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  1. That does seem short, I would wait to see what Shay says before loading them that short. My 9maj gun would go around 1.175. I loaded them at 1.165. Just FYI, Shay does not like auto comp for a open powder. My guns came with 8 lb cut spring, to get to right length, use the spring plug and push the spring down until till it stops, remove 1/2 coil or so at a time. Make sure the plug just touches the slide stop and does not stop on the coils of the spring.
  2. Yes it was a tension issue. It was actually just a little to tight which was causing the tooth to drag on the new round, it was just enough to slow diwn the slide, which caused the pictured issue. Or a failure to go into battery. Returned the extractor, and haven't had that issue again.
  3. I agree with GrumpyOne on this, the first thing I would check is the extractor and make sure it is good. My gun did something very close to this and was very random and it was the extractor causing the issue.
  4. I have a rotation of match mags so I change Springs usually once a season. I have 4-170s and 8-140s that I run for matches in a 3 mag configuration. 1 big 2 small. So they dont see as much work as the guys that runs mainly the same mags every stage. I have not had any issues changing them out once a season. I run STI Gen2 Mags, with TTI Guts.
  5. I would not stand there as an RO because it doesn't look safe. I may have missed it if someone else mentioned it, but what got my eye was his clothing. He is wearing a white jersey with tan pants, stand with his legs together and some could see that as a target array just like the one they are shooting at, and we all know people do some strange things when the buzzer goes off. If someone broke the 180 and they yell STOP it would prob be after the first round fired, and if they thought it was a target array it would be bad for him. So like others said he seems to have a false sense of security
  6. I recently shot a 100% on this for Open with a HF of about 1 point higher then the current HHF. I left and entered on the partiald. It seemed to me the way I shot it to waste more time shooting the partial first, or waiting to shoot the partial last. Wish i had a video of it now.
  7. You can, but I would not recommend it. I sm sure you have seen the photos o people trying reset high priners. If you have a loaded round and try putting back into the seat or crimp slot and some t hing does happen that would not be good. I would just shoot this in the gun they were loaded for, and make some new rounds for the new gun.
  8. In 1911 9mm I have only every had good luck with the Tripp mags, in 40 and 45 several mags work but for 9mm I just stick with the Tripps.
  9. Personal experience, Major PF wins. I shot a match where the Chrono was running slow shot minor PF buy .1(164.9) but minor none the less. I had just checked the PF the week before at 171 (several friends went way low but had inital PFs higher at around 175 so they made major). Anyway, I was about 20 second slower than 1st and 2nd but had way less penalties and 50-60 more alphas. Because of the point loss of minor charlies, I finished 3rd. If I had chronoed major, I would have won 1st with no other changes.
  10. Go 38$C for practice you can also use 38TJ and 38RL (I think that is armscor 38$C or RL=rimless) they all run flawless in my gun. My only issue is we have one guy at the local club that runs 38$ and every now and then I miss one while reloading and jams up my press.
  11. Nothing wrong with nickel brass. I used it all the time when I was shooting 9Maj. HS6, WAC, CFE pistol, 3n37, n350. Not sure you get enough 3n38 in that case, it will depend on the gun AA7, Shooters world Major pistol. All of those powders will work for 9maj with 124s. some might be limited if you use 115s. Most load the OAL to somewhere close to 1.165-1.170 to lower the pressure. But other comments are correct in start low and only load 10-15 or so to chrono etc at different powder weights and wait for the gun to arrive. As f
  12. If because of the current situation, you cant find alcohol, got to auto parts store and grab the red bottle heat, works great as well to mix.
  13. I have shot Atlas and Limcat. For me the Limcat was just smoother and felt better. The fit of the limcat seemed to be better as well. I can't say about the finish as I didn't own either of them. I personally shoot Akai guns.
  14. Maybe I missed this as well, but I reviewed the several pages and never saw if the OP ever answered the question of if the shooter was at the are you ready or the standby. To me that would make the difference of if it was a false start or unsafe
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