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  1. Hey guys, I’m picking up what you’re putting down… From what I’ve read here and what I’ve experienced, one should double up when shooting Open. I just ordered a set of Peltor Sport Tactical 500’s, and I’m gonna double them up with plugs
  2. Hey guys I’m loving USPSA Open Divison, and I can’t get enough. As much as I like it, it’s a very loud division. I currently have Howard Leight Eletronic Ear Muffs, and Surefire Ear plugs, to which I’ve been doubling up. That said I’m getting custom ear plugs. All that said I’m thinking about upgrading my electronic muffs to something better. What do you guys like?
  3. Sounds great! I’ll use my Open belt for my Limited pistol then
  4. So my Open Gun is down and I don’t think it’ll be ready for the weekend... So unless something changes I’m shooting Limited. Only thing is I’ve gotten used to my Open Belt set up. I used to shoot Limited with my 3 Gun belt (minus the shotgun and rifle accessories) but I’d prefer to keep it as close to my Open belt as possible. Thanks in Advance
  5. I recently got an Ultrasonic Cleaner, which makes the cleaner of certain parts a lot easier and less time consuming. I’d like to put some parts from my SW929 in it but wasn’t sure. The parts I’m looking to drop in are the muzzle cap, muzzle brake, and the cylinder itself as it’s the most time consuming. Will it hurt the finish on the Titanium Cylinder?
  6. So I’ve been shooting 3 Gun, and USPSA for a bit now. I’ve become a higher mid pack guy, to which I’m happy with. However with my name, unless they randomize the tablet I’m first to shoot. I don’t have Stage Fright about going first, but I’ve notice it’s not my best stage of the day. I tend to feel slow, and on most stages afterwards I feel better. What can I do to improve my performance on the first stage of the day?
  7. So I was getting ready for a match, noticed my Benelli M2 3 Gun Edition’s front sight was off, I went to remove the fiber optic, then the front sight screw itself that keeps the front sight on the sight rib. Well I lost the screw. I did call Benelli, and I’m waiting for a response. How can I find out the size of the screw that I need?
  8. That’s the one! Ontelaunee Rod and Gun has one as well. I got to run it for the Blue Mountain Steel Classic. Im trying to bring the fun back to my local club
  9. Nice thank you. The bad pic is from the PSA Shoot Out 2018. My local club here in PA is looking for ideas for Steel Targets. This was one of my favorites
  10. So I did a few Falling Steel Matches and I come across this plate rack, it’s about 15 steel plates, of which they’re 5 to a row. I’m looking to get one for my home club, I just need the name, and yes I did try google lol Thanks in Advance
  11. Ok. For the 6 MOA guys, what distances do you shoot? Do you guys shoot USPSA, Icore, Falling Steel, Steel Challenge?
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