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  1. Good morning. I just saw this post, and OMG. 1 - power factor in IPSC / USPSA is just the most silly thing going, most know how to get around it, until they change springs and other parts before they get to the Crone. 2 - a 120 power factor for the NRA Action Pistol Matches ( Bianchi ) is perfect, all firearms can make most of the time with hand loads, and most factory ammo will make it. 3 - why in the heck would one want to punish there arms and body and firearms anymore than needed??? we are no out there trying to kill something, we are trying to shoot accurately and fast. not drive a round through a concrete block!!! 4 - I for one have spent 42 years working with my hands, and at 59 they feel the ware, and sometimes hurt like heck, why when I'm trying to have a little fun would I want to make things worse???? if for any reason we need to change things, then lets start with the scoring system. In IPSC/USPSA you can still win even with a miss, if you shoot fast enough. In ICORE, a great fun sport, its he who can load the fastest wins the game. So lets change the way we score the sport, and not make it harder and more painful to shoot because some think we are killing something!! Stopping power means nothing if the shot does not hit the correct place, end of storey. if we make accuracy the most important factor the game changes for the better, not the speed. I for one love all the shooting sports, but the issue is always He Who Has the Most Money wins most of the time, and cheating is rampant in all the sports. If we want to change anything, then lets make the game more challenging, not harder on the firearms and the body. Just my .25cents worth. Canadian of course Thank you for your time J. Russell Bryan Canadian, Shooter of anything that's fun.
  2. Good afternoon Guys. I hope you are all doing ok, in these very trying times. I a looking forward to trying my S/W 617 10 shot in ICORE, if this crap had not happened, I would have gotten the chance in May at the next match, but that's life. I had to add an C/L extended firing pin to my 617 to insure that the rounds always went off, I have about 4000 rounds through it on the longer pin, not one failure. I use Agula .22 as it was the most consistent in power factor, I needed this for the mover in AP, the round is going 1050 no less and up to 1060 max, OMG what great ammo. Fifty yards on the practical all x's sort of, its me not the ammo. The one thing that's for sure, I can not get the trigger lighter than 8.5lbs, I can live with that. Be safe out there, this will end. Russell Canadian AP / IPSC / USPSA / ICORE / PPC / Rim fire Challenge sort of.
  3. Hi Guys. Thank you Greg. I started to shoot PPC her in Toronto, 3 years ago. the guy running the matches knew I had issues with my vision for standard sights, my eyes are in great shape, but at 59 I have been wearing glasses for 50 years, so to allow me to shoot the PPC matches they created a new category, open optics. I had said I would shoot the matches for no score, but Scott would have non of that. As it is, a high end PPC revolver with all the bells and whistles, is an open gun anyway, really for position sights, fully adjustable, and NO power factor. I shoot my fully tricked out AP 681-c-1 and have a ball, shooting better than 1100 most of the time. The old guys are moving on, as the rules have never changed to allow for the new technology, age, and in the GREAT USA unless your some type of police you cant win anything sort of. So in the end, shoot what you got, have fun, be safe, and lets move forward with this sport. I have a ball shooting PPC, and it helps most of the time with the AP shooting. Thank you for your time J. Russell Bryan Canadian AP / USPSA / PPC / ICORE
  4. Good afternoon Hi-Power Jack. I have loaded many hundreds of thousands of rounds, shot gun, and 4 different pistol calibers. You are not wrong, but you are not correct. the weather plays a lot with the way your loader will drop the powder, the location of your loader and the way you use your equipment. I check all the time, with my electronic scales, yes I have 2. the load can change at any time, the powder can clump, it can stick to the sides of the tube, and all sorts of things can cause the powder to measure differently. To you BMANS45, a beam scale is good as long as the temperature and humidity stay the same all the time, ( NOT ). When things seem to look a bit crazy, I get out my Jewellers scale, ( its a vacuum ) and check my electronic scales against it. Things can change a lot just in the powder, a different lot number can be off by a bit. No matter what, after you have loaded a few, say a 100, for sure check them with your coronagraph, then adjust up or down accordingly. I never hurts to check the powder drop, a lot to be sure you have not loaded a round to hot or to light. Just my thoughts on this subject. High Power Jack, we must met some day, I love my Browning, and always will, it is very customized for my, a lefty. Be safe out there guys and have fun. Russell Canadian AP/ IPSC /USPSA / PPC / Rimfire
  5. Good afternoon Guys. My question is what is the purpose of the last part of this topic,?? we here in Ontario, Canada, just north of Toronto, have started to try and get this amazing sport of the ground at our gun club. Did I miss something?? we have had steel made, and ran a test match to try to work out any bugs, we have some the way we scored, a misunderstanding the way we read the rules. but all is well and hopefully in the next few weeks we will try this again. I just was asking, cause I just saw this topic. any help is great. Thank you for your time. J. Russell Bryan Canadian AP / IPSC / PPC / USPSA / Now Rim fire - ye haw.
