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  1. Enough 3n38 in a 9 case will be tough poppels or not but I like guns tat them more..I have an akai V6
  2. Mine was right around the same as furrly 7-8 months, but I think his time has increased some.
  3. I run AKAI guns. There are several builders out there. Everyone is going to have an opinion based on things they have heard or personal experience with a builder. AKAI has been awesome to work with and quick to respond. I have shot several custom built guns by other builders, none were bad, but the AKAI to me was the best. So I ordered one...or two..or..lol!!
  4. They are great guns. I am always of the opinion of do not fix it, if it's not broke. If it shoots well for you, then keeping shooting it and enjoy it.
  5. I run all STI gen2 mags 4 170s and 6 140s...bought the tubes set them to the correct specs for the side dimensions and feed lips. Use TTI guts and basepads with zero issues.
  6. It's good they worked with you, that hasn't always been the case. I have had issues and they have fixed them, but it normally takes time. Been waiting on the latest return communication for over 2 weeks. Mine has been down as the primer feed bar is stuck and will not return and pick up a new primer.
  7. I agree with the delays, been waiting on a response for over 2 weeks. It's ridiculous, I am tempted to sale it and buy a 1050/1100 now I guess.
  8. I have 3-170s and 3-140s for matches. 2-140s I use for mandatory reload etc. And 1-170 and 2-140s for dry fire and practice.
  9. Mine is just under 2lbs, but that is how it came from the build
  10. The brass is the same just heavier, would prob be nice for a plastic grip to add weight. I have the steel one on my PT Grip now. It does work well. I have 2 practice mags that I use just for reload practice. I have been randomly checking the feed lips and no change. I am sure over time it will, but I dry fire 3-4 times a week and have not seen anything since I put the mag well on. That was about 2 months ago. It may require some minor fitting on a PT grip, but its very minor and a small file and about an hour and it will fit great. It works, but when you use metal vs metal if the mag is way crooked it can still get hung. For me not near as bad. I have done it slowly on purpose and maybe once or twice during dry fire when I really push the speed of the reload, but for matches and in general it has indeed eliminated out of line reloads for me.
  11. After adjusting the slider I loaded a couple hundred rounds and have zero issues with the primer slide bar sticking and only got one primer that was sideways. I will fine tune a bit more and see if I can eliminate that completely. Should have my parts next week to get going with the auto drive I hope.
  12. I checked the rocker it was tight but had free movement, but the little adjustment ramp that the primer bar sits on way not as tight..backed it down a hair and tighten it up and zero problem in the rounds I ran...thanks for the help!!
  13. I will check that tonight. thanks!!
  14. I did adjust the rod to get a little deaper primer seat and that worked great. Mine hangs up when the new primer has been picked up and is in the slider moving toward. It sticks before the pin can line it up I push slightly forward and it lines up and works. So I am not sure if it's the bolt spring mechanism or why it sticks prior to being close enough that the pin will line it up
  15. was the primer bar not going all the way forward to be able to seat the primer and hanging up the machine? If so what did they tell you? I have that problem ever now and then, but dont want to call as I already have a big enough headache. Mine as been not good at all as well...we will see if it improves, really like the design but at this point I am pretty discussed with the whole thing.
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