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  1. Happened to me which is why I have the Briley sight. It is the same sight as the Hi-viz but is dovetailed into the rib and can't come out.
  2. I started out trying to make my rifles so light. My rifles have gotten a little heavier as I gained more experience. For me, I dont mind as little extra weight as long as it balances the rifle. That, to me, is more important. Switching from Tacops to Limited I noticed quite a difference in recoil just from taking my heavy Razor off and switching to a lightweight Spitfire. I added a PRS stock to add a little more weight back to the rifle, but the weight is against the shooter and I really like the way it handles. Your parts list looks like it should be a sweet machine. Enjoy!
  3. I haven't noticed it makes as much of a difference as it does in a handgun. Shooting form will mitigate more recoil in a rifle instead of chasing the "new shiny" when it comes to comps. The titan is a great comp and you won't be disappointed. Work on getting a solid foundation and shoot whatever load your rifle likes best.
  4. I had Briley install one of their front and rear sight sets on my m2. The front sight is the same as many others except that it is dovetailed into the rib and can't come out. I've had my front sight screw come loose on a stage and it was a big problem. Their rear sight is really nice. It's basically a rear sight milled in to the rib and is windage and elevation adjustable. Check them out.
  5. I use a g-code and had to do a little modification to make it fit the wide dust cover on my Atlas. I'm a big fan of the rti mount so I can remove the holster on stages where I don't need a handgun. The hook on the g-code also pops down faster than the others that I've seen and the release seems to make more sense to me. The lever gets pushed straight down instead of in towards the shooter like the others. Evike.com has them in stock if you don't want to wait to have one built.
  6. Are you sure it's lead and not the plastic wad melting into the barrel? Mine gets wad buildup because of the long strings of fire and how hot we get them. Lucas Oil extreme duty bore solvent dissolves it better than anything else I've found.
  7. I got my first can this year and don't know why I waited so long to finally get one. I went with a TBAC ultra 7 and couldn't be happier. I use it on my 300wm, 6.5x284, 243 and .223 coyote rifles. It's only 7 inches long and weighs only 9.5 oz. It will be on my rifle for my muley hunt starting in 2 weeks.
  8. Like others have stated, I usually start at minimum 7 yards. I feel better at 9 or 10 but some of our bays are narrow so shots on the sides get tighter.
  9. I use 69 smk over a stout load at 2911 avg and it works very well at distance. At major matches I also use 55 nosler ballistic tip for hoser ammo and will use it to 300 yards with confidence. People have asked why I shoot expensive bullets for hoser ammo but it is literally a $10 difference at a major match for piece of mind knowing I am running good ammo. I've spent more money on dumber ideas many times.
  10. I never allow a hot pistol to go prone at my club matches. I have a ton of new shooters and many show up with a nylon holster, etc and have minimal retention. Mag inserted, empty chamber is how I'll start a stage where prone is required or I will have the handgun portion before the rifle so the pistol is already abandoned.
  11. I'm thinking I need one of these fine pistols and I can't ever leave anything alone. Is the frame stainless and can just be bead blasted after some work or is it carbon steel? I'm assuming it's the latter since everyone gets some sort of finish after work is done. Thanks
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