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  1. Shorty4087

    Colt style 9mm magazine differences

    Yes, towards the top or load end. I used a caliper to measure as i slowly opened it up with a file. Be sure to clean up any burrs left on the inside as well. Start with just one of the mags that is giving you problems and get that one to work properly before moving on to the others. This mod did not affect mag drop or feeding for me. Remember, that we’re only talking 0.010 to 0.015” of material removal so take it slow and steady...
  2. Shorty4087

    Colt style 9mm magazine differences

    There are a number of past threads on Colt mag issues including inserting on a closed bolt, which I have experienced myself. To remedy this, I opened the catch slot (up)with a file by about 0.010 - 0.015” I believe. This allows the magazine to sit lower and provide that extra bit of room to lock in without excessive force. Prior to the mods, some magazines worked and others didn’t and forced to use my leg to seat the magazine while on the move. I have MF, ASC and another brand(s) as well all having TF +10 extensions. Hope this helps and also I download one round to ensure of proper operation.
  3. I currently have a TACCOM funnel but it’s not staying on as flexible as the construction is. Does anyone know of a more rigid magwell for this application? Thanks in advance
  4. Have you checked out Southern Shine Media? They sell stainless chips that you can add to a rotary tumbler but unsure how well they would work dry, FYI...
  5. Shorty4087


    Yes, whenever possible and more specifically always for New Balance running shoes if that helps. Can’t and won’t wear Nike shoes as they’re too narrow
  6. Shorty4087


    Just picked up a pair of Speedcross 4 wide and they fit very well for having a wide foot. My other Salomons were a standard fit and had to increase size by 1/2 to accommodate.
  7. Shorty4087

    Glock Factory 22 Rd Mags for G35

    I’m looking for some feedback on anyone using the factory high capacity mags for USPSA. Pros and cons versus standard capacity with a mag extension. Thanks in advance!
  8. Shorty4087

    Dry brass tumbling elixir of choice

    Sarge - I searched the past 6 months and nothing really popped out but will look in that section, thanks.
  9. For those you of you still dry tumbling in corncob or walnut, what are you adding to the media? I’ve heard of a few different variants but looking to learn about others as well. Thanks in advance!
  10. Shorty4087

    Glock 34 light strikes

    Just an update for this thread that I promised...two matches with ~300 rounds with zero light primer strikes!!!
  11. Shorty4087

    Glock 34 light strikes

    I have about 10k CCI primers to test the Jager striker out for myself as I’m currently experiencing 2-4 light primer strikes per match currently with the factory striker. I’ll share my results within this post.
  12. Shorty4087

    Glock 34 light strikes

    The lightened strikers are indeed extended and confirmed during a recent phone conversation with the nice folks at Jager. It’s simply not called out in the description is all...
  13. Shorty4087

    Extended mag release for G35 suggestions please

    Rainier MARS is awesome and ambi as well. Running on a G34 and will be installing on my G35 as well
  14. Shorty4087

    TruSpec Kneepads

    I will check them out, thanks!
  15. Shorty4087

    TruSpec Kneepads

    Has anyone identified a better fitting and performing knee pad insert for TruSpec type of pants with sewn-in pockets? Thanks in advance!