  6. Good afternoon 427 Cobra. 2 questions. 1 - why did you need to change out the trigger?? I got a TS the same as yours, I thing, made in 2013, I got it used, its freaking amazing. the trigger is very nice on mine. 2 - why would you need a muzzle break?? when I sighted mine in a few weeks ago, it did not move. Thank you for your time. Russell, Canadian
  7. Good afternoon Guys. A very long time ago I used a cement mixer to clean many thousands of .45acp brass, ( many ) It worked great. But the one thing to remember with all media tumblers is to ware a mask and gloves when emptying it, the dust will contain things you don't want in your lungs, and the gloves protect against the unknows entering your body through your skin. I hope this helps a bit. J. Russell Bryan Canadian shooter of what ever is fun.
  8. Hello Sir Greg Yes if all goes well I will be there, in pink as usual. Russell
  9. Good morning All. My entries are in and I’m the first one, I think. Can’t wait for this one. Thank you to all of you that help and make our sport fun. J. Russell Bryan Canadian AP shooter
  10. Good afternoon All. I would like to thank Marty for putting on the 2 Matches for the first part of the East Coast Triple Cup. The weather was good and the shooting great. But it would seem that Action Pistol in our part of the world is slowing down. I came from North of Toronto, and had a ball, what’s up with the rest of you guys.??? The drive for me is the same as anyone from PA. Well you missed out. See you in Chambersburg. J. Russell Bryan Canadian AP shooter.
  11. Good afternoon Guys. I think this is a great idea. All going well I will be shooting all the matches for this event. ( Money and my wife will be the only thing keeping me away ) For me these three events are the best run matches and a hole lot of fun. to the match directors thank you for all your efforts for the work you do for us. Russell Canadian AP shooter, but only in the USA we don't plat this game up here, to hard for the goof balls who love to pray and spray.
  12. Good afternoon Sir. Once upon a time in a long lost land, NY used to have a few matches a year, near Utica. But the last time I shot there was 2010 I think. the guys who ran the matches had very little interest and to much range politics to keep it going. I know of nothing in Vermont. I'm in Toronto, so for me NY State was only a 6 hour drive, in two weeks I go the Bedford VA, that is 14 hours of driving, but its a load of fun and a great set of matches and very well run. Russell
  13. Good afternoon Sir. I live just north of Toronto, and once a year shoot Action Pistol in Benton Harbour, i missed that match this year for the first time in ten years. with that said, Lansing is not that far a drive, about 6 hours. If you decide to have ICORE matches, please let me know, i will try to make a few of them, its a nice way to spend a few days. J. Russell Bryan. Canadian, AP / IPSC / ICORE / PPC shooter.
  14. Good afternoon All. I wish you all a safe time at all the matches coming up in the next few weeks. MI, WAP, Bianchi Cup, Flagler. I hope the weather is good for all the matches, and fun will be had by all of you. It should be a great time, and some great shooting will be done. This will be the first time i have missed the matches in MI, in 10 years of going, and to Marty and the range crews, i would like to thank you all for doing the matches for us. Be safe, shoot well, and most of all enjoy all the people you only see once in a while. J. Russell Bryan Canadian AP sort of shooter.
  15. JRB

    S & W K frame

    Good afternoon Guys. This is a great subject. i have only one this to add. The K frame was never designed to take a FMJ style projectile. I have only used a revolver for about 10 years, so i'm still learning, but the one thing i have learned from the few friends i have, is that a FMJ in a K frame will most likely crack the forcing cone. I have seen it for myself. So lead rounds are the only true option. But the K frame is an awesome firearm. Thank you for your time. J. Russell Bryan
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