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  1. Does anyone know what powder they’re using?
  2. 135g SNS RN over 3.7g of Sport Pistol at 1.150” I’m very happy with accuracy and saw a distinct improvement from 3.4g. Runs equally well out of both my G34 and STI 2011. PF around 137’ish
  3. A friend of mine is running very low as well for Steel Challenge and has already blown up one BSF barrel and recently had a squib this past match, which could’ve lead to a second barrel. Running on the ragged edge has its potential rewards, but the risks are there as well...
  4. 0.003-0.005” increase in COAL after performing the test in my uncleaned AR with uncrimped rounds. Using a kinetic bullet puller to remove the projectiles took quite a few hard whacks as well so it wasn’t super loose. I’m only using a Lyman M die for prep/bell as the powder charges are added offline for the initial tests.
  5. So I tried this and the COAL actually lengthened, which I thought was interesting. I inspected the bullet and it was scratched up. I installed the Lee FCD and adjusted until it held consistently after 10x as suggested. Total crimp is less than 0.002” per my measurements so testing starts tomorrow, thanks again.
  6. Much appreciated, thank you and Happy New Year!
  7. Thanks and one more follow up question if you don’t mind. Crimp or no crimp? If crimp how much?
  8. Are you using magnum or standard primers for the 77 SMK loads?
  9. 100% agree and the same load had a higher PF out of my G34 than the 2011.
  10. I load for a friend that really likes 3.2gn under a 147gn a 1.130 out of his 2011
  11. Been through 8lbs of Sport Pistol in both 9 and 40 over the past year and very satisfied. I was running 3.4gn with a SNS 135gn RN (130pf) until I recently increased to 3.7gn with a longer OAL, which improved accuracy.
  12. What is the primary consideration for NOT using slide lock back followers? Capacity loss or other?
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