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  1. Thoughts on these? Funny enough, running thru a JM 930 http://www.luckygunner.com/12-gauge-2-3-4-00-buck-fiocchi-3-gun-10-rounds
  2. If you get pics on groups from a rest that would be AWESOME!
  3. So like I said, after that match I decided to switch the striker back to the stock striker spring. I am about 600rds. in and have had NO issues with light primer strikes or FTF. I have read a few threads on here and that seems to be the general consensus. So APEX ACEK and stock striker spring is gtg.
  4. So update on my end. I needed to get some stuff from SC so I ended up adding the Dawson grip tape and not only were they pre-cut perfectly, about 1900rds. later, I haven't had an issue...and I still have 2 more if it does. PLUS COLORS!!
  5. Update on my end as well. About 600rds later, no issues.
  6. Thanks for the tips last night McDufus. Love, TonyB
  7. I can chime in also! Nice seeing a neighbor here. Maybe Tim will chime in later. HAHAHA. Hoodbridge! *Hijacking thread* Did any of you shoot the USPSA match last night?
  8. Good to hear!! Glad I kept all my stock parts. Hopefully this resolves my issue as well.
  9. W Which striker spring did you end up getting CAB? I have run 1400ish rounds thru my 5" Pro 9 after installing the ACEK and have had a total of 4 light strikes...2 last night at a local match. I just ended up putting the OE striker spring back on and am hoping to get some trigger time before the next match on Tuesday. If this doesn't work, I don't know what I'm gonna do.
  10. So update on my end.. I had 2 light strikes last night during a local match. Both times, I cleared the round and continued. I installed the full ACEK kit about a month ago now and in the span of 1400ish rounds total, I have had a total of 4 light strikes. We discussed it may be my ammo (115gr. Blazer Brass) but after some research on here and after speaking to a few people that I trust...we decided to switch the striker spring out. After the match, broke down the slide and put the OE spring back in. Hopefully can run another 600rds or so before the next local match next tuesday. I will let yo
  11. http://vizardsgunsandammo.com/s-w-422510000-magazine-m-p-22-long-rifle-12rd-steel/ $22
  12. I was looking at the Boss hangers as well. Funny enough, I had a Comp-Tac International DOH for my 4" so I am going to pull the hardware off that and slap it on the 5" holster and see what happens. I'll also see if I can get some pics before and after. Yeah SF, that was my concern also. Not only does the grip of the pistol cant outward such that my draw has to start from the outside and move in, but the damn muzzle is pointed at my thigh.
  13. In regards to that last line, during this training, someone had jerry rigged it such that the holster would sit straight up and down...so parallel to my leg with no inward/outward cant. I ran 700ish rounds like this and I got used to it. I practiced my draw without the jerry rig last night and found my movement going straight up instead of tilting in to draw. Sooooooooo... I looked into the hoster that I have and compared it to the Comp-Tac International DOH and you can tell by just the marketing pics the differences in the way the holster would naturally sit. So now looking into either shimm
  14. it is possible that with the follow up shot, you're trying to drive the muzzle forward to handle the recoil and slapping the trigger. Just a thought. Try slowing it down and see where the second shot ends up and gradually speed back up. Speed doesn't mean much if you're shooting out of control.
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