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  1. SiCo Onega or the Dead Air Sandman. I have both and they are great. sandman is marginally quieter on my 300 Blackout or a 308
  2. The D60 runs reliably and it’s cheaper than the alternatives. Don’t waste your money on the XProducts. Worthless mag and the company sucks.
  3. As for hitting spots where you want to begin shooting, I always look for something distinctive where I want to stop or measure off a fixed object like the end of a wall or a tree. I look for odd rocks. Clusters of brass/hills, a stick on the ground etc. it’s poor sportsmanship to place something to mark your spot and I have seen pint sized TRex looking pros do it in USPSA, but it’s not legal. You can almost always see something already there to mark your spot. When I am moving I then look for that sign and start slowing down as I approach it.
  4. I love the Taylor Freelance basepad. I have coupled 20’s, 30’s and 40’s.
  5. I would get some of the 1/4th size ipsc targets and put them out at 15-20 yards. It’s tough to shoot them quickly and will improve your ability to shoot full sized targets at longer distances. You will rarely have to shoot paper beyond 25-35 yards in most matches anyway.
  6. I would go with the invictus. I have Taccom, AP, and Carbon Arms and those are still my favorite. I run a blend normally. I like the AP (out of production so you can find them here sometimes) as they are quick to release when you want to throw 4 in at the start. CAs are good but don’t want to release sometimes. The IP’s hold well but release easily. They are a little more expensive but buy once, cry once.
  7. Don’t need one. I hammer them into barrels and have never had an issue with my M2.
  8. Personally I probably wouldn’t use one. It introduces the chance of a debris related failure for simply looking cool. Look at any of the videos of the Texas Hard as Hell or this year’s Generation III matches and think if you would want a rifle with any holes in it while shooting those matches- I would not. You won’t notice any weight savings once the buzzer goes off. It could weigh 30lbs and I wouldn’t feel a thing until I was taking it back to the truck.
  9. I have a razor and love it. A bit heavy but the glass is amazing.
  10. I have a Leupold Prismatic on one of mine and a Aimpoint T1 on the other. Huge fan of the Prismatic. Super fast on close up paper/steel.
  11. I have shot my Gen1 MPX in competitions for three years without it ever letting me down. You do have to clean them well before every match but they are very reliable. It’s short (mine is an SBR) and lightish so very fast on bay stages.
  12. I have yet to feel the difference once the buzzer goes off. Dot movement should be the driver. My 14.5 moves barely more than my 18” because of the comp. light swings faster but you get a bit more bounce so just grip it tighter.
  13. It could well be the lower you put it in. I have had 4 AR Golds and all have worked flawlessly. Mine are in Noveske or QC10 lowers which are machined well. If the holes in the lower are off a little bit that could explain the issues.
  14. I have a JP on mine and it’s one hole at 100yds. A little more money but worth it.
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