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  1. Are you running a lighter recoil spring like a 13lb or less? Your load is pretty stout for competition, but everybody has different preferences. Are your powder drops consistent?
  2. I use 3.6gr out of my glock 34 gen 3 with factory barrel. I get 129-131pf. If you want to be safe, 3.7gr is a nice soft load that gets 130pf all day with factory barrel. If you are running an aftermarket barrel, bump up one grain. This is all at 1.100 oal with 124gr conical round nose (CRN) eggleston munitions. 1.125 with 124gr round nose (RN) is safe. Make sure you do the “plunk test” to determine your barrel’s best oal.
  3. I knew someone would say it lol beat me.
  4. As stated above, silhouette is a slow burning powder. Are you trying to load the rounds really hot to work the comp, or just produce some nice feeling rounds? If you are wanting some soft loads, try titegroup, n320, sport pistol....or other medium fast to fast powders. I am not sure even silhouette would make a comp work if that is why the powder choice there.
  5. This is a dumb question, but from a guy thinking about getting into open with a Glock, if you are shooting Minor loads out of a Glock, why not just take the comp off? Wouldn’t that alleviate all the issues of having weak slide movement?
  6. Eman

    Glock 35 9mm open?

    This may be a dumb question but where is the 40open thread? Is it a sub forum or just a thread I can search for?
  7. Eman

    Glock 35 9mm open?

    I have some 165’s and some ramshot silhouette. Will that combination work?
  8. Eman

    Glock 35 9mm open?

    Also, to let you guys know, I have a Glock 34 gen 3 also, I just don’t want to deck it out with parts and take them back off to shoot production too.
  9. Eman

    Glock 35 9mm open?

    Can you give me your load development with that comp setup?
  10. Eman

    Glock 35 9mm open?

    Thanks everyone for the replies so far! You all have me thinking about doing a .40 open gun now. Will it run without a ton of fine tuning? Does the 40 caliber g35 Barrel length produce enough gas to make the comp really effective?
  11. Eman

    Glock 35 9mm open?

    I am thinking about turning my Glock 35 into an open 9mm gun. My rationale is that the Glock 35 9mm conversion barrel is going to be stronger/thicker than a 34 Barrel? Also, I don’t have a g17 on hand and I’m trying to work with what I got and stay with 9mm. I am not trying to be fiercely competitive but I am wondering if this will compete well enough to make the problem me and not the gun. My question is, has someone already done a g35 conversion? Is this ever legal to do in open division? And will this be competitive with most open style guns? Any tips will be most appreciated! 9mm major still scares me a little, but with the published data on here and my chrono, I think it won’t be that bad.
  12. JohnnyD, I too shoot a Glock 35. My preferred load with titegroup is 4.3gr with a 1.130 OAL. That is with the factory barrel. It makes a 171PF for me. That was tested at 45-50 degree temp with Eggleston 180gr. flat point bullets. You may be able to stretch your OAL out a tad to 1.135-1.140 with the blue bullets because of the shape. Glocks load shorter oal’s than everyone else’s 2011 style pistols (unless you have the barrel reamed), so make sure you are taking OAL into consideration when getting load data. Anything past 1.150oal will need .2-.5gr more powder to make power factor, which could be really really hot for a Glock at a short OAL. Good luck, and if you get a chance, check out Alliant Sport Pistol. It is a good powder that doesn’t gum up my Glock as fast as titegroup, and is still pretty cheap.
  13. Eman

    Hoster for gen4 g34

    I like my comp-tac. Feels solid and fits snug on multiple belt widths.
  14. I run a stainless steel 13lb recoil spring from the Glock Store in my g34. It works great as far as I can tell. For carry optics, try the tungsten one, it is really heavy in the gen 4 version from the way it looks.
  15. This^ prep well, and heat up tape and smooth it out while it’s hot. I have some talon aggressive texture grips on my g34 that won’t come off now. It’s stuck.
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