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  1. I put a Vortex Venom in the middle of the rail on the receiver. It, too, died during a stage. It was replaced with an Eotech, forward towards the muzzle.
  2. When you take the Dillon seating die out, look inside and see if there's any buildup around the cup. That caused me a lot of headaches before I pulled it and looked.
  3. Yup, 3g has a 1/2" longer sight radius. I love mine. The only one I would ever replace it with is the John Wick model. I used mine in two USPSA matches and a falling steel match. Less felt recoil than my Shadow 2, too.
  4. It depends. The coated bullets I use consistently shoot 50 fps faster than the same lead bullet and loads out of all of my pistols in 9mm and 40 S&W. Same mold, one hard cast lead and the other poly coated.
  5. I got the 6", before they came out with the rmr version. Recoil wasn't bad with Sig ammunition or my full house hand loads. It does have a 5# trigger pull. Take down required a punch and mallet. I like it enough that I was going to shoot a 1911 match with it.
  6. Check that all of the receiver screws are tight. Mine loosened up while I was shooting last week and caused the same error.
  7. STI just dropped the price on their magazines.
  8. I walked into a local skateboard shop and picked out a sheet of woodland camo deck tape in 2009. The tape is working as good as new after 9 years. I used that pistol for Limited USPSA and Tacops 3-gun. i cut it to shape and stuck it on. It's been sprayed with brake cleaner every once in a while. It's just a little dirtier now.
  9. I'm getting frustrated with my second 6.8 SPC build. I'm thinking a new 224V barrel and handguard and a few other bits and bobs and I'll be good to go with this. I'll probably switch to an A2 stock.
  10. I own an M1a that I purchased late last year. It shoot fine, and I can use it for Service Rifle. But, if I were shooting long range precision with a scope, I'd go AR platform. You're bedding the barrel in the M1a versus free-floating the AR.
  11. Are you running full power 10mm ammunition? If you're shooting 10mm Lite, I'd use a 16# recoil spring. Full power loads I bump it up to 22#.
  12. I ran a Gen 1 at a 3-gun match many years ago. It was fine with WWB ammunition. I wasn't reloading 9mm back then.
  13. I used to own a 610. I have big palms and stubby fingers, the trigger reach was too much for me. The GP100 is just about right for me, and it's lighter.
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