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  1. Just as bad as when people never reload in TV or movies, when someone draws their pistol and shoots 3rds then is at slide lock...
  2. Nice to see a thread about actual irons even though I shoot a 1x optic
  3. After shooting some 3GN regionals this year it was apparent to me that my rifle splits and transitions inside 50 yards are slower than other people and I think its because I DO in fact make sure to see my sights for every shot instead of double tapping papers. Who here is just straight up double tapping and moving on?
  4. Forgot to report back about my long range experience with the 13.5 inch Armalite. I have a 200 yard zero, shooting Stillwood 69gr SMK at 2415 FPS and getting 1.5 inch groups at 100 yards. Whether it's me, the gun or ammo, I don't know but I couldn't get better than that. I then shot 500 yards and my hold of +4.3 MIL is dead on with the short barrel and slow velocity. I made consistent hits benched and prone but now looking to compare those ballistics to the 77gr Nexus ammo recommended by Tommy Thacker because Stillwood has changed their load since I bulk purchased through them earlier this year. However with a working solution and dope confirmed I don't WANT to change but would be happy to do that testing all over again someday early next year. Oh and shooting this at 3GN nationals was a dream because in the tactical bays this gun handles almost as well as an Open division IPSC pistol - short, light, fast, tuned for no recoil, etc. Now if only I was lighter and faster!
  5. When you're practicing with your conscious mind grip the gun with both hands using 100% of your grip strength. Then get higher on the gun. Then torque your elbows out and up, putting even more pressure on the gun. You don't have to choose a technique, use them all. Find a way to mesh them together so that you can not only hold on to the gun during recoil, but so you can dominate the gun during recoil. Then when it's time to execute a course of fire, don't think about the grip / strength / technique / whatever - just draw the gun and shoot the targets.
  6. I don't think it's any more / less accurate because of the barrel length (even at distance) but the muzzle brake is being worked harder and there's alot less weight in the gun overall. I'll be shooting 600 yards tomorrow so I guess I'll be able to test my theory.
  7. I'm happy with my new 13" Armalite so far
  8. I only use the illumination when I have to
  9. Yes for IPSC but no for USPSA If its not in the book its not a rule
  10. Regarding frame pins, directly from Amidon - "Appendix D4 item 21.6 Exchange of minor external components, it states that pins may be placed with OFM or aftermarket." So you can replace the frame pins but please keep in mind that Production weight limits are still in effect. There is no competitive advantage to doing this but I guess if you wanted it for ease of maintenance then it could be nice?
  11. Is there a thread in this sub-forum that lists all the places you can send a shotgun for 3 Gun work, and / or buy a ready made 3 Gun shotgun? If so, I couldn't find it. List them if you know a place, these are the ones I know of - Pendergraft Gun Works http://www.pendergraftgunworks.com/ Triangle Shooting Sports http://triangleshootingsports.com/ C-Rums http://www.c-rums.com/Shotgun.html Accurate Iron https://aiguns.com/ Wheaton Arms http://www.wheatonarms.com/ Taran Tactical http://tarantacticalinnovations.com/
  12. Nobody offers a Production ready race gun with all these mods and frankly most choices should be hand picked by the individual end user. If you're shooting a Glock 17 and perform well, then don't change, shoot what you want to shoot.
  13. Since no Gen 4's have been made with Gen 3 slides, or vice versa - I don't believe you can mix Glock generations like that. Also rule 21.3 states "same length, contour and caliber as the original slide for the model of that gun" and since the RSA ring is significantly different from Gen 3 to 4, externally visible and easily noticed... I don't think you'd get far with it. http://www.uspsa.org/document_library/rules/2014/Feb%202014%20Handgun%20Rules.pdf Additionally, the LWD slides having front serrations are further out of factory spec and not Production legal.
  14. This is also a Production Legal Modification that I previously overlooked http://www.brianenos.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=197048
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