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  1. You'll have much better luck stopping into a LGS who may have one in stock (or could order one). All the online retailers are bound to MAP pricing, or risk losing Sig... I bought one online ($899) when they were scarce, and another at my LGS for $850.
  2. Bit of a necrobump, but I’m trying the Milwaukee PackOut to replace the traditional cart/range bag arrangement. It’s big, but can function as a chair/loading station. I wish the lid on the top section would lock open (the bottom one does), but it offers a ton of space. Wheels look adequate, but I may try to replace with pneumatic ones. I added a cup holder and seat cushion...
  3. Max Michel, 4 time carry optics champion shoots a Sig. Really, try them both and decide.
  4. eboadway


    The Springer mag paddle and Keres trigger are both solid upgrades! Congrats! Ed
  5. Use a tripod mount, drill a hole in the visor near the hat and mount it. Less mass way up high, although a bit front-heavy.
  6. $36.99 from CDNN isn’t too bad...
  7. LGS had two at $449 (5 Moa). I went with a Romeo3XL however, also $449.
  8. Really? The DPP is super easy, magnetized lid, just stick it on and close?!?
  9. 21.6 Exchange of minor EXTERNAL components Sights, firing pins, firing pin retainers, pins, extractors, magazine releases, slide stops, thumb safeties, triggers, hammers, bushings, and ejectors MAY be replaced with OFM or aftermarket parts. Exchange of OFM parts between different models of Production approved guns is allowed.
  10. It doesn't interface with iOS??? [Edit - NM, just read in the manual that it does]...
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