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  1. The 2018 Match Registrations is opening tonight at 8PM Central Time. Link to the Match Registration
  2. The 2018 Nordic Components & Vortex Optics Tri-Gun presented by the Minnesota 3Gun Group will be held on June 22nd-24th, 2018. A huge thanks to the Title Sponsors Nordic Components and Vortex Optics, and to the host range Forest Lake Sportsmen’s Club. The 3 day match will feature 9 exciting and challenging stages. Match slots will be limited so we could maintain the same quality match (and generous prize table). The match reached full capacity with a waiting list in the past 5 years, with last year’s match filling within 4 minutes and 42 seconds of opening. It will likely f
  3. Nordic Vortex Tri-Gun - Forest Lake Sportsmen's Club, MN - June 22-24, 2018 http://nordicvortextrigun.com/
  4. Here is a video from Hiperfire with me testing their 24C in the MPX Pistol and SBR. Be warned, I'm by no means a looker or a speaker. https://youtu.be/joWb4J9vV1U
  5. Also, I've been doing a little dependability test on mine to see how many rounds I can fire through it without cleaning or maintaining it before it begins to have issues. After last night's match where 2 of us took turns using it, I'm currently at 1,150 rounds and it is still performing flawlessly.
  6. I have an MPX with the Hiperfire 24C trigger on it. I use it for both house protection and in competitions. I didn't care for the Sig thin folding stock (too long) or the Sig collapsing stock (too wide). I found more stock options at Lage Manufacturing and they have most everything in stock. They also make stocks for the CZ Scorpion and other carbines. http://max-11.com/
  7. I'm not an actor by any means, but here is the video from Hyperfire of me testing the 24C in the MPX Pistol and SBR.
  8. Over 1,000 now since I've installed it and not a single issue. Ran it through a whole match last Sunday with no problems.
  9. I personally confirm this. I gladly volunteered my MPX as the test firearm for the 24C. I brought my MPX to the Hyperfire shop and we installed the 24C in it. Took it to the range and it functioned great.
  10. The folks above are right. Though most rules are pretty similar, they do vary and you have to checks the rules of each match. Most Heavy Metal (or Heavy Irons) requires 308 rifle, 45 handgun, and 12 gauge pump shotgun and all 3 guns must use iron sights only. Some may allow a non-magnified optic (red dots) to be used on the rifle. Heavy Optics (or some other variance in the name) is where things really vary. In whatever variance, the rifle is still a 308 but the use of magnified optics is allowed. The shotgun may be semi-auto or pump, and the handgun can be 9mm or bigger. Welcome to 3-Gun.
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