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  1. I RO at a major 3 gun match every year. When the Surefire came I saw a few shooters using them and almost everyone of them would have been for sale after the match cheap. I heard some very colorful language from a few people. The D60 is an excellent mag except that little lever can get bumped up and cause problems( ask me how I know that). A rubber band around the mag and lever solved the issue.
  2. Whoops excuse me $200 barrel for the JP but the TACCOM comes with a pinned and welded comp
  3. Whoops excuse me $200 barrel for the JP
  4. Not bad for a $400 barrel mine was only a $150 barrel
  5. I’m surprised at the Taccom barrel mine will shoot into one hole at 25 yards and like I just posted my 100 .902 group
  6. Anybody have a price on these
  7. Where can you get info on the Kelly lifter.
  8. I just did a bench rest session and just for the heck of it I shot my PCC at 100 from bags. I shot 4 shots into .902 center to center. I was shooting blazer 115 out of a 13 1/2 inches tensioned TACCOM barrel. I took pictures but I am unable to post them. Could I do this again, probably not but I was pretty impress with what this barrel is capable of. And I was using a Holosun 507C which is also a amazing sight for the money.
  9. Rumor has it 5 1/4 or 5 1/2
  10. The ULW is good JP is copying it
  11. We had to tune the ejecter on our two at the shop. Give Tim a call at TACCOM he might be able to help.
  12. Cfe 223 works really well in my rifle meters great
  13. Weber tactical is what you need. He's a nice guy that will treat you right.
  14. Found the email and in my spam folder thank goddesses number 69
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