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  1. Trigger - While I would love it to match my 625 I know that 22 is going to have ignition issues. Searches range from only touching the strain screw to the JM trigger springs to the springs with an extended firing pin. I'd prefer not to run an extended FP so I can dryfire it safer. Whats the current recommendation. Its a new production model. Call Apex.
  2. MGW sight pro A lot more gentle on sight than beating on it with a hammer and can control amount it moves......
  3. So you have a 1.5" diameter barrel? Not sure I understand how that would be possible........
  4. In my experience it is usually cheaper in the long run to buy a factory gun as close to what you really want than piece together one with after market parts.
  5. Boy


    thanks makes sense
  6. Boy


    What does it mean when a pistol is stroked? thanks
  7. Boy

    6mm Arc

    Just a note here. Youtube star Johnny's Reloading Bench has videos on his experience with 6 arc reloading..........
  8. might want to consider 1x8......gives you more versatility
  9. C-Rums can weld original lifter. He did a couple for me. Very happy with results.
  10. Using a single barrel trap gun on clays makes double a real challenge! LOL
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