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  1. I got my holster from Jojo vidanes about 2 years ago he had a cupple in stock then
  2. The set up is a Dillion 1050 with a forcht auto drive . The wires are for the low powder sensor and the low primer sensor , it also has a fail to eject the primer sensor
  3. Hear is my open benelli m2
  4. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=YNEcDcuhBck
  5. This is my old girl she is over 10+ years still shooting a matches a month
  6. The safariland case is awesome that is what I use
  7. I think you order looks good I run tac with CCI 400 And tite group with CCI 500 and 400 depending what I have at the time
  8. I have the same problem so I commit to jest shooting one gun division
  9. You look great the most important thing is to have fun and be safe . But hear are some things that I noticed 1- you went to far in to the ports 2- move faster between shooting positions 3- bring the gun up to eye level when you reload 4- keep having fun
  10. What holsters are you guys running for a long dust cover Sti 2011 in 3 gun competition
  11. I use the predator tactical sport super low profile and work great
  12. The Solomon speed cross 3 have good traction
  13. I use the qls for my holster and the ELS for everything else they work great
  14. I use the midway range bag it works great for me
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