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  1. TFT_Guns_Up

    What kind of Plate Rack is this?

    That’s the one! Ontelaunee Rod and Gun has one as well. I got to run it for the Blue Mountain Steel Classic. Im trying to bring the fun back to my local club
  2. TFT_Guns_Up

    What kind of Plate Rack is this?

    Nice thank you. The bad pic is from the PSA Shoot Out 2018. My local club here in PA is looking for ideas for Steel Targets. This was one of my favorites
  3. So I did a few Falling Steel Matches and I come across this plate rack, it’s about 15 steel plates, of which they’re 5 to a row. I’m looking to get one for my home club, I just need the name, and yes I did try google lol Thanks in Advance
  4. TFT_Guns_Up

    2019 ICORE championship schedule

    Can we sign up for this match on PractiScore?
  5. TFT_Guns_Up

    Red Dot on S&W 929

    Ok. For the 6 MOA guys, what distances do you shoot? Do you guys shoot USPSA, Icore, Falling Steel, Steel Challenge?
  6. TFT_Guns_Up

    Red Dot on S&W 929

    So I’ve got my 929 up and running, the sights are great and TK did a hell of a job on the gun. I’m thinking about putting a Red Dot Sight on it, not sure which sight or what mount to use. Thanks in Advance
  7. TFT_Guns_Up

    Drum Magazines for 3 Gun

    I shot 3 Gun Nation’s National Shoot in SC last weekend. I noticed all the high level guys where using the Magpul D60 drum for the stages that have a high round count for rifles. That said I have a Beta C Mag, (100rd drum), would this be legal for most 3 Gun Competitions?
  8. TFT_Guns_Up

    Spare Parts?

    My M2 has around 5K rounds, mostly birdshot, through it over the last 2 years, is that near any (for parts replacement) milestones?
  9. TFT_Guns_Up

    Spare Parts?

    So myself and a friend are shooting the 3 Gun Nationals in SC this November. This’ll be my first time traveling far to a match as I’m in PA. I run a Benelli M2 3 Gun Edition, so far no major issues. What if any spare parts should I keep on hand? Thanks in Advance
  10. TFT_Guns_Up

    New 929 Hammer

    I don’t know exactly, when I talked with Eli we decided to go a little heavier than 6.5lbs as I don’t shoot American Eagle
  11. TFT_Guns_Up

    MPX Hammer Pin Walking

    That’s what I was doing... And they still walked. I’m testing out the anti walk pins on Friday
  12. TFT_Guns_Up

    New 929 Hammer

    So I sent out my 929 to TK Custom a while back, I got it back a few days ago. He really did a great job on the revolver and the trigger is so much better than the factory. Can’t wait to start shooting it in matches. Thanks for the help guys
  13. TFT_Guns_Up

    MPX Hammer Pin Walking

    Ok I went with KNS anti-walk pins, and I’m gonna Test it out sometime this week. I also tightened down the screws on the Timney Trigger. I’ll get a range report sometime this week
  14. TFT_Guns_Up

    MPX Hammer Pin Walking

    Hey Guys. I recently dropped a Timney MPX Single Stage Trigger into my MPX Carbine. I had it to the range for the third time today. The first time a ran about 125 through it with no pin movement. Second time a few days ago about 250, and around the middle of the session I first noticed the hammer pin had moved to the right side of the rifle. And today I ran about 250 and the hammer pin walked in the same direction. While I didn’t have any malfunctions, I’d like to know how to prevent this from happening. Both set screws are tightened down as far as they’ll go. Thanks in advance