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  1. The set up is a Dillion 1050 with a forcht auto drive . The wires are for the low powder sensor and the low primer sensor , it also has a fail to eject the primer sensor
  2. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=YNEcDcuhBck
  3. This is my old girl she is over 10+ years still shooting a matches a month
  4. What holsters are you guys running for a long dust cover Sti 2011 in 3 gun competition
  5. Thank you for all the comments looks like I have a hard choice to make between the taccom and the Invictus loaders
  6. I use 7.2 of autocomp with cci 400 SRP . This combo has worked well for me
  7. I'm switching to tac optics this year from open I need some help deciding what the best shell caddies are for quad loading
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