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  1. I believe you have to be in the right mindset in order to benefit from going at near-reckless speed. If you were to take my advice and merely hope that by doing so you'll get better, then it's probably going to end in wasted ammo and frustration. You have to have a solid, accurate foundation to build off of. For me, I did this by first shooting an entire match trying to get all Alphas. I observed what my eyes and mind were seeing. "Am I going too slow? Do I need to speed up?" These were the thoughts coursing through my head. It was only when these thoughts went away and I could sho
  2. USPSA got back to me. The second membership is not allowed. Guess, I'll be doing the experiment under my Open classification. @Racinready300ex Appreciate the heads up, saved my ass from getting banned haha.
  3. This is a good point. I scanned through the rulebook and the only thing I can see is 10.6.1 which might disqualify me from matches due to it being interpreted as dishonesty. However, I'm curious if I just use my real name, then what's preventing me from doing so? I asked USPSA directly for clarification and will update the thread accordingly.
  4. @Cliveb The moment borders open up, I'll be there. Appreciate all the friendly feedback guys. ------- My lack of skill with my weak hand annoys me. I'm going to shoot the 2021 Nationals with my weak side. I shot one local match with my left hand and dominant eye with a day of practice. As of now, my worse half is a C class shooter . Going forward, I'll start using my non-dominant eye so I can go fully left sided. This will take a lot of adjustment as I have yet to build the muscle memory. Also, I signed up for another USPSA membership under the n
  5. @Whoops! I'm well aware of the physics. The 26 is my favorite gun, and I'm not remotely close to being good enough for it to hold me back. I'll admit that there is a performance difference right now (my HF is at least 10% higher with my G34 that I don't practice with), but my theory is that there will eventually be a crossover point. I attribute this performance delta not in the mechanical aspects of the gun, but the weakness in my technique. The gun's fine, I just need to get better. Also, I'll probably pick up a DA/SA gun for fun. I might pick up a Stock Master. Thanks for the recommendation
  6. Shot Nats and ended up 23rd in Carry Optics. I decided to shoot conservatively to see where my relaxed pace ended up. Biggest lesson learned is to count all the targets during the walkthrough. The only stage where I didn't do this ended in an FSTA on an open target. It didn't even exist in my vision until it was pointed out to me even though it was literally 7 yards away. Some random notes: Shooting in a downpour is hilarious. The gun is kinda hard to hold on to if it's wet. Nike football cleats are top notch. Never a moment when I questioned my traction. My
  7. I've taken a Stoeger class and evaluated PSTG under a bronze membership. Personally, I do not think I'll receive enough benefit from their advice. My approach to improvement is vastly different than theirs. Their feedback and analysis centers around videos of the student's dry-fire, drills during live-fire, and matches. My dry fire is mostly me staring at pieces of tape and thinking about shooting. Drills have almost zero utility for me. I prefer Grauffel's or Gushina's method of setting up different mini stages each time. I care about minimizing the time on a single, c
  8. Those leans might not look extreme, but I was more than a second faster by that fourth shot. The stage designer purposely made it hell for PCC shooters and it was real awkward even for handguns. Regardless, I'm not good enough to shoot those yet, so I won't be trying that during Nationals haha.
  9. More of a mental note to myself: I'm approaching this all wrong. If I shoot safe, I have a 0% chance of winning Nationals this year. If I shoot with maximum aggression, then that number is slightly higher than 0%. I will maximize my odds of getting first place. Nothing else matters. ---------------------- Lately, I've been doing eye exercises over any dry-firing. I look at a piece of tape, then switch to another piece of tape. I do this as quickly as possible while attempting to focus on an exact point on that
  10. I think it's due to Hit Factor vs Time Plus scoring. One rewards risk, the other rewards caution. A person becomes a better shooter by developing their skills. That development is significantly faster by pushing their envelope of performance through experimentation and risk rather than cautious, precise shooting. I gave time plus scoring a chance even with USPSA movement rules, but felt I got worse by shooting the match.
  11. Switched to black Nike cleats. I'll probably order a custom yellow colorway once this pair wears out. Experimented with some one-handed shooting on stages 4 and 6. Stage 5 was an overall win even with a Mike. Ended the match with 10D / 9M / 3NS.
  12. Just a heads up, the SRO 5.0 MOA is in stock at Primary Arms as of 10:10 PM Central. https://www.primaryarms.com/trijicon-sro-sight-adjustable-led-5.0-moa-red-dot $509.99 after shipping and tax to Texas. I have no affiliation with the company but have bought from them before.
  13. I prefer Ghost pouches: affordable bullets out or forward orientation angle adjustable good retention on stock G17/34 mags without any fiddling They are made of plastic and the connecting joint is a weak point. As long as the belt isn't dropped or crushed, then it holds up fine. I prefer them over the DAA Racer and DAA Alpha-X that I also have.
  14. Area 4 was my first major match and it was a fantastic learning opportunity. I wanted to test various mindsets and shooting strategies to see which worked best for me. I began the match going at a leisurely pace with no sense of urgency. Stages 12, 13, 1, and 2 were shot in this manner. They ranged from 70-85% of top CO HF. Stages 3 and 4 were pure accuracy, netting 87-90%. Stage 5 was shot purposely continuing the high feeling from the previous stage to see if an overly positive mindset helps. This did not as it took away from my attention and I ended up fo
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