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  1. If I can find iPads for cheap I’d be more interested in those. They are much easier to see but the summer heat of Louisiana overheats them.
  2. I like the sun shades but it looks like We Hate Glare either isn’t around or the website is defunct. Any idea where I can get them?
  3. How does the Fire 8 do in direct sunlight? We’ve been using borrowed 7s I believe and they are difficult to see.
  4. It’s time to buy new tablets for the club and I was wondering what everyone is using. What is everyone’s recommendations for a sunny day?
  5. From what I’m hearing you can’t mount the old Romeo 1s without an adapter plate. Looks like the new Romeo 1 Pro and DPPs will mount directly.
  6. So you’re saying a Romeo 1 can’t be mounted to a Legion?
  7. Does anyone know if the Legion has the standard X5 lead weighted grip slug or a tungsten version?
  8. Any idea what the Legion weighs without a mag or magwell? My factory 21 round mags weigh 3.7 oz with TTI basepad if anyone is curious. I’ve got my X5 built with a SSI heavy grip and GG recoil rod. It’s not as heavy as the Legion and it won’t even with the tungsten guide rod. I’m sitting at 41.13 oz using my current setup.
  9. ELSOS

    320 X5 Questions

    That’s my exactly my thoughts. Until the rules say I can have it I’m not spending the money.
  10. ELSOS

    320 X5 Questions

    I just order the SSI heavy grip module. I shoot Limited the majority of the time with a 2011 so I like the idea of my X5 feeling like that gun and being a bit heavier. I already have the tungsten slug but haven’t gotten the guide rod yet. I’m going to give the Grayguns guide rod a go and may switch later. GoGuns is claiming their X5 *thumb rest [generic]* https://gogunusa.com/products/gas-pedal-cg-for-sig-p320-sku-320 is CO and Production legal but I haven’t seen any verbage from USPSA confirming that yet. Has anyone seen any info on that?
  11. ELSOS

    320 X5 Questions

    I like the idea of the SSI heavy grip module but it may be a bit wide for my small hands. Has anyone tried replacing the factory grip weight with the tungsten one? Taking the magwell off completely changed the balance of the gun to me and now it feels muzzle heavy.
  12. ELSOS

    320 X5 Questions

    I just bought a 320 X5 today and plan on shooting it in CO eventually. I will be shooting NATO ball through the gun because I get a ton of it free from work. What add onshave you guy done and what would you recommend to tame the ammo? I plan on swapping out the guide rod to use 1911 recoil springs. Any spring weight recommendations?
  13. What are you guys using for offset dot mounts? I have an old Docter on the top of the rail and would like to add a Fastfire III in a 45 offset for hard leans.
  14. New to the area and have never shot this match before, following.
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