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  1. Boy

    shooting instructor

    He's about 5 hour drive from me
  2. Boy

    shooting instructor

    Anyone know of shooting instructors in nort west Indiana? thanks
  3. I bought a Super Black Eagle 3 last year and love it!
  4. Dont try to vacuum up lead shot with your wifes vacuum cleaner. You and the vacuum cleaner might not survive! LOL
  5. You are not alone. I bought a quantity of 9mm ammo on Black Friday and never received the rebate.........
  6. I found its better to call Briley than email.............
  7. Federal primers are known to be soft. My revolver will miss fire 1 in 10 if I use Winchester primers..........
  8. Anyone know when its coming out? Still not listed in latest catalog........
  9. My SBE 3 runs walmart light loads with no gun mods. I do have a welded lifter but that has no effect on action cycling.
  10. Boy


    How do you tell if it is a gen 1 or gen 2? thanks
  11. I am going to buy a Holosun HS510C. It comes in red or green dot. Which is better? thanks
  12. I wear Under Armour cold gear insulated top and bottoms (not at 50 degrees ) when its cold out. Consider buying one size bigger than normal as they are fitted. The nice thing is they are not bulky at all but still warm......
  13. Boy


    Also consider Reebok Nano crossfit shoes. Comfortable, runnable, and has a lower heel than most running style shoes. I find the lower heel makes them more stable.
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