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  1. TRPOperator

    Mark7 Evolution

    After adjusting the slider I loaded a couple hundred rounds and have zero issues with the primer slide bar sticking and only got one primer that was sideways. I will fine tune a bit more and see if I can eliminate that completely. Should have my parts next week to get going with the auto drive I hope.
  2. TRPOperator

    Mark7 Evolution

    I checked the rocker it was tight but had free movement, but the little adjustment ramp that the primer bar sits on way not as tight..backed it down a hair and tighten it up and zero problem in the rounds I ran...thanks for the help!!
  3. TRPOperator

    Mark7 Evolution

    I will check that tonight. thanks!!
  4. TRPOperator

    Mark7 Evolution

    I did adjust the rod to get a little deaper primer seat and that worked great. Mine hangs up when the new primer has been picked up and is in the slider moving toward. It sticks before the pin can line it up I push slightly forward and it lines up and works. So I am not sure if it's the bolt spring mechanism or why it sticks prior to being close enough that the pin will line it up
  5. TRPOperator

    Mark7 Evolution

    was the primer bar not going all the way forward to be able to seat the primer and hanging up the machine? If so what did they tell you? I have that problem ever now and then, but dont want to call as I already have a big enough headache. Mine as been not good at all as well...we will see if it improves, really like the design but at this point I am pretty discussed with the whole thing.
  6. TRPOperator

    Mark7 Evolution

    I am not one to bash a company, so I wont go into detail. But, I have spoke to them several times and sent several emails between myself and one CS rep. until I posted in the other thread the last contact from them was 2 weeks ago tomorrow. Then it took them like 5 min to respond to the thread and send and email to me. I know with all the holidays and shot show coming up things are busy, and I have been patient, but I am now at 7+ weeks with no end in sight of when the auto drive will actually work. So I just wanted to see if anyone else has had issues with the machine itself, CS or other problems. I will say, as I have told them in emails, I really hope they get is resolved because I think the machine is indeed a superior design to the other re-loaders in that class.
  7. TRPOperator

    Mark 7 Presses worth the money?

    I asked in another thread if anyone had problems with the Evo Pro. Are they a better design in my opinion yes. However there were missing parts and parts that didn't and still do not work. Cant get CS to return emails or anything. I wont go into bashing here. But lets just say I have had my Evo Pro since Mid Nov. and the auto-drive has yet to make a round. Worth the money design wise yes, CS and warranty wise, TBD, at this point no.
  8. TRPOperator

    Mark7 Evolution

    Has anyone had issues with CS or their Evo Pro not shipping with all the parts or not working when they received? If so how long did it take for them to get you fixed up right?
  9. TRPOperator

    Atlas or Akai

    Between the 2, I would def go Akai. I have shot several brands and I like Akai.
  10. TRPOperator

    STI mags

    If you need to tune them ATLAS has a video out on it. I run all gen2 have 3 170s and 3 140 match mags. Have some others for practice/dry fire etc. I run TTI guys and base pads and they work great. If you tune them to ATLAS specs, even the first Gen2 mags run for me anyway
  11. TRPOperator

    Venom Customs!?

    I am running between 9.2-9.4 grn of aa7 in gun and get about the same 1400 at 9.4 grn, could be a fast barrel or the lot of powder, who knows. But so far I like AA7 and 3n37 the best. My gun is not a Venom Custom though but the powder charge is about the same
  12. TRPOperator

    Akai 9mm Major

    I have shot a middy and middy from other builders, but have shot the shortend middy that see have discussed. I just like a heavier gun and always had full length guns. At my skill level, not sure that would change much, lots of practice I am sure will..lol And of course being tuned right would have a big impact on feel etc and I don't know what loads were in the above guns.
  13. TRPOperator

    170mm Mag. tuning.

    I run the ultra thin. I just trim enough of the slide stop notch off so it doesn't drag.
  14. TRPOperator

    170mm Mag. tuning.

    ATLAS Gunworks has some videos out on STI Gen2 tubes and how to tune them. I have 2 more tubes on the way that will have to be tuned. I currently have 2-170s and 6 140s all tuned to the ATLAS dimensions with TTI springs and followers and they all run great.
  15. TRPOperator

    Akai 9mm Major

    I might at some point, but I have about 12k 124s to load already so pretty set for now using those right now.