search and nothing popped up. Running 180gr fmj flat nose, Loaded 4.7grs of powder and a OAL of 1.018 in my TSO. I Am switching to 200gr flat nose fmj. Do I need to drop the powder to maintain the same power factor? Not sure what the extra bullet weight will change? Figured I would ask defore loading up a batch of 20 at different weights to see what ran the best.
  8. Will the Safariland fit the CZ TSO??

  9. I shoot a TSO now and interested, need a pic please.

  10. Oldhand

    CZ Orange, Follower Issues

    Ok, thanks..
  11. Oldhand

    CZ Orange, Follower Issues

    Anyone had this issue yet, I have the CZ orange with facotory mags, CZ Ghost +3 base pads / springs and their followers. Just the other day the slide pushed the follow out or the top of magazine and jammed half open on way to battery. The followers don't look tipped and can load 21 (40 S7W) they were workin awesome now have 2 of the 4 doing it. Any Ideas??
  12. Still have the 40cal bullets available?


  13. Oldhand

    Missing Front sight set screw

    Yup, I was still surprised that my local True value had extra machine plugs
  14. Oldhand

    New TS Orange

    Only had issues with the buffer.