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  1. I’m using the Laser max uni-max green rifle laser on a pressure switch. In direct sunlight I can only see it 7 yards and in. It’s mostly used during weak shoulder switches so I don’t have to waste time trying to get my non dom eye looking through the scope.
  2. I agree with Charlie whole heartily. We received an email from our section coordinator about this very subject about a week ago. Since my match was next one up on the calendar, I decided to do my best to follow the "180 guidelines" when creating my stage designs on paper. By the time it was all put on the ground and I had reviewed all the stages for "infractions" I ended up needing over a half dozen extra barrels, 2 extra walls and a butt-ton of No-shoots that did not serve as any type of shooting challenge. To make matters worse since I was busy trying to fix the "violations" on the stages, I
  3. How were you able to convince Sig to end you a Gen 3 BCG?!?!
  4. I'm nearing the 1.5k mark on my MPX PCC gun. Gun is all factory with running Ball M882 ammo at matches, practices has been a mix of factory and 115gr reloads I had loaded from last year. I want to get a little closer to 3k fired before I make judgement on this gun. But so far no Jams, issues or what have you's outside of running the gun dry without lube one time.
  5. I use the Bladetech mpx pouch canted a little more then horizontal in front of me at 1o'clock bullets down for fast reloads and I keep another pouch with a 20rnder at the 8o'clock position at a more traditional vertical setup for my 'just-n-case' situations
  6. Oh boy.. "Gen 3" pcc - is just past 600rnds, no issues Gen 2 - was at 6k+, only craps out at major matches Gen 1 - 12k+, gun will not make it through a full mag without jamming. Gen1 has been sent back to SIG once. Still not 100%. The Gen2 is actually my gen1 lower with gen2 upper with 4" barrel to keep it SBR legal. I have not moddified the PCC variant in anyway yet. Fingers crossed hoping this one last longer.
  7. Back on topic. I just received my LOT for the year. I'm not sure where the 1300 FPS talk is coming from but the M882 Ball is shooting just shy of 1150 out of my Beretta M9. I weighed a couple of the bullets too. they are closer to 112-113g not 115s
  8. I like the fact they show what every MPX owner wants to do with their gun when it jams on a stage...
  9. Quick question, are external frame weights allowed in Carry Optics? I'm going over Appendix D7 and the only thing I saw that was forbidden was adding a flashlight but no mention of adding external weight.
  10. I had a chance to play with my NX8. The eyebox is tight at 8x, but considering I have shot the past 5 or so years in limited I highly dought I'll need all that power for 500 yards and in. The glass is super clear and even at 6x I had no issues mounting and dismounting off the rifle for quick shot. The 1x "reddot" makes me gitty as a limited shooter, I had no issues hitting 200 yard targets with the scope on 1x with the dot being blistering bright. I think people are getting to caught up on short eyebox on this scope. Is it a razor? No, but it is high quality glass that's light and
  11. Have you had a chance to play with one? Do you have anything you could compare it to such as a vortex ii-e or Burris xtr-ii 1-8?
  12. I just ordered one, We'll see if I like it otherwise I'll unload it.
  13. If you can get the Savage PRO HP1 6.5CM for $1k, I would say go for it. The Magpul hunter stock will be fine until you get tired of it then you should be able to sell it outright and get yourself a modern chassis system.
  14. We need a little more info, is it a gen 1 or gen 2(AR), are you keeping your head on the rifle the same? How far forward is the optic mounted on the rifle?
  15. Honestly if this is the case I would just get a new rifle purposed for PRS style shooting. Nothing wrong with a Mark X, but they are really designed for hunting, and like most mauser actions they don't have a aftermarket following if any at all. Keep it in a hunter configuration and keep it in your collection or put it up for sale on gun broker or a hunting forum. If your on a budget and want a good beginner PRS rifle I would look at getting a Ruger Precision Rifle in 6.5CM or a Ruger American Predator rifle and a MDT-LSS chassis in 6.5CM. They're shooters out of the box and don't
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