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  1. Travel... there used to be a good multigun match 20mins away from me then they quit. Closest now is 2hrs away.
  2. Got another question, are targets at known distances?
  3. I am in the processes of gathering load data for 77smk bthp , 77tmk and 69tmk which ever one will work on my rifle. I might probably switch to higher caliber like 308 or 6.5 Creedmoor in the near future. One obstacle I have is that the farthest distance I could verify my loads is 200 yards.
  4. You mentioned about Wiebad Taco, I just realized they are only 5 min away from me. I’ll check them out later today.
  5. Thank you so much gentlemen! Really good informations here. I will eventually switch to larger caliber, just want to get me started and learn the basics. The 3gun match that I used to go to just recently stop holding matches and they usually include long range target up to 500yards. The nearest 3gun match from me is 1.5hrs away. Then I found out our that the same shooting range that I used to go to 3gun have monthly PRS matches. Just 15mins away.
  6. Please help me figure out how to prepare for my 1st precision rifle shooting match. 1. I already have an AR 15 18” 556 chambered that I wanted to shoot, I’ll be using 69gr smk, does 50yrd zero maximizes the ballistic performance of this particular bullet? 2. Is tripod necessary/sandbag? And any more suggestions that you can add? Thanks!
  7. Me and my brother managed to attend the Thunder Tactical 3gun match last month in Conroe and it was awesome. Glad we went to cause we met and made new friends with the whole squad. Unfortunately, the monthly matches were temporarily postponed till Sept. Now our only option is probably the matches around Austin/temple area. Oh well roughly 3 hour drive to every point where 3gun matches are available. I’m afraid eventually 3gun matches will be extinct in Texas. I hope not.
  8. This post has been awhile but I think I got it from Rich of Canyon Creek customs.
  9. I rounded the edges of the follower and I rotated the spring, as in turned it the other way around it held 22 rounds. It must be the spring, I don’t know but it worked. Thank you again.
  10. Thanks for input guys. I will try to file more of the edge.
  11. Need help on installed Dawson Precision Hi-cap mag base pads on my 5.25 9mm magazines. As advertised, it will add 3-4 cartridges. I followed the instruction modifying the follower but did not get what supposed to be the outcome. It only manage to add 2. Anybody using this base pad? Did you get at least 3 or more to the capacity?
  12. Well built, I can tell the difference. Manageable recoil, but still I’m still slow.
  13. Just got vortex PST genii last month from OP for under $500, its on sale plus a coupon. I had Bushnell sold it, then Vortex Strike eagle 1-6 traded it in with Atibal xp8. I thought xp8 glass is good, it is still good, but PST is way better. Never had a high end scope to compare with but this is all I can afford and I made a great choice. A little heavy but I care less as long as I get a better view of my targets and you won’t be carrying it all day anyway.
  14. UML rules 6.4. Limited 6.4.1. Pistol Custom or factory installed electronic sights, optical sights, compensators or barrel porting are prohibited. Magazines shall not exceed 171.25 mm OAL (overall length) for single stacks, and shall not exceed 141.25 OAL for staggered magazines. Pistol Magazine failing the OAL inspection, after the competitor has completed one or more stages, will result in the shooter being bumped to Open. Pistol caliber shall not be changed during the event 6.5. Tactical Optics 6.5.1. Pist
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