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  1. This year I have switched to production and been shooting my 5906, I've exclusively shot sstk for the last 2 years. I gotta say.. I switched back for one match and shot great. I don't know why I switched. I should just keep shooting the stack
  2. Yeah , I have a rock crusher single stage. So it just stays set up
  3. To get rid of the bulge I take the guts out of a Lee Factory Crimp Die then press any failed rounds through the crimp die. This will smooth those babies right out. I push through with a 40 case with an upside down 9mm de primed case in the 40 case. works like a charm
  4. Started using Kratom and it has pretty much removed all pain... No more Ibprof for me
  5. Cody Axon and his Co-Host... lol... Love these guys. The co-host is nothing short of a legend around here. #GMJP... These guys are not only awesome to listen to but awesome to shoot with. Both great people...
  6. I'm a SSTK lover... I started my USPSA out with a .45 made a ton of mistakes and ended up with a couple of .40's and a 9mm. I'm going back to .45... my advice for 45 Dawson ICE Wilson ETM mags run a 230grain round nose... they feed beautifully stick with the same load... I personally love Vit Tim Herron is the expert here... and is typically always willing to chat about it. I screwed around with 40 for a while and had tons of mag issues.. If I only shot 3 rounds or so the mag would stick. Never had this issue with 45. just my 2 cents.
  7. I prefer WST to TG, in my opinion it has a little less snap than TG and seems a little cleaner, I also run a 14 recoil and a 18 main.
  8. I was using 5w30 mobile one for a long time... But... I have become quite the lucas extreme fan...
  9. Find a decent sti Trojan used of a Dan Wesson . They run great... Don't cheap out.
  10. I'm running a 14 recoil and 18 main combo.. I tend to like it. Whatever you do just pick one and stick with it
  11. Just buy a used STI, they are plentiful and not too expensive. OR.... Shoot sstk for a year so you really appreciate a limited blaster. lol... Seriously, new guns break... used guns break... we beat the living hell out of them. It will break... save your money...
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