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  1. I would say a good guideline would be approximately 1 yard apart for every 10 yards from the shooting position. I would also say there is nothing wrong with setting up the occasional double for a "price", like having to get off the main line of travel or going through a port in lieu of shooting in the open.
  2. atomicferret

    How accurate are airsoft pistols?

    https://www.tactrainers.com/collections/ipsc-practice Fun stuff
  3. atomicferret

    Ammo Catching @ match

    The gasses want to take the path of least resistance. a bullet is super heavy compared to the light "candy shell" piece of brass. the Brass stretches and eventually rips apart. the bullet will stay in place.
  4. atomicferret

    Ammo Catching @ match

    This is close, but not the whole story. When you pull the slide back slowly to clear the gun, the un-fired round is extracted from the chamber by the extractor. Because it is un-fired the brass has not expanded and slips from under the extractor, falling out your mag well. When you pull the slide back with force, the round is extracted, but doesn't have time to fall away before hitting the ejector. The ejectors job is to kick fired (and un-fired) cases up and away from the ejection port. Either is perfectly fine and safe. It can become unsafe when A) the shooter isn't paying attention and re-introduces a round into the chamber, or b) the shooter prevents the round from clearing the ejection port. the ejector can act like a firing pin if a primed round gets trapped between it and the barrel, slide, etc.
  5. What is the impetus behind this rule? I understand that technically the barrel of the pistol is pointing up range, but it is contained in the holster. The orientation of the barrel doesn't seem to matter at any other time, even if it breaks the 180, while in the holster. Is someone afraid the gun will fall out of the holster? that's usually DQ-able no matter where it happens. Most 3 gunners have figured out they need a good retention holster, so that isn't so much an issue anymore. I ask the question because I run qualifications for my guys at work and all of us have loaded pistols on during our rifle quals. I have never thought twice about going prone, nor has any of my other staff. It seems to be a non-issue. I contend it is not an unsafe act. Does anyone have a good reason why we should continue to DQ people who do it? If we do want to discourage it, Would it maybe be better to give a procedural instead of a DQ?
  6. atomicferret

    Proposed European semi-auto rifle ban

    I read that the Czechs told the EU to pound sand. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-eu-guncontrol-czech/czechs-take-legal-action-over-eu-rules-on-gun-control-idUSKBN1AP1SA
  7. Which rules would be a "hard No" for you?
  8. I, as well, am interested in this. I need a round count and equipment/scoring ruleset.
  9. F-1 Firearms Has pretty much skeletonized everything about an AR-type rifle. Don't think they have a PCC lower though.
  10. USPSA no longer mails out the card....
  11. You mean this guy was DQ'd as he was taking his gun to and from the line? That's some BS. Once you are off the stage, how are they going to regulate the "180"? I don't see this as a situation needing more rules, I see it as a situation where some RO's need to use some common sense.
  12. The argument that it is to preserve the targets, or mitigate ricochets holds no water with me. a 115gr bullet going 1450fps = 166PF. how it gets there is irrelevant. If it does matter, why are we not squashing these guns in 38super.. I have no problem with a speed limit (like 1600fps), but it should be applied to all classes and calibers. I agree that the idea of PF was put into place to balance out lower recoiling, higher capacity 9mm and 45's with lower capacity, higher recoil. Why not allow that to play out on the PCC side? they are, after all, only competing against other PCC's. I think this is the real, underlying reason. no one wants to say it out loud, but some are worried that the "Overall Match Winner" is going to guys who shot rifles, instead of the Open shooters "where it belongs". I am not saying things would be better or worse if Major scoring were allowed, but it was never given a chance. they could have made a minimum caliber for major, just like Limited. That would have made for some interesting gun choices.
  13. What is the reasoning USPSA chose to not allow a PCC to make major PF scoring? If you shot a PCC chambered in 40 or 45, I am sure it would make it easily.
  14. atomicferret

    870 Broken or Short Stroking?

    Have you tried running dummy rounds through the gun? What happens? Have you tried holding in the action bar release and cycling through the magazine (without firing)? what happens? Is it difficult to empty the magazine without cycling the gun? Answers will help to diagnose the problem.
  15. Solid AAR. I wish I lived closer. I would have loved to shoot this match. If it is held next year, I will petition my Team to send us to this one. It is definitely the kind of thing we should be supporting.