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  1. Does anyone make a rmr adaptor for a Sig p220 sport s?
  2. lrdchaos

    USP 45

    I just picked up a usp 45 expert, the slide release is tight as well. I figure over time it will loosen up.
  3. Looking for a list of upgrades for my Versamax. Looking for reliability in all conditions.
  4. Just picked up a new 2011 Atlas titan and I’m looking for a holster. What have you guys found that fits a 2011 with full dust cover?
  5. I don’t currently reload, where are you guys finding the most consistent (best quality) 9mm Ammo? Ammo will be used for targets and steel.
  6. I’ve decided to go with the Titan Se. I’m have no doubt whatever builder I chose would be great, but I love the butler cut on the se.
  7. For those that have run your pistols hard for a few years, are you finding that one is holding up better than another? I’m looking at a few custom builds a they both run different finishes.
  8. I’ve been toying with the idea of picking up a quality 2011 style pistol. I’ve found a cheely built pistol as well as a brazos high performance modified edge. Is one better than the other at this point, or am i spitting hairs? This is a purely range/plinking pistol. I’m also looking at an atlas titan, don’t know much about either of the guns.
  9. Looking at picking up a new range toy and I’m considering the trp/rmr combo from Springfield. This pistol would also be used when hunting hogs as well, that’s why the 10mm interests me. Would you recommend the 5” or 6”?
  10. For a all around gun, no comps is there any reason to go with the Comp tac over the standard tactical?
  11. I don’t compete in 3 gun, but I’m wanting a shorter shotgun for hog hunting and just playing around. I can’t seem to find either gun to lay hands on locally, what is the general consensus on the two guns. This is for targets, hogs and general fun.
  12. I picked up a Springfield TRP operator this afternoon. The fit and feel just fit better. It’s a little smaller grip, but it balances extremely well.
  13. I’m looking to purchase a quality 1911 style firearm. My budget is around 12-1400 dollars. I’m considering the Trp Operator or the Sig P220 match. Both fit my hands well, I really want a 1911 in the stable, but the stainless Sig is really nice to look at. I have another p220 but it has the shorter barrel and it’s the scorpion edition. Any info on reliability or function would be appreciated. Thanks
  14. Thanks for the input. I'm trying to decide on a full build or to build in pieces.
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