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  1. Eman

    Blue Bullets

    I ordered a ton of bullets and they have been sending me bits and pieces of orders. No sign of the 15k 147gr RN lol, but I just got 3600 124gr RN, and about a week previous they send me the 2500ish .40 180grers I ordered.
  2. Hey guys, I recently was shooting my STI 2011 with an SVI Steel grip on it. I happened to look down and noticed one of the screws was gone. Can you tell me what this screw this is called, and how to find it? I looked at SVI’s website, but I’m not sure the screws they sell will fit for sure? Any help finding the correct screws would be appreciated!!!
  3. How efficient is your comp? Does it need to be all that good because of all the weight in the frame? I am kicking around the idea of ordering a Honcho. Yours is awesome looking.
  4. Man you guys! I never realized you all did that! It totally makes sense. I am going to do this now. I was worried about the mag springs getting weak. appreciate the posts, and thanks OP for the question. I learned from your question!
  5. Matt Mclearn at Mclearn Custom Guns does fantastic work. He is also a great guy to talk to about the shooting sports. He won Uspsa nationals and ispc world within a week of each other back in the day. (1993) https://mclearncustomguns.com
  6. 3.2gr-3.3 is what you will need. Titegroup is slightly faster than N320. The major difference is that titegroup burns so much hotter, and when it gets dirty, it’s not as easy to clean as n320. Try Alliant Sport Pistol of you can get some. It is pretty much the same as N320 and way cheaper .
  7. What is your recoils spring weight? Did you over tighten the frame weight?
  8. N320 would be the majority over N310. Try Alliant Sport Pistol after you get low. I was a hardcore N320 fan boy but after trying a few lbs of Sport Pistol, I have switched everything 9mm and .40 over to it. Same product basically but a lot cheaper. May be a tad dirtier, but not until you shoot enough that you need to clean a tight 2011 anyways. Lol
  9. I have not loaded for 10mm, but I used some Ramshot Silhouette 2 years ago to kill a doe at 56yrds with my .40 cal. I was in the low 10mm velocities with it. Super accurate too.
  10. Sport pistol. Pretty much same drop weights as 320, and in my opinion just as clean.
  11. I have recently seen the light when it comes to buying brass Instead of crawling around the range until my knees bleed to get casings. I bought my first 7k of casings and am nearing the end of them. About 200-300 of them were stepped cases, or weird head stamps with crimped primers and such. Where are you guys getting good 9mm Major brass that is cleaned and has few blemished/unusable pieces in it?
  12. Thank you for that! I have SWMP and AA7 but I haven’t tried aa7. I am using up all my Silhouette, but I noticed a significant difference with having more gas in my dot movement with SWMP. I’ll be trying AA7 shortly.
  13. I would love to know your load! Is it a slow powder like SWMJ or a fast one? Compressed oal or stretched? Popple?
  14. That is great advice! What brand of ultrasonic cleaner do you have? I am going to buy one. Do you add anything to the water when you clean your gun parts?
  15. Watch your comp to make sure you don’t get lead build up. I am like you and recently jumped into open with a similar setup. I used coated bullets for a while, then switched to Everglades 124gr HP Version 2’s. They are awesome, and not much more in price. My gun is 9mm Major, so your gun may not burn the coated bullets as bad. I am seriously addicted to open now, and it’s been fun learning the gun and making different loads to chase the predictable Red dot movement. Have fun! Ethan
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