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  1. Ill post some pics of my primers on my next range trip. have you guys noticed any gold/yellow granules in the chamber? I have a bunch, and after shooting only 100-150 rounds. Is this normal?
  2. Sport pistol! I have tried titegroup and N320, and sport pistol is just a better powder in terms of weighing pros and cons. Cheaper, only slightly more dirty than n320(you have to shoot a lot to know) and it doesn’t burn as hot as titegroup. Try some, you won’t regret it.
  3. 7.0gr of ramshot silhouette at 1.155oal with a 124gr blue bullet got me to 171pf. i shot 9.0gr of SW major pistol at 1.155oal with a 124gr blue bullet and got 166pf. I am raising my load to 9.2gr of SW major pistol for the next range session. the ramshot was the better(less) of the 2 in dot movement. I’ll update after I shoot the major pistol load. do you guys think I should up the ramshot load .2-3gr and see what it could do? The primers are starting to flatten, but I am so new at this I don’t know what is acceptable and what is too much.
  4. just to be clear, that’s 9.3-9.5 grains using a 124 grain bullet, right?
  5. Hey guys, I recently bought a 9major open gun to test the waters in open, and now I am trying to develop a load for it. specs: kkm 5in barrel binary engineering 3 port comp (no popple holes) I have 2lbs of Shooters World Major Pistol powder, and I was wondering if you all had some good loads worked up for this combination? I currently have 124gr crn blue bullets, but am going to purchase some Everglades hollow points soon. Are blue Bullets even a good option for 9major? Should I consider 115gr bullets for more gas because of the comp and because I don’t have popple holes? Your help is much appreciate for a starting point!
  6. I’m on the Sport Pistol train. I shot titegroup and N320 and sport pistol is the perfect go between in price and performance. 147gr blue bullet out of a g34 with 3.1gr SP. 131PFish
  7. Have you tried 124gr loads in the 132 power factor? I know my Springfield range officer 1911 slide was super sluggish with my 147gr 130pf loads, and the 124’s were just right. My g34 likes 147’s better though with a 13# recoil spring. Maybe try some factory 115’s as well to see slide cycle speeds. I am very interested in your findings! Good work!
  8. Another vote for Hornady One Shot. I bought two of the large spray cans recently and they are lasting a long time. That stuff is awesome and makes my reloading press smile
  9. I use the blues 125gr tc. It is a fantastic bullet for my 1911 9mm. I have not noticed an issue with accuracy due to the .355 sizing. My load is: 3.8gr Alliant sport pistol at an oal of 1.095. Blues have the best coating in the industry, in my opinion, since they fixed the blue finger issue. They also do “special order” sizing that is the same cost as their standard .355 sizes. Give them a try....I just bought 7800 more on sale for Black Friday at 15% off.
  10. With my experience with a Glock 35, I would say you would be around 4.6-4.8grs at an aol of 1.135-1.145 to attain a power factor of 167-172. This is with SPORT PISTOL. (Disclaimer- your barrel may be a little faster or slower than this) I have not used AA2 or Zip so no experience to share with them.
  11. Pc70, I was using a hitek Coated 180gr bullet but recently switched my .40 bullets to Blue Bullets. The 180gr Blue Bullet bullet profile loads better for my g35. I can push it out a little farther oal wise. I use blue bullets exclusively for 9mm for the last 3-5k and they worked good so I ordered 850 or so to try in 40. Their coating is just awesome. It is hard and soft at the same time if that makes sense. Very low smoke with sport pistol too.
  12. I shoot a Glock 35 and my major load was 1.130 oal with 4.3gr of titegroup for a pf of 169-171. I have since moved to Alliant sport pistol. It burns like n320 but is much cheaper. I use 4.4-4.5gr for a pf of 168-170.
  13. Eman

    Lawn Issues

    Just ran across this. I am laying in bed laughing out of control. This needs to go back to the top.
  14. I have both bayou and blue bullet 200grers on hand. I am using the factory barrel as well.
  15. Thanks Novashooter! Do you have any load data for titegroup?
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