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  1. Please put me down for 5,000. Thanks as always! Ed
  2. They run about $35 at most places. Let me know if you find them cheaper.
  3. You can sand down the internal mag well a bit!
  4. The super will load 30-06 and the 1100, 308. 30-06 is a longer round. I’m not sure of the stroke lengths, coming from a sdb and 650xl, but I’m enjoying the 1100!
  5. Local shop sells them for $425. Might ask yours?
  6. Do you need my name and address? I guess I can easily provide it!


    Ed Boadway

    52 Clover St.

    S. Burlington, VT. 05403


    Thanks again.


  7. I'm no longer a DPP fan. The battery contact issue is so prevalent. I nudge mine forward with a pencil eraser. I moved onto Romeo 3XL's on my 2 Legions. 100% better! Large, clear glass, bright dot (6 MOA beats the 2.5 DPP dot for shooting sports). No regrets!
  8. Hi Todd, thanks for the first batch. May I please get in the queue for the next round? Thanks, Ed.
  9. You'll have much better luck stopping into a LGS who may have one in stock (or could order one). All the online retailers are bound to MAP pricing, or risk losing Sig... I bought one online ($899) when they were scarce, and another at my LGS for $850.
  10. Bit of a necrobump, but I’m trying the Milwaukee PackOut to replace the traditional cart/range bag arrangement. It’s big, but can function as a chair/loading station. I wish the lid on the top section would lock open (the bottom one does), but it offers a ton of space. Wheels look adequate, but I may try to replace with pneumatic ones. I added a cup holder and seat cushion...
  11. Max Michel, 4 time carry optics champion shoots a Sig. Really, try them both and decide.
  12. eboadway


    The Springer mag paddle and Keres trigger are both solid upgrades! Congrats! Ed
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