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  1. With the new rules, moving a BOSS hanger more towards the front, really dug into my leg due to its’ length. Trying the Nevermiss with the pad, seems legit. I also messaged them with a question and got an instant response!
  2. I'll echo some of the above comments. You may need to generate some heat. The electric vest is great! I have 2 batteries that will last all day on the highest setting. I also use hand and toe warmers, wool socks, etc.
  3. I have several RHT holsters, all work great! Never had a gun pop out resetting steel, pasting targets, harassing the range staff, etc...
  4. Maybe it also has the tighter lockup of the original X5...
  5. Odd, I have about 20 mags, never seen this!
  6. I'd run them in practice for a bit. Mine were very tight for a while, but then loosened up. I can now do 23+1 with no problems...
  7. It is an ideal mount for now, but if the "latest and greatest" sight is different, or if Sig changes the bolt pattern...
  8. Made a few target traps and shot in the basement for the first time. Great tool here in the Northeast where it's 20 degrees outside! Used 1/2 scale targets and worked great!
  9. Xtremes are more "slender" and tend to be more forgiving when loaded longer...
  10. I agree with you, Chutist. I have 2 with 3XL's on Springer plates. Great setup!
  11. Does it go bang when you pull the trigger?
  12. Interesting. Much faster than using a single stage...
  13. Another fan of the Karl Bibb bullet feeder. Look him up on Facebook...
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