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  1. I bought one after receiving an email that a limited number were available. Very nice stippling, a great improvement over the stock grip. Their web pics don't show stippling on the right side, with the addition of "Grayguns" text. The price was $320. I'm happy with it after 500 rounds today!
  2. 3.9 SP with 124 Berry's, nice load! I find the sights return faster with the 124's vs 147's. Ed
  3. eboadway

    Legion accuracy

    Yes, I use 3.9. Works great! Ed
  4. They should fit using 17 round mags. Maybe just for classifiers?
  5. I bought one early on, before Sig was replacing barrels to fix the LCI problem. Honestly, I think the stock barrel is plenty accurate. I have one with the Barsto and one with a replaced OEM barrel. I can't tell a difference shooting side by side. The Barsto does look nicer.
  6. I have several thousand rounds through two Romeo 3XL’s, both are functioning great. I just broke the captive guiderod on my P210A, had the replacement from Sig in 3 days!
  7. Seriously? You don't think the SF or S2 will show wear? I have 2 X5 Legions. Do they show wear? I hope so!
  8. Makes sense, I love my P229 Legion and P226 MK25, but aside from an occasional IDPA match, I would always go to my P320 X5 Legions!
  9. Yup, I put a narrow FO front sight on my P226 MK 25, but can't change the Legion sights. Way too big and "combat aimed", but classic!
  10. I was close to replacing the slide release on my P229 Legion, but I rarely carry it. I may use it in IDPA once or twice a year, but I'm loving the X5 Legion/Romeo 3XL combo in CO!
  11. I can only help with #3, as I have a 229 Legion (and 2 320X5 Legions). The stock slide release is far too close to the frame for competition use. You may replace both the slide release and mag release with regular parts.. [Edit] I also have a P226 MK 25. The mag release appears to be the same size on the P229 Legion, with the Legion having more aggressive checkering.
  12. I have 2, both over 10k rounds (one closer to 15k). Working great so far! Now the DPP, we won't even talk about that s**t.
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