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  1. The fastest I can reach is about 0.10 / 0.11 and changing the disconnector helped (Shadow2). Lately I've had many more trigger freezes than ever before. I believe the tension is too high (in the strong hand) since I'm using the pin & reset method.
  2. Paying 3-4 times as much would be the most stupid idea I could have, as I explained before. Reloading is a must at the moment. And I've heard of probably 0 out of 1000 shooters using factory ammo here in Italy, in IPSC. Even if I had a lot of money, there would still be few options for factory ammo here.
  3. So, how does it work? To me, it was simple. I'm even doing more than I was requested to. I was asked to shoot a match only, the entire year, and have a good result. Meanwhile I'm trying to help anyway, even if I don't have to. I'm slowly trying to develop a network for that exact reason @rowdyb. So, do most top shooters earn money by teaching people only? It seems like that's the only way to have some income.
  4. I'm reloading already, and I think this post isn't helping (me). Maybe others. But I understand what you're saying.
  5. Actually, of course there's always a win-win. I'm not signing a contract here. When I go to matches, people ask me about what I'm using, especially new stuff. That's good enough for the one sponsoring me, to earn back what he invested. That's obvious, at least to me. I'm pretty sure nobody would be wasting money in exchange of nothing.
  6. I think money is not keeping me from improving, I'm fact, I think I'm improving faster than most people around. I like to analyze other than just shooting. What I know is, I'm spending a lot of money and it's a big sacrifice at the moment. Hard to sustain forever, especially if I want to shoot more. Sacrificing time won't be the biggest issue. I'm shooting a CZ Shadow2
  7. It depends on what I can get. At the moment, the biggest expenses are : matches, cartriges (reloads), and the cost to move around+ the range. I'd say most of the money I use, is to reload (and I pay about 1/3 of common ammo). I was contacted to join a team, I didn't pay the shirt and I received some equipment to use in matches (it's good to use, so it's ok to me). I have a discount for a lot of spare parts. Maybe we will receive powder as sponsor, but it's not that much money (but it's still all good). I am trying to understand if there is a way to get something out of it. I'm still building up experience. But I've heard that there might be people wanting to sponsor people around, it's not only "you have to be the best and you will be contacted". Having to put less money to play this game would be what I think I need, at the moment I have to sacrifice a lot, to keep moving ahead.
  8. Hi. Anybody here except for the champions has already found a way to look for sponsors, as a shooter or team? In case you know how it works, could you give some details about : what to expect, what to ask, what to give (results, exposure, advertising, etc...) ? I'm starting to think a sponsor would help, but I know 0 about it.
  9. At the moment, I think I can gain much more from having faster splits (at any distance, so a good combination of gun + cartridge becomes important) than by moving faster.
  10. Explain. Or read again what I have written, if you have questions I can explain
  11. I think a good way to practice being faster, would be, AT FIRST, just shoot anywhere. Draw and shoot (in a safe zone), without aiming at anything. That way, you will focus 100% on speed. The second step would be pre-cocking (right term? --- pulling the trigger to remove the pretravel) the hammer while you draw (while aiming the gun in a safe zone). The third step is actually aiming at something, doing all the previous steps. A 1 second draw should be doable (at 10 yards) without any specific technique.
  12. Any of you are having big differences in shooting when standing high or staying low? Like 2-3 inches upper (if standing high) at 25 yards? I got to remind to myself to stay low or I will shoot that plate at 25+ yards always too high.
  13. Maybe it's both. Mag with issues + lower OAL = tons of feed issues.
  14. Hasn't it ever caused issues? What about pressure in the chamber? Any data for precision?
  15. I've been told that anything below 29,2mm OAL can cause double feed issues. (about 1.150"). The shorter the bullet, the higher the possibilities it can cause feed issues. Like said above, that's awfully short.
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