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  1. $475 total, which included the slide cut, optic plate with screws, cowitness sights front/back, DLC slide refinish and return shipping. The dimensions, fit and finish were perfect.
  2. I just had Vulcan Machine Werks mill an STI Maurader slide for their optics plate and refinish in DLC. I’m extremely pleased with the results and will have them do another for me soon. Email them first to ensure you get exactly what you want - they are very good with communication. https://vulcanmachinewerks.com/
  3. BarSto barrel will definitely solve any accuracy issues with a stock slide (provided it is fit correctly). For X-5/Legion slides, KKM is another option that definitely works well.
  4. As the OP said it’s been well used, I’d send it back. It will be disassembled to the frame, tossed in the solvent tank and completely rebuilt. You will get the press back in brand new condition. From that point, anything that breaks from normal use will be replaced via warranty. I can understand Dillon’s perspective in this situation. They have no idea what’s going on with the press and would be relying on the end user (who is admittedly new to reloading) to properly diagnose and correct issues. This can very easily turn into a cascading parts problem, which they have very likely been through this many times in the past. The service fee is very reasonable considering what you’ll receive in return. I wouldn’t try to take undue advantage of a generous warrantee policy. I’d let them restore it and from that point they will supply their complete warrantee service for the rest of the time you own the press.
  5. Might also check to ensure the Case Insert Slide Spring (Dillon part #13937) isn’t broken.
  6. Here are the instructions they gave me: “Yes, we have MBF dislodge arm springs. They are $2 each, plus $4 for shipping, bringing your total to $6. Follow the directions below to order.Please go to our website and log in. Enter the #100287 in the search bar for Special Payment then increase the quantity to 6. Make sure you mention in the Comments during the check-out process that you are paying for a MBF dislodge arm spring.” Here’s the DAA/CED point of contact: Josh LentzSales & Technical SupportAlpha Dynamics USA2908 Betz CourtOrefield, PA 18069Tel: (610) 366-9752www.doublealpha.biz <http://www.doublealpha.biz>
  7. Vizorn

    X5 Recoil Springs

    If you're looking for the factory springs, here you go (though you'll pay a premium ordering direct from Sig): 12 lb: https://www.sigsauer.com/recoil-spring-12-p320-x5-legion.html 14 lb: https://www.sigsauer.com/recoil-spring-14-p320-x5-legion.html 1911 springs work as well.
  8. Vizorn

    X5 is back

    Even if that were true (there’s plenty of non-USPSA content on these forums), it does not constitute a marketing failure for the manufacturer. All I am saying is that there are other markets for a gun like this.
  9. Vizorn

    X5 is back

    Not everything is about USPSA. There are other shooting sports out there, and far more regular shooters than competitors. I shot the German made X-Six at the Bianchi Cup, and the X-Five Tactical in several classes before transitioning to the P320 for work. For me, the P226 X-Series had the best ergonomics and recoil characteristics of any handgun I’ve ever used. Many would value that over the rules of a sport they will never participate in. However, we’ll see if the spare parts and aftermarket situation will improve now that the guns are being made in the US.
  10. Rick got back to me, as did Alpha Dynamics shortly thereafter. I was able to specialty order them from Alpha Dynamics. Thanks to all for the help!
  11. Thanks, Chuck. I'll keep that in mind if I can't find the spring.
  12. Ah, thanks. I went direct to CED. I'll try him.
  13. Thanks! Contact info is for DAA. I sent an email to CED a few days ago - nothing received so I posted here. I'll continue following up with CED/DAA.
  14. Hi guys - The Dislodge Arm Spring on my Mr Bulletfeeder has worn out and does not have enough strength to move the Dislodge Arm, much less kick out loose bullets from the collator plate. I haven't been able to find a source for the spring - does anyone know where I can get it before I try to find a similar torsion spring from McMaster-Carr? Thanks!
  15. I use a portable air pump - cools the gun down to ambient while I’m reloading mags, even on the hottest days.
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