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  1. Shooter212

    X5 Rumor?

    So did anything change on the X5 they look the same. I am thinking about ordering one being they are going for 700 now days.
  2. Shooter212

    Consumer interest in a steel P320 X-Five grip module?

    Production legal one would be sweet. I would have bought a Q5 already if the grip wasn’t so short.
  3. Do you think the apex trigger will drop into one of these?
  4. I am really thinking about one of these but have never held a Q5. I have pretty big hands and the grip looks so short on these. Anyone with bigs hands run a Q5 have some feed back. I know big hands is subjective my palm is about 4 3/4” across wear xl or xxl gloves.
  5. I thought I heard the new shadow 2 optics ready still doesn’t make weight. Because it’s not a factor in ipsc. Any news when this steel frames will be available?
  6. I am excited to shoot one of these. Looks awesome for 3 gun/production/CO rig.
  7. Shooter212

    PCC Power Factors at Nationals

    Oh man totally missed that thanks.
  8. Shooter212

    PCC Power Factors at Nationals

    What bolt does he run with this setup?
  9. Shooter212

    What mags?

    What mount is that? I might go that way doesn’t look like there is enough room to mill the slide and leave the rear sight.
  10. Shooter212

    What mags?

    If it took cz mags that would be sweet. I have a buddy that can mill the dot into the slide. Been wanting to try carry optics but not excited about plastic guns, and don’t want to spend a lot on sp-01.
  11. Shooter212

    What mags?

    The pictures are not the best, it’s an old friend of my dad that has the gun. I haven’t seen it in person yet. Something he picked up from a gun show years ago and wants to get rid of. He said he can’t see a model or model number anywhere. If I can get some parts though I think it will be worth it to play with. I was reading around last night and it looked like most guns in the US take large frame magazines. For 300-250 I don’t think I can lose to bad.
  12. Shooter212

    What mags?

    I have a chance to pick this up at a decent price. The thing is I know nothing about tanfos. What mags would this take can I get trigger parts for it. Thinking it would be a good carry optics project. It looks like there full size on the websites now with out a rail. Thanks for the help.
  13. Shooter212

    Broken buffer tube

    Lol not that I remember college was crazy but usually not with guns involved.
  14. Shooter212

    Broken buffer tube

    I managed to almost blow my buffer tube off completely. It split on both the top and bottom. It’s of the first ar I bought in college which was a cheap used dpms from a pawn shop. No idea the number of .223 rounds through it but over 20,000 9mm rounds on it. Using a taccom 3 stage for most of the rounds the last couple thousand with the short stroke kit. It never felt like a violent recoil must of just been poorly made. Thinking about trying the Zulu stock from Odin any one have any opinions on them?
  15. Shooter212

    Rifle zeroing above target

    Hey thanks guys. Good to know it’s not an issue. It’s nice having long range at home it’s been the weak point of my game for a while now.