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  1. Depends how many shotgun targets there are. It differs every time. I go with two Invictus 12rd caddies on the belt plus a 24rd vest. Usually I get to choose which I am going to use instead of wearing them all at the same time. It's nice to have options
  2. Just as bad as when people never reload in TV or movies, when someone draws their pistol and shoots 3rds then is at slide lock...
  3. Taught the first NRA 3-Gun class at Peacemaker, it was very successful. Shout out to event sponsors - Armalite, Benelli, Sig, Vortex and Red Hill Tactical
  4. Had a zeroing day at the farm for a bunch of local shooters and BBQ afterwards
  5. Prepped gear for the first NRA sponsored 3 gun class at Peacemaker
  6. Nice to see a thread about actual irons even though I shoot a 1x optic
  7. After shooting some 3GN regionals this year it was apparent to me that my rifle splits and transitions inside 50 yards are slower than other people and I think its because I DO in fact make sure to see my sights for every shot instead of double tapping papers. Who here is just straight up double tapping and moving on?
  8. Forgot to report back about my long range experience with the 13.5 inch Armalite. I have a 200 yard zero, shooting Stillwood 69gr SMK at 2415 FPS and getting 1.5 inch groups at 100 yards. Whether it's me, the gun or ammo, I don't know but I couldn't get better than that. I then shot 500 yards and my hold of +4.3 MIL is dead on with the short barrel and slow velocity. I made consistent hits benched and prone but now looking to compare those ballistics to the 77gr Nexus ammo recommended by Tommy Thacker because Stillwood has changed their load since I bulk purchased through them earlier thi
  9. It wasn't sarcastic, it was a good time. Just surprising how many mistakes I could make in one major (like I had been saving them up or something)
  10. Packed everything and doublechecked flight plan / hotel / rental car for 3GN Nationals in Tulsa.
  11. Over the weekend I shot my first night match doing Starlight 3Gun at Peacemaker, while also shooting the NRA World Shoot during the days. I got exposed to some new shooting disciplines and learning occurred. Yay!
  12. Over the weekend held another 3-Gun practice day locally and helped the two guys that showed up and didn't mind getting rained on all day
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