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  1. Mostly 200 to 500 yards.
  2. Was looking for a entry level scope for 2 gun and the shepherd scopes 1-6 or 1-8 have good reviews any thoughts?
  3. Have a guy here in Mesa AZ, that custom made mine for the Ultra Tac FS, for $50 or 60 and turn a round was in 2 days.. I can get his info if you want it.
  4. Cool thanks for the help gentlemen..
  5. Did a search and it seem that the last comments on this powder were from years ago. Is anybody still loading this? I'm looking to load for 9mm minor/production and .40 major. Thanks.
  6. I thought you boys in Texas shot a lot?
  7. The club I’m Currently at we had 200 shooters on average for TNS every week
  8. Not trying to hijack this thread, but do they have a weekly shoot in the San Antonio area, like Tuesday night steel or something similar.
  9. Out of Kuna I see, I met my wife there in Meridian. How did it preform in the cold, noticed much of a drop in velocity?
  10. Thats not bad the WSF I'm loading to 6.0 to make major (with a little cushion) @ 1.185 using FMJ 180Gr. I'm being told the powder is pretty clean, how did you like it?
  11. Picked up some Vectan Ba9 1/2, didn’t know if anyone had some load data for a 5” barrel, 40 of course. Did the search and couldn’t find anything but the data sheets I already have. Haven’t had time to Chrono rounds yet, and tired of the WSF.
  12. Going to give this a recipe a try as I have a few 165gr fmj laying around and see, if this works.
  13. I run the 11# spring now and will change it to the 13#, I'm going to chrony some rounds this weekend to see what the difference and feel is.
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