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  1. Good afternoon 427 Cobra. 2 questions. 1 - why did you need to change out the trigger?? I got a TS the same as yours, I thing, made in 2013, I got it used, its freaking amazing. the trigger is very nice on mine. 2 - why would you need a muzzle break?? when I sighted mine in a few weeks ago, it did not move. Thank you for your time. Russell, Canadian
  2. Good afternoon Guys. A very long time ago I used a cement mixer to clean many thousands of .45acp brass, ( many ) It worked great. But the one thing to remember with all media tumblers is to ware a mask and gloves when emptying it, the dust will contain things you don't want in your lungs, and the gloves protect against the unknows entering your body through your skin. I hope this helps a bit. J. Russell Bryan Canadian shooter of what ever is fun.
  3. Hello Sir Greg Yes if all goes well I will be there, in pink as usual. Russell
  4. Good morning All. My entries are in and I’m the first one, I think. Can’t wait for this one. Thank you to all of you that help and make our sport fun. J. Russell Bryan Canadian AP shooter
  5. Good afternoon All. I would like to thank Marty for putting on the 2 Matches for the first part of the East Coast Triple Cup. The weather was good and the shooting great. But it would seem that Action Pistol in our part of the world is slowing down. I came from North of Toronto, and had a ball, what’s up with the rest of you guys.??? The drive for me is the same as anyone from PA. Well you missed out. See you in Chambersburg. J. Russell Bryan Canadian AP shooter.
  6. Good afternoon Guys. I think this is a great idea. All going well I will be shooting all the matches for this event. ( Money and my wife will be the only thing keeping me away ) For me these three events are the best run matches and a hole lot of fun. to the match directors thank you for all your efforts for the work you do for us. Russell Canadian AP shooter, but only in the USA we don't plat this game up here, to hard for the goof balls who love to pray and spray.
  7. Good afternoon Sir. Once upon a time in a long lost land, NY used to have a few matches a year, near Utica. But the last time I shot there was 2010 I think. the guys who ran the matches had very little interest and to much range politics to keep it going. I know of nothing in Vermont. I'm in Toronto, so for me NY State was only a 6 hour drive, in two weeks I go the Bedford VA, that is 14 hours of driving, but its a load of fun and a great set of matches and very well run. Russell
  8. Good afternoon Sir. I live just north of Toronto, and once a year shoot Action Pistol in Benton Harbour, i missed that match this year for the first time in ten years. with that said, Lansing is not that far a drive, about 6 hours. If you decide to have ICORE matches, please let me know, i will try to make a few of them, its a nice way to spend a few days. J. Russell Bryan. Canadian, AP / IPSC / ICORE / PPC shooter.
  9. Good afternoon All. I wish you all a safe time at all the matches coming up in the next few weeks. MI, WAP, Bianchi Cup, Flagler. I hope the weather is good for all the matches, and fun will be had by all of you. It should be a great time, and some great shooting will be done. This will be the first time i have missed the matches in MI, in 10 years of going, and to Marty and the range crews, i would like to thank you all for doing the matches for us. Be safe, shoot well, and most of all enjoy all the people you only see once in a while. J. Russell Bryan Canadian AP sort of shooter.
  10. JRB

    S & W K frame

    Good afternoon Guys. This is a great subject. i have only one this to add. The K frame was never designed to take a FMJ style projectile. I have only used a revolver for about 10 years, so i'm still learning, but the one thing i have learned from the few friends i have, is that a FMJ in a K frame will most likely crack the forcing cone. I have seen it for myself. So lead rounds are the only true option. But the K frame is an awesome firearm. Thank you for your time. J. Russell Bryan
  11. Good afternoon Sir. First off, have a great safe time, its loads of fun. The power factor is 120. bullet weight x velocity divided by 1000. If you don't make that you do not get a score, but I think that if it's factory ammo they might make an exception. It's a fun shooting game, but as always be safe, Russell Bryan Canadian ICORE, AP, IPSC, PPC and anything else that's fun with a firearm.
  12. Hello to all. I wish I could attend this match, but it's 3 days drive for me from the great white north. To ALL, please have a great time, shoot lots of X's, and be safe. To the organizes, the range help, and the spectators, thank you guys for all you do for us. I hope the weather is good for the matches. Have FUN. J. Russell Bryan From the great white north.
  13. Good afternoon Guys. There is a chart for these issues, if I can find mine I will post it. But for sure the chart will let you know how each powder will work in weather conditions. In the old day when I shot a lot of trap, we used W452AA, it reacted very bad the colder it got. Russell Shoot lots and have fun.
  14. Tom, you are alive.!!!!!!! that's very good to know. Your statement is for me 100% to the point. I have never thought that money or prizes should have anything to do with armature sport. Russell
  15. Good afternoon All you Guys. First off, I would like to wish all of you a safe and happy holiday season, and thank you all for letting me play with you, I have a crap load of fun at the events I get too, and get to learn a lot. The comments all of you have made are to the point and great, but I can't hold back, and have to add my 2 cents. Just cause. Unless things changed a lot on my end it is not likely I will ever get to shoot the Bianchi Cup again. But, the format change will never work if the price of the match stays or goes up, why would an average shooter pay $325USD to just hand over to one of the top 16 shooters. If this was a golf match, the entry fee is paid by the match, and even the loser gets something, at the Bianchi, at least the last time I went, I got nothing for $325USD other than seeing some great humans, and getting to shoot 192 rounds, it is just not worth the cost in whole. I am not totally sure, but the Action Pistol rules have at least 18 different matches, and a few real cool ones have been added in the past few years, a real test of shooting skill is to change up the matches all the time. I have the great fortune to be able to shoot at 4 great events, that cost less than $100UDS for each match, ( MI Indoor / MI just before the Bianchi / Chambersburg / Bedford VA ). In total these match entries will cost me about $600usd, so two times the cost of the one match at the Bianchi. Granted the only prizes we get are at the Bedford Matches, and this past year they drew them from a hat, ( everybody got something ) it was great, and all these matches are the best fun, best test of shooting skills, we always shoot the first day the 4 Bianchi matches, the second day is a free for all, a lot of fun. Kevin, I understand your thoughts, and get that you like the chance to win money, I know it helps off set your costs, but for the average guy/gal all we are doing is handing you over our entry fee's. if the primary Bianchi match was $100usd I would have no issue, but for $325.00usd it's rip off, no grab bag, nothing to let the world know I shot the match, and one sort of good meal, the awards dinner is at best rubber chicken, and in no way worth the entry fee. I know how much it costs to run a match, I know how much it costs for the crews, but for the match entry fee of the Bianchi, it really is not worth it for most people who want to shoot. For me, I will never go back, it's not worth it, I would rather travel to KS / Iowa / or lake Charles, the cost is way more, in travel and time, but the shooting is way more fun, or almost any other match rather than the Bianchi. The Bianchi MIGHT be the end all of the AP world, but it is just to expensive for nothing other than 192 shots fired. I will say it again, the only other reason to go to the Bianchi for me, is to get a chance to see humans I would never get to visit with otherwise. So Kevin, even though I was your best man, please don't kick the crap out of me for speaking my little mind. To the rest of you, in the last 6 years since I started shooting AP I have had the best fun, met the best people, and in general wish I had stayed with the sport, I did try in the mid 90's, but was shooting IPSC/USPSA, and though I knew how to shoot, I was very wrong. Thank you all for letting me join you in play, its just to much fun. J. Russell Bryan Canadian Action Pistol Shooter ( sub junior ) Be Safe, and shoot well.
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