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  1. Thanks, Troy. GV returned an email - practice range is available as of May 13th. I’ll see you there!
  2. Guys - Anyone know when the practice range will be open for competitors traveling to the Cup? I've been away from the sport for nearly 3 years, and I can't find information or a match program anywhere.
  3. Wondering if it can be filled from either a 650 or 1050 casefeeder on another press. Might be a good option for those of us with multiple presses.
  4. Vizorn

    P320 X5 Thread

    Small X-grip is in the works, thought it is anyone’s guess when it will be released.
  5. The steel body runs the full length of the mag. They can’t be converted to 17 rounders.
  6. For me, the value of the MBF is in fatigue reduction. Before getting the MBF for my 650, I would start getting fatigued at around 800 rounds. Since I was shooting 1k rounds per week, I would either push through the fatigue, load twice a week, or shoot less if I didn't have the time for the second session. With the MBF, I could get through 1200 rounds loaded with no issues at all (I have 12 primer tubes) , and I could direct more attention to verifying the powder charge and ensuring the brass fed properly into station 1. With 1200 rounds loaded per session, I either load less often, or shoot more.
  7. I have several BladeTech and CompTac holsters, and also ordered a Red Hill Tactical based on the forum reputation. The CompTac is my clear favorite as it fits all of the guns I have them for the best, and the mounting holes make it compatible with any modular belt system. BladeTech is a loose fit on most of the guns I own. The RHT cants the grips into my body making it difficult to get a consistent grip index, and the top of the holster behind the trigger guard pinches my middle finger every time I reholster. I run only the CompTac now.
  8. Big Gator V-Drill guides work well. Just clamp it to the post and drill. https://www.shop.biggatortools.com/Drill-Guides_c3.htm
  9. I thought I'd like the 2.5 dot better as I shoot a lot of accuracy games, but it sunbursts for me as I have mild astigmatism, which makes it hard to see the exact aiming point. Conversely, the 7.5 triangle is very clear and well defined. I zero at 50 yds with the apex of the triangle at POI, and I'm good with using the entire triangle from 25 and in. For reflex optics, your vision has a big part in what you actually see, and it's going to be different for everyone.
  10. My 650 runs best when I clean the priming system every 1500-2k rounds. If I don't, the residue from spent primers being punched out in station 1 gums up the primer system and I start having issues like you describe. It's very easy to disassemble/reassemble, so clean it up every few thousand rounds and your press should run much better.
  11. Yes, I have several EGW magwells on STI grips and I have had to fit all of them. Mine have gone on to the grips ok, but the mainspring pin hole doesn’t match. I had to oblong the hole in the magwell to get the pin in. It is frustrating that such a high quality part isn’t an exact match, but fortunately the difference in hole location is such that allows a tight fit with it egged out. I have large hands, and this is the only magwell I’ve tried that doesn’t interfere with my grip.
  12. Mine was received this past Tuesday, and I got the email notification that it had been shipped back on Friday. Extremely impressed with the fast turn-around.
  13. Yep, sure is. I wonder when they will be available.
  14. Yeah, this is what I thought since the DPP doesn't fit in the CORE slide cut. I'll consider other options for my CORE, and save the DPP I have for another gun. Thanks for posting this!
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