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  1. Care to share your load data? I just picked up a gen4 30 myself and want to make a good GSSF load.
  2. Sarge, you sound like a professional, maybe even a master...whacker! sorry couldn’t resist. But I too never need more than 3-4 to pull a bullet
  3. What was the OAL that worked for you? I rand about 50 through a 30s today and they ran fine. My oal is 1.241
  4. Glad you got the slides sorted out before shooting the entire match in the wrong configuration. And congrats on standing and especially the moving during outer limits! That’s really fantastic and I hope you can continue with your progress!
  5. Sounds good to me. I found a stockpile locally for $30/k. Might go get a few more
  6. Anyone have experience using these for those calibers? I bought a few thousand because they were cheap and available, but have never used them before. Thoughts, suggestions, Save them for my 223 etc.?
  7. Maybe the ejector needs to be adjusted. If it’s tilted upward it will allow the mags to sit to high.
  8. Another thing I hate... when we made The rule that whomever drives gets to choose the music
  9. Especially when my wife drives the last leg home from vacation (this exact moment) and she sings along. It’s all keyboard synthesized hot garbage that makes me want to go shoot a match without earpro .
  10. Yep, still going strong. We both have taccom bolts and I hadn’t noticed any mag deformation. Her gun has only had sub minor ammo, but I have right at 1k 130+/-PF through mine and so far, so good (knocks on wood). A friend of mine recently brought over his PCC to look at because he was having multiple issues. It is an early model PSA Glock lower with a bolt that I don’t recognize and his mags look like chewed up dog toys. Could be the lower, could be the bolt, or might be both. On my kids gun the lower was fine and didn’t need anything. On mine, however, I had to take a few thousandths off the top of the ejector, and slightly bend it to even get it to hand cycle. Yours might need some tweaking as well.
  11. Well I liked my kids so much that I did another similar to hers, but didn’t go as extreme. I used a milspec buffer tube, modified MFT stock and my normal hiperfire 24c trigger. It comes in at 4lbs 7ozs. all the skeletonized stuff looks cool, but there’s no real weight savings as the metal is thicker and heavier to compensate for all the cuts. you can’t really go lighter on the bolt/buffer unless you plan on bunny fart only loads, otherwise it’ll beat up parts, your shoulder, and the dot will bounce like mad. In fact, my super light build bounces a bit much using 128pf loads and I’m thinking about putting the bolt weight back in to see if that will slow it down enough to reduce some bounce. Otherwise, I think I’ve found the limit (my limit) of lightweight vs double tap accuracy. My 5lb 8oz Gun will put shots about 1.5-2” apart at 8 yards. This super light puts them about 4” or more apart. This means I have to slow down my second shot on anything with distance, otherwise it’s C/D zone City...no bueno. As for barrels, I think the only way anyone is going to get much lighter is to create a shrouded barrel system with a shorter steel barrel and titanium shroud (i’d be afraid how much that would cost).
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