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  1. gr7070

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    That's about what I figured I paid for mine, maybe $700??? It was well used, came with about $500 worth of used items or upgrades. I paid $900 for all. I was happy with the deal. Bud's selling them for $900 NIB sounds incredibly low. Typically I see Bud's sell their S&W revolvers at about 80% MSRP.
  2. gr7070

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    Would that not make it used, and thus Like-NIB?
  3. gr7070

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    Interesting. Thanks!
  4. gr7070

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    Please enlighten me, curious. FWIW S&W calls it a compensator. I'm sure they choose their verbiage based on marketing more than anything.
  5. gr7070

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    It came with the black TK moon clips. Looking at their website their isn't a thickness option for these, only the SS?
  6. gr7070

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    Much appreciate the replies! The current trigger is quite nice as is. No clue what weight it is. Seller guessed 9ish pounds, which sounds reasonable??? However, if I can reliably shave some off of it with a few added modifications I might. Only modifications it has, is a 12# rebound spring and thousands of cycles. Definitely will consider an extended firing pin. Unsure I want to fit a new hammer for it, nor bob the existing. However, for significant gains I may. Is a stone needed for fitting?
  7. gr7070

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    Is that with any substitutes? Mainspring? Extended firing pin? Others? Does an SAO hammer help significantly? Thanks!
  8. gr7070

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    I picked up a new to me 929 and have a few questions. Is the compensator effective? Has anyone done any timed comparisons, at a reasonable volume? Any negatives just leaving it off completely? The non-compensator looks like it gets plenty dirty. How low a trigger pull can I get away with using factory Federal/American Eagle ammo (I won't be further seating the primers). Can I use any gun solvent on the titanium, Hoppe's #9? Also both faces of the cylinder are black. I assume this is "soot" not a coating? Do folks normally not spend the elbow grease on cleaning it thoroughly? I have a BMT on the way. It came with TK Custom clips. Guga Ribas holster. Anything else I should know about a 929? Tips?
  9. Thanks to all for your input! I went into this expecting to get an R8, largely due to its light weight. However, I corrected course and have picked up a used 929 at a fair price. Looking forward to knocking down some steel. Quickly!
  10. Understood with regard to IDPA. Though I believe that now allow an "open" category, at least for "not sanctioned" IDPA matches. It's actually been a number of years since I've completed seriously in IDPA; have always used my 686.
  11. I'll actually be shooting mostly local Steel Challenge and home-grown action games without power factor requirements, but with on the clock reloads. Very, very little true USPSA. Looks like I've got a handle on preferences and reasons for it. Much appreciate all the input! I don't mind working on the revolver; I've changed out springs, pinned front sights, etc. I've been learning towards the R8, but may have to reconsider for the 9mm reload. Though I like the idea of the low weight R8 and slightly lower recoil of 38. I actually have an older 627, but was thinking about selling it in exchange for an R8 or the 929 - looks like my used current 8-shot is highly sought after (627-PC with unfluted cylinder; yes an actual dash PC). Figured if I was going to swap it out, I'd start from scratch and get one intentionally for games.
  12. It sounds like the choice is truly only about the caliber and nothing to do with the gun itself. I was think the M&P R8 and it's far less weight would be optimal??? Is it mostly about moon clips and holding the brass tightly over everything else? Is it power factor? I know American Eagle has met IDPA's 105 in the past. What's the reason for 9 over 38? Hoping to learn the reasoning behind the choices before I move forward.
  13. I do mean 38 spl./357 magnum revolvers and 9x19 autos. I would not be shooting short colt. I use 38 spl Federal American Eagle ammo in my revolvers currently and whatever cheap 9mm I buy. While I appreciate the suggestion I will not be reloading. I don't have the interest and I don't shoot enough to justify the cost.
  14. So I'm looking at buying an 8-round revolver. I'd use it to shoot a bunch of the different "action" games; Steel Challenge, local action games, USPSA, whatever. I do not reload. Of the (readily available) options out there which model do y'all prefer and for what reasons? Edit: Re: caliber I don't know that I care, per se. I own and shoot both already. However, if one has a preference I'd like to here the preference and reasoning for it. I don't shoot tons; so cost isn't incredibly important, but it does help. Thanks!
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