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  1. lots of good feedback. thanks guys.
  2. does anyone have any experience with using HS 6 powder to make major PF in 9mm?
  3. LLRukus

    fiber optic

    that may be why it doesn't work so well. : ) just kidding around.
  4. LLRukus

    comp crud

    I've been told using Dillon case lube in an open comp will help prevent accumulation of lead and burnt powder. it this the best to use?
  5. is it worth going to a Lee seating and crimping die? it seems to me that doing both steps at once would cause issues.
  6. does anyone have experience with STI warranty department? I have a minor problem but hesitant sending the gun in because it's something I can fix myself but am concern about what I have heard about their long service times.
  7. LLRukus

    fiber optic

    is using fiber optic really an advantage with indoor lighting?
  8. which would you suggest for open, 38 super or 38 super comp? and why?
  9. LLRukus

    trigger job

    is it worth buying tools for a trigger job vs a gunsmith?
  10. LLRukus

    lub type

    what lub should be used on a Glock?
  11. looking for matches in the north Alabama.
  12. anyone with suggestions on powder to use with 147 gr for an open gun?
  13. LLRukus

    action camers

    can anyone recommend a camera i can use for shooting action shots?
  14. I may be late to the game but this may be food for thought. I started experiencing bulging issues when i went to jacketed bullets. the bullets were not being seated straight every time causing a bulge to one side on some. for some reason some of the brass was not being belled enough. I made slight adjustment to the die which completely solved the issue.
  15. Sparky if you still have that grip I'll take it off of you hands.

    1. Sparky


      The grip is like new except for a small spot by the mag release the

      original did to make it easier to release the mags.  Send email address

      and I wii get pics out on Thur.  Ron

    2. LLRukus



    3. Sparky


      I will get pics out tomorrow.  The first shooter has not seen pics either.

      Will let you know.



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