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  1. What is the primary consideration for NOT using slide lock back followers? Capacity loss or other?
  2. I forgot to add that I’m only tumbling for 1-1.5 hrs
  3. Have you tried reducing the amount of brass to 400-500 like a number of us are doing? I’m also using 1 - gal of water with Southern Shine Media chips and a cap of Brass Juice. Results are both consistent and excellent!!!
  4. My friend and I are both running 11# variable recoil spring for a similar setup on 147 and 135g
  5. I run 135gr SNS over 3.4gr of Sport Pistol at 1.13” for 135 PF out of G34
  6. I couldn’t be happier with my Johnny Glock and it’s break
  7. Looks great and appreciate your insight!
  8. You’re killing me smalls
  9. Seriously considering making the investment and have limited it down to these two choices to support my sponsors. For those of you with experience in 9mm with either or both platforms, I would greatly appreciate your insight and benefits of either platform. I primarily shoot 3G but dabble in USPSA, Steel Challenge and other shooting disciplines. I was fortunate enough to have a premier STI dealer at my vacation destination and was able to handle both. Other than the magwells and slide milling, what else am I missing between the two?
  10. I saw this same thing happen with a buddy’s 2011 and the lube was the root cause with 40 degree temps starting out in the morning. I was cringing as I help with his reloads but the gun ran much better as temps warmed up. I believe that he was running the heavier Slide Glide...
  11. I’m very satisfied with APA’s The Answer and a number of us compared multiple comps on the same day and it definitely stood out amongst the rest. The fact that we’re all now running them is even further validation of that result.
  12. Yes, towards the top or load end. I used a caliper to measure as i slowly opened it up with a file. Be sure to clean up any burrs left on the inside as well. Start with just one of the mags that is giving you problems and get that one to work properly before moving on to the others. This mod did not affect mag drop or feeding for me. Remember, that we’re only talking 0.010 to 0.015” of material removal so take it slow and steady...
  13. There are a number of past threads on Colt mag issues including inserting on a closed bolt, which I have experienced myself. To remedy this, I opened the catch slot (up)with a file by about 0.010 - 0.015” I believe. This allows the magazine to sit lower and provide that extra bit of room to lock in without excessive force. Prior to the mods, some magazines worked and others didn’t and forced to use my leg to seat the magazine while on the move. I have MF, ASC and another brand(s) as well all having TF +10 extensions. Hope this helps and also I download one round to ensure of proper operation.
  14. I currently have a TACCOM funnel but it’s not staying on as flexible as the construction is. Does anyone know of a more rigid magwell for this application? Thanks in advance
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