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  1. I use Taran Tactical springs and followers. I got one more round in my mags over the Grams.
  2. Thanks, I do have a 223 setup so the shell plate wont be an issue. I was more talking about which sizing die seat die etc do people prefer. what load are you running? Thanks
  3. I am working on loading 38 SC what dies does everyone use in their setup?
  4. I am on my 4th Akai gun, and have nothing but positive interactions with them..the stroked gun gives you more tunning options.
  5. I run TTI everything is all my mags. It could be a follower drag issue. Check the follower and if it is the super thin follower, check to see that the small point that is for the slide catch is not dragging. To make sure I dont have that issue, I shave mine down. I have ever only had 1 mag that did the same. With about 8 rounds left in the mag it would drag. I shaved the small tab off and have never had another issue.
  6. I have a full size 5" non sleeved gun, no Ti comp, just basic gun that I started with in open. I run AA7 as I did not like the wiggle that MP caused the dot to do. I had slightly less movement then AA7, but AA7 tracked straight up and down. I know have a tungsten sleeve shorty 38SC with a Ti comp and a 9mm barrel with what I think is a non-tungsten sleeve steel comp, both work in the gun, but the SC is just that much flatter, softer, and smoother. I am not sure how to explain it, but it just feels and shoots better for me. I like both guns, but my full size will be headed back for a retro fit to match the shorty. I would definitely love some time behind a sleeved 9mm middy, but man the Shorty is light and fast and transitions so nicely. Its just a sweet gun. The other issue that I have seen is several of my friends who shoot 9maj have all had issues, with multiple guns. I know some say they ran out of the box, some not. Mine did after about 500 rounds. Either way is seems (no data) that most of the issues and the ones I have seen have been 9maj. I am guessing it has to do with pressure etc. But that is just my experience. Sorry falconpilot for hijacking your thread
  7. Yeah, I started out 9maj, did load with a lot of those, WAC, HS-6, 3n37, Shooters World Major Pistol, AA7. The gun has close to 40k rounds. Once the mags and everything were tuned up, is has been 100% with only a extractor change at around 30k. But the feel of the 38 SC, was just so much better in my opinion. The 9mm will close but just not the same to me.
  8. I was able to get a few hundred rounds behind my gun. I have both the tungsten sleeved 38 SC, and a regular sleeved 9mm barrel, for same gun. I know the caliber difference will also not be exact, but I agree with kujo929 That is a good way to explain it. The tungsten and to comp balance the gun help minimize the muzzle rise. I am sure metal grips, aluminum buffs all play there part, but my next purchase will sleeved. I think it makes enough noticable difference. I will tell you I have a 9mm, and the new one is 38 SC, I will buy brass, yes it's more expensive, but to me no comparison in feel or just overall performance, 38 SC hands down.
  9. It may or may not be worth it, but between my full length stroked non-sleeved and my shorty sleeved stroked gun there is definitely a cycle rate (i know that is weight adn slide length) but there is also balance and other differences. I have destroked both guns, but no a complete destroke. I use 3 aluminum shock buffs, I think 4 is a return standard and 5 starts to short stroke the gun. To me they really help control and settle the dot. It is not cheap to get the sleeve on the gun, and its true other guns, including my own run fine and work fine without it. I like the tunablibity of the Akai and they work for me. I like the feel and weight distribution. We are already running race guns that a mag set cost as much a glock, brass as much as bulk loaded ammo for some calibers, so why not, I look at it as, if you want get it. It's really no different the spending 10K on a SV. I know I might some die hard SV fans out there mad, I have shot several open guns including SV's not dogging them at all they are super nice, but I cant see the extra 3K, but some do, but again Akai guns work for me. As mentioned above it rally comes down to preference.
  10. I have 2 open guns, 1. Is a full length non sleeved, stroked 9mm gun. 2. Is a stroked tungsten sleeved shorty (shorter than middy) timing and pulse wise def worth a middy or shorty. So far I like the sleeved gun weight and balance wise. I just haven't really shot it enough to give definitey answer on the tungsten. All the people that I know that have the sleeve swear by it. I just got the gun a couple weeks back, so need more time on it.
  11. They work great with the akai magwell, even the 7mm pads will work fine.
  12. I use the one made by Akai Custom Guns for the 510C on both my guns. It works well and has blast shield. I use their double sided mount.
  13. I would def try recoil spring before anything else as its a very cheap part. I sounds like the new grip and weight of the gun has changed the impulse of the recoil. If the gun is not coming back to zero, a heavier spring might help drive the muzzle back down more. Maybe try cutting down a 9lbs spring and see what happens. Also this as you know more gas etc can def change the dot return location. I have tried Shooters World Major Pistol, def one of my top 3.
  14. STI Gen2 bodies with TTI guts and basepads
  15. I change the recoil and FP springs every 5K. I run a light spring in an open gun. I change the Main every 10K. Does it require that, probably not, but springs are cheap. waiting to long can cause the cyclic speed to change and cause bigger problems like cracked slides etc. As for Magazines I change them out every season, for same reason as above, don't want to them to fail in a match. I check the feed lips twice a year and touch them up (if needed). Only check them more often if I shoot a lot of indoor matches or dropping them a lot on gravel bays etc during the season. I keep spare pre-cut and tuned springs for recoil, FP and main, and a spare 140 and 170 mag spring in my bag
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