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  1. Amerflyer48, Thanks for your response. I ended up doing exactly as you suggested. I did have to use my die grinder with a sanding roll to get most of the galled material out of the upper end of the links. I then drilled and tapped them for grease zerks with 1/4x28 threads. I also drilled the bottom of the links and also the cross piece with the long pin in it and installed a grease zerk in it too. Oiled up the main shaft and everything is now smooth as butter. Dillon suggests using their alignment pin to make sure the shell plate is oriented properly. What I used instead was a Letter H drill bit along with the 45 powder die insert and two 1/16th o-rings to hold it in place, one on the top and one below. This simulates the alignment pin and I was able to easily align the shell plate. Thanks for your help and happy reloading!
  2. I bought a used 550b and there is some galling in the linkage arms. Has anyone gone to the trouble of putting bronze bushings in these arms? Maybe even install some grease zerks. I realize I could buy the upgrade frame kit to make it a 550c and it would have the greaseable pins. I would also have to get a new set of linkage arms. And yes I do understand that I could just ship it to them and they would rebuild it under warranty however that just doesn’t seem right to me. Any other ideas? BTW, I did several searches and couldn’t find anything on this subject.
  3. Just joined the forum. I live in Roswell, the Alien City. Mostly interested in the Dillon part of the forum. Currently have a 550 and an old Rockchucker.
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