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  1. I felt kinda bad, he traveled pretty far for this classifier match. He had seen me zero a classifier (dumped 5 rounds in a no shoot after a malfunction during Can you Count) we all had a good laugh about it and I got made fun of for about a week. He called me about the DQ right after it happened and I though he was joking... I had never heard of someone getting booted for zeroing a classifier. thought it was strange so I figured I would ask. Looks like I wasn't alone in thinking it was strange. I guess some people just never got a hug in life..
  2. Hey shooting world. This didn't happen to me but I heard about a DQ during a classifier match. The story goes like this. Person is pushing to class up during an all classifier match. Having a good run of it. Having a decent stage accidentally clips a no shoot. Knowing it could mess up his overall classification he throws 2 more in the no shoot also taking 2 additional shots on a VA count stage. Making it a zero score. R.O. immediately DQ'd him for Unsportsmanlike... Thoughts? Mine in the guy is just being a jerk.... Considering the same R.O. was coaching others through the classifier.
  3. Ran my 35 for the first time this weekend, I really enjoyed it
  4. Why put chrome wheels on a 1984 Toyota corolla.
  5. Im just finishing one, ive done some testing with it.. I really like it so far, extremely accurate and shoots soft. I added the SJC frame weight and the SJC heavy brass magwell. Then a full length uncaptured guide rod, dawson sights and trigger goodies. The trigger is sitting around 2.75 lbs. Seems to only like federal primers. But it shoots fast and accurate with no hiccups. Its kinda a heavy pig tho… loaded with 20 rounds and the tti basepad its sitting at 57.7 oz.. lol
  6. Thanks bud, probably going to leave it at 4.7 just to be safe. I see you are from Fairfax... I grew up on route 1 in alexandria
  7. I have a rock crusher single stage as well.. I have a LFCD set up in there, with the top taken off. Anything that doesn't pass case gauge gets pushed trough the LFCD. No welding up of anything. I took a 40 case and then set a deprimed 9mm case inside of the 40 case. This gives you the ability to push a bulged loaded round through the LFCD with nothing touching the primer. works like a charm every time
  8. I like the zip tie idea, I carry a rod with me when I RO, If I were to trip for some reason I would rather have a zip tie in my pocket than a pencil or a squib rod. I keep them in my car anyways. Thanks for the tip!
  9. I have been using 4.7 @ 1.185 topped with a 180 and absolutely love that load for SSTK. Going to start using a Glock 35 in Limited and would like to use WST there as well. So anyone have experience with this? I am going to try 4.4 @ 1.125 with a 180. Maybe it will still make major? I did a quick search and didn't find it, sorry if its a double post.
  10. This year I have switched to production and been shooting my 5906, I've exclusively shot sstk for the last 2 years. I gotta say.. I switched back for one match and shot great. I don't know why I switched. I should just keep shooting the stack
  11. Yeah , I have a rock crusher single stage. So it just stays set up
  12. Indo White Kratom from club 13
  13. To get rid of the bulge I take the guts out of a Lee Factory Crimp Die then press any failed rounds through the crimp die. This will smooth those babies right out. I push through with a 40 case with an upside down 9mm de primed case in the 40 case. works like a charm
  14. Started using Kratom and it has pretty much removed all pain... No more Ibprof for me
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