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  1. The 2.0 will not be out until sometime in 2021 most likely. We have a lot of R&D coming to the marketplace in the next 6-8 months and the chaos 2.0 is on the list but will take some time.
  2. Funny you did bring any of this up when we spoke a couple weeks ago. Here is a tip for open shooters who buy used guns, don't expect to do zero maintenance.
  3. Thanks Charlie We spend a lot of time on these safeties. My hands don't ride the slide but the shielded feel so good they are my preferred option. We only make the single sided in shielded for that reason.
  4. The Titan SE in discussion here got a PVD gray finish. It went back and forth to coating 3 times. Each time it comes back and does not pass our QC we have to blast it and re polish the flats. We have no control on the coating process today. (working on that). This gun is done and ready to test fire today. Buy the time we add all the extra labor and lost time costs we will just about break even on this pistol. That's was makes Atlas great. If things go wrong we will incur all the extra cost. We will not send out guns that do not pass QC and test fire. The cost that the customer must always incur is time. We are looking at removing the pre-order option to eliminate this problem. The problem this will have create is a loss of the pre-order discount. Adam
  5. We use EGW extractors today in both 9mm and 40 cal The aftecs were great for a long time, but now have issues. The fitting of extractors is complicated. The distance from the FP Stop and the brechface is critical. Not all slides and extractors will match. Extractors should be made to fit slides. We are working on selling these as a pair. Any extractor that works for 50k plus is a good extractor. The tool steel extractors need adjustment more often but can work very well. The spring steel extractors are ideal but they are not made for 9mm and 40 cal today. Our experience with aftecs as of late is failure rates at 4k mark. Side note: Extractors should be fit. If you drop one in and it works for 50k you got lucky. They are the most critical part in the gun and take lots of abuse so checking them often is key. Hope the helps Adam
  6. Rob the reason to buy a Atlas Gun is our service is second to none. We would have gladly worked with you further to find the broken extractor. (1911 extractors have been a weak point of the guns for many years. We are working now to develop the correct extractor made from the correct material.) Lots of gun builders build good guns right now, but we are the only company building 500 plus guns a year and servicing customers guns in two weeks or less (often in one day with quick things). We also pay for air shipping on all service guns both way if under warranty. We put out a service plan for our guns because we want to see the guns for service and keep the running for many years. We started this company to change the way real shooters buy guns and get service. Our goal has been to change the industry for the better. This means better service, better guns, better parts, more education, and faster lead times. We are committed to keeping every single Atlas gun in top working order and continuing to pressure the industry to change for the better. Adam
  7. I'll take the barrels


    (2)  SVI hybrid 9mm 5.0 C/P ramp          $300 each   

    (2) Schuemann ultramacth .355 N/W ramp 4.65 commander barrels threaded  $260 each


    How you want the money?

    1. j33716


      I'm assuming they are new and no ports....


  8. I was walking around the shop today asking who found a regular guide rod (we don't stock them) and put it in a Titan.
  9. The Atlas Titan and Chaos are hand build custom guns that have only one look and color. Other than that they have all the performance of our custom guns. Custom guns with different cuts and colors take a good bit more time to make. The Titan and Chaos are meant to get the best guns in the hands of shooters at fair prices and quick lead times. These guns are very different that a stock gun from other builders and take over double the amount of time to build. There are only one or two companies in the world who are making guns at this quality level, and no one makes guns like this for the current price and lead time.
  10. All the guns we build have Dawson Tooless guide rods. Post a pic of the GR in your gun.
  11. Adam, I don't have your email addy, so I'm messaging you this way.  I was looking at the Open guns on your site and this one caught my eye.  Is this what you had in mind for me a a steel gun and USPSA Open Minor gun in 9mm?  This one has one poppel.  You said you would use two for mine if I reloaded.  At any rate it looks like a 5" barrel gun with the 4.6" lightened slide and almost everything else I would want, except for a PT Evo grip and a threaded barrel (just in case I want you to add a comp later.  I'm also okay with having you do a new barrel with comp (later) if that's what I decide.

    If this is what you were thinging for me, how much as is but with a threaded 5" barrel and the Evo grip.  Do you machine the slide so it has the locator pins for the RTS2?  That's probably what I would use, because the Burris FF3 locator pins are farther out and would show through the side.

    Email is the best way to get in touch with me.

    Steve Thomer




    1. anilson



  12. Adam, just realized this was you, this is jim killoran, you are fixing my 2011 with the hammer drop problem, enjoyed talking to you this morning, when i decide to go full custom, you WILL be where i turn to. thanks for a great bit of insight into what to look out for. looking forward to getting my .40 back! 

  13. If you work the frame then you can put another grip on without redoing all the work. If you work the grip it will only fit on that frame or a frame of very similar size.
  14. Hi all, Food for thought; I would not put a PT grip on a CK frame. If you want a CK grip run a CK frame. If you want a PT grip buy a PT frame. We should have some for sale soon. There is almost no fitting needed and you won't make a mess of a grip or frame. If you have a STI or CK frame now just sell them and buy a PT frame. If you putting the grip on a gun you like and the fit is way off send it to someone who fits a lot of grips.
  15. The Metal grips made by PT and SVI (sti style) will not fit on most sti frames without some work. Some frames can be fit to the grip in 15 minutes and other might take hours. The problem is that sti frames have changed a lot over time in specs. They change every run. The CM and S frames are older and require a lot of material removal. We do this on a CNC with a set program for the PT grips. Doing one of these with hand tools would be difficult. Some of the newer frames with let the grip go on without fitting but often are still tight in some places. These still need minor fitting or they will stress the frame. All of the grips and frames should have the edges broken before the grip is installed. Pay special attention to the tab for the front grip screw. Many times this is too tight and will break over time.
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