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  1. I have a Gen 3 35 TTI trigger kit SJC brass magwell SJC frame weight Dawson fully adjustable sights Tungsten uncaptured GR with 14lb spring KKM barrel SJC Extended mag release Love this blaster runs like a sewing machine
  2. Yeah, this thought has been bouncing around my brain...
  3. That was my first thought, tried without the block. Same.. Tried a 12 and a 14 lb recoil spring, same.. My standard KKM barrel load is too long and wont chamber, so I went through and made some shorter, now they are getting bound up hitting the top of the chamber from the inside so they need to be a little longer.. Just wanted to see what length every one else running this set up is using.
  4. I probably didn't need to buy a new barrel. I bought an old LE trade in blaster. I just wanted to make sure that everything was new. The cost of the gun was so low that I wasn't bothered by the piece of mind with having a new barrel. That being said, I have tried both and my KKM is more accurate but is also brand new VS 15 years old beat up LE gun. Not in my opinion by an amount that would make a huge difference in the USPSA game. Like I said it was just for a piece of mind part for me. If building a budget blaster and your bullets are not keyholing just send
  5. I had a local guy make mine... Ask around a few gun shops to see if someone makes them. That way they can just make it for your gun exactly. That is what I did and had it in a week and was great quality.
  6. Yup just bought a RTF 2 G22 for $249 about a month ago. I would say since no shipping or FFL sell for $300
  7. Good morning, I converted a G22 to a glock 35 threaded barrel then put a sight block on it. This thing just chokes on ammo. the same load for my 35 with a kkm runs great. anyone with this barrel ? what Overall length do you use? I like the gun but damn it chokes on ammo
  8. I've decided to run limited all year. Last year I built a gen 3 G35 with all new stuff. I have really enjoyed shooting this gun. For a backup (or primary) ive decided to cheap out and do something a little different. Took a Gen 3 22 RTF2 and did the 35 threaded barrel with the sight block treatment since I didnt want to spring for a 24.. anyone have any experience with the sight block? Good, Bad or indifferent? The build is done have not gone to sight it in as of yet. Running 180 DG with 4.6 of WST @ 1.125
  9. Im having a weird issue with my SFX. my mags are sticking in the gun. Wonder if anyone else has the issue and what they did to fix it. I am using the TF extendos and factory mags
  10. I felt kinda bad, he traveled pretty far for this classifier match. He had seen me zero a classifier (dumped 5 rounds in a no shoot after a malfunction during Can you Count) we all had a good laugh about it and I got made fun of for about a week. He called me about the DQ right after it happened and I though he was joking... I had never heard of someone getting booted for zeroing a classifier. thought it was strange so I figured I would ask. Looks like I wasn't alone in thinking it was strange. I guess some people just never got a hug in life..
  11. Hey shooting world. This didn't happen to me but I heard about a DQ during a classifier match. The story goes like this. Person is pushing to class up during an all classifier match. Having a good run of it. Having a decent stage accidentally clips a no shoot. Knowing it could mess up his overall classification he throws 2 more in the no shoot also taking 2 additional shots on a VA count stage. Making it a zero score. R.O. immediately DQ'd him for Unsportsmanlike... Thoughts? Mine in the guy is just being a jerk.... Considering the same R.O. was coaching others through th
  12. Ran my 35 for the first time this weekend, I really enjoyed it
  13. Why put chrome wheels on a 1984 Toyota corolla.
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