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  1. I tried going prone with mine. As long as you don't lay on a rock or something there good to go
  2. I love mine I have a chest rig and belt rig the first match is this Saturday I let you know.
  3. This is my 4th trip to the Rock. This match was great good stages can't thank the RM ROs and all the sponcers that donated. And I can't forget Linda Chico who works her butt for this match. Now a couple of gripes. The website could be updated a few days before the match ( currant map is from 2016 ). The map for the range was hand drawn ( poorly) and copied. In my opinion the Nobels need to step up or the match is going to die. There are fewer and fewer venders showing up every year. Don't get me wrong I love this match and I will continue to make the trip. The people I've met there are a hoot and I've meet some great people I just wish it was like my first match there. .
  4. Keep your pants on there's going to be a new comp on the market for the vr-80 soon
  5. That's terrible advice shooting slugs thru a shotgun can lead the bore horribly gas operated shotguns can get so carboned up that it turns it into a single shot.
  6. TACCOM makes a shoulder strap that you can use with the chest rig reasonably priced
  7. I RO at a major 3 gun match every year. When the Surefire came I saw a few shooters using them and almost everyone of them would have been for sale after the match cheap. I heard some very colorful language from a few people. The D60 is an excellent mag except that little lever can get bumped up and cause problems( ask me how I know that). A rubber band around the mag and lever solved the issue.
  8. Whoops excuse me $200 barrel for the JP but the TACCOM comes with a pinned and welded comp
  9. Whoops excuse me $200 barrel for the JP
  10. Not bad for a $400 barrel mine was only a $150 barrel
  11. I’m surprised at the Taccom barrel mine will shoot into one hole at 25 yards and like I just posted my 100 .902 group
  12. Anybody have a price on these
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