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  1. Sounds like a solid change. I swapped from a DPP to a Sig Romeo3XL, best change ever...
  2. Keres trigger with Grayguns kit puts my trigger at 2.5 lbs...
  3. Grayguns comp kit with a Keres adjustable comp trigger, virtually no pre-travel, short reset and 2.25 pounds.
  4. eboadway

    P320 X5 Thread

    Springer has them too.
  5. I’d say an email from DRNOI is pretty conclusive.
  6. I haven't weighed the Bar Sto by itself, but it can't be much more than stock. My Legion with Bar Sto, R3XL, Go Gun pedal, etc. is 44.7 oz.
  7. I have one coming and will report back...
  8. That Holosun is a big beast! After seeing kitestir's rig in real life, I bought a Romeo3XL and put it on my X5 Legion CO gun. Way better than the DPP! We'll see how it holds up to being slide mounted...
  9. I would think the Legion, which has a larger grip. The Q5 felt very small in my hands, but try one for yourself! Also, I put a DPP on one, then a Sig Romeo3XL on another. The Sig is infinitely better (albeit more costly). Much brighter dot, larger, clearer glass. One downside is having to use a plate, but I think it's well worth it! See the pics above for reference...
  10. Put a Romeo 3XL on one of mine. Dot is much more red and less "starbursty" than the DPP. I also like the 6moa versus the 2.5 on the DPP (hated the Delta reticle on the larger size)...
  11. eboadway

    Romeo 1 Pro

    A certain large retailer initially had a pre-sale of the Romeo 1pro for $319. I bought one and my CC was charged. Now to see if they ship it...
  12. eboadway

    Romeo 1 Pro

    Oh congrats, yeah I’m hoping mine will last longer than the DPP also.
  13. eboadway

    Romeo 1 Pro

    Now the 6moa is available: https://www.opticsplanet.com/sig-sauer-romeo1pro-1x30mm-red-dot-sight.html
  14. eboadway

    Romeo 1 Pro

    I'm putting a RomeoPro on my second Legion as the DPP contact keeps sliding backwards. I'll send it back to be repaired once the Romeo arrives...
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