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  1. Pc70, I was using a hitek Coated 180gr bullet but recently switched my .40 bullets to Blue Bullets. The 180gr Blue Bullet bullet profile loads better for my g35. I can push it out a little farther oal wise. I use blue bullets exclusively for 9mm for the last 3-5k and they worked good so I ordered 850 or so to try in 40. Their coating is just awesome. It is hard and soft at the same time if that makes sense. Very low smoke with sport pistol too.
  2. I shoot a Glock 35 and my major load was 1.130 oal with 4.3gr of titegroup for a pf of 169-171. I have since moved to Alliant sport pistol. It burns like n320 but is much cheaper. I use 4.4-4.5gr for a pf of 168-170.
  3. Eman

    Lawn Issues

    Just ran across this. I am laying in bed laughing out of control. This needs to go back to the top.
  4. I have both bayou and blue bullet 200grers on hand. I am using the factory barrel as well.
  5. Thanks Novashooter! Do you have any load data for titegroup?
  6. Hey guys, I have searched on here and I can’t find a lot of load data for 200gr loads for short oal (my glock 35) I know there is some load data published, but I just got some 200gr sample packs in to try, and I would like a good average starting place. I have titegroup, n320, and sport pistol on hand. Can you guys give me some loads with these powders that will make major pf? I know about bullet set back and kabooms, that’s why I am asking all the people that do this a lot.
  7. Eman

    Nickel Brass

    No! Send this brass to me immediately and I will dispose of it! It is horrible to shoot....just kidding. I shoot it a lot and have had no issues. The guys at my club must have got a bulk discount because I pick up a ton of it and reload it. It looks good for self defense loads too.
  8. I am also missing the snap of titegroup! I am working through my second pound of SP, and it just doesn’t feel right. I don’t know what to do. Pros and cons to both.
  9. A word of caution. Watch your crimp with coated bullets. If it is too tight, you can have all kinds of issues like excessive smoke, sideways bullets, poor accuracy..etc. I shoot blue bullets because they shoot great out of my gun (G34 factory barrel), and I like the blue color the coating seems very durable also. I have used a few thousand eagleston munitions bullets and they are good as well.
  10. 1.125-1.130oal 3.7gr-3.8gr. Makes power factor out of glock 34 factory barrel, but you may need 4.0gr To be safe and get good accuracy.
  11. Which glock model? 9mm major or minor?
  12. What gun are you shooting?
  13. I would be interested to see how Blue Bullet’s coating would stand up to the same test.
  14. Sport pistol is great for 9mm loads with 147gr bullets. I just tried some the other day and thought the load wouldn’t make power factor till I chrono’d it. 131pf and it was super clean after the 200+ round day I put through the gun that session. In .40, my experience is limited by the glock 35 oal that I have to shoot at. 1.130 is short. Still, the powder burns clean and is slightly better than tightgroup on the sooty residue on the outside of the barrel. I would say SP is much better on the internals of the gun than TG. TG leaves a nasty soot inside that I didn’t notice with SP.
  15. Keep it alive! Now I would check out Everglades fmjs and sport pistol or n320. Clean burning and billet prices worth looking at for fmjs vs coated.
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