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  1. Following this! I have wanted an x5 for co this just might make me go for it. I wish someone would come out with a good trigger for these. All the ones I have felt were ok. The Walther has a better trigger by far.
  2. The picture was bad it goes all the way up and sits in the slide like it should. It looks like it should go higher though for the plunger.
  3. I ride the safteys the whole time.
  4. I just picked a brazos tuned edge the saftey comes off almost to easy. It’s noticeably easier then my other 1911s and my rock island double stack it’s replacing. This is for three gun and I don’t want it coming off during a dump. I am wondering if I should file on A or B for a more positive engagement. The picture doesn’t show but B does stop the saftey by hitting the slide.
  5. I have two 126 mags laying around. I looked around but haven’t found any base pads that bring them up to 140. Is there such a thing, is it a bad idea.
  6. Shooter212

    X5 Rumor?

    So did anything change on the X5 they look the same. I am thinking about ordering one being they are going for 700 now days.
  7. Production legal one would be sweet. I would have bought a Q5 already if the grip wasn’t so short.
  8. Do you think the apex trigger will drop into one of these?
  9. I am really thinking about one of these but have never held a Q5. I have pretty big hands and the grip looks so short on these. Anyone with bigs hands run a Q5 have some feed back. I know big hands is subjective my palm is about 4 3/4” across wear xl or xxl gloves.
  10. I thought I heard the new shadow 2 optics ready still doesn’t make weight. Because it’s not a factor in ipsc. Any news when this steel frames will be available?
  11. I am excited to shoot one of these. Looks awesome for 3 gun/production/CO rig.
  12. What mount is that? I might go that way doesn’t look like there is enough room to mill the slide and leave the rear sight.
  13. If it took cz mags that would be sweet. I have a buddy that can mill the dot into the slide. Been wanting to try carry optics but not excited about plastic guns, and don’t want to spend a lot on sp-01.
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