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  1. Too much flare leading to swaging the bullet is caused by using the Lee Roll crimp die (seater + crimp in 1 stage), right? To avoid that at the moment, I must set up the the die so there's less flare. I am considering a new press so I can use Seater + Taper in different stages. Would the Lee expander die be good enough? I got a Lyman expander (not the M die I guess, I didn't buy it, I got it from spare parts) but it doesn't seem to push farther
  2. Actually the one who told me is not even selling anything, he's a mechanic and told me it's clearly obvious that pressures will be higher (as much as accuracy). My question at this point is "how much"? He of course think it's much more (maybe 20% more? I don't know) My easiest way is not to tell him I'm going to try 500 .357. He told me I shouldn't even use 100.
  3. @YonderingI've just ordered some .357 (500) and will try them. No issues asking them, I've been asked why but nothing more. And after I talked to another manifacturer, a big discussion about larger diameters started. Since things here move pretty fast due to social media, I guess, if it does give benefit, it will become more used in few months already. BTW: I've been told again that shooting 357 with a good alloy is bad for the gun, since it will make the gun break much faster. No need to shoot 357 when the lead alloy is hard enough. I don't know how much pressure can become an issue at that point.
  4. If you mean the math, yes I do and it does help, especially if there are differences like HF 4 or HF 8, totally two different ways of shooting it. HF 4 > More accurate (4 points per second), take more time to aim HF 8 > Less accurate, take more risks in terms of splits, shooting while moving, and similar stuff. This would work even better in Major Champions do that math
  5. I'd like to know that I'm talking about stock 2 only, not other Tanfoglio's. It may be a big difference
  6. One has a cone-fit barrel, the other one has nothing. So I would believe the difference. Rests apart, I've never heard the opposite. I've hear more than once that more accuracy was achieved with Tanfoglio Stock 2, so I'm curious. With shadow2 I've read that it's more about luck with the bushing.
  7. Is a Tanfoglio stock2 more accurate than a Shadow2? Let's suppose you have all the support, what would you pick? I've heard more than once that the accuracy difference is noticeable.
  8. Any reason why you would buy it over a Shadow2 or Stock 2 for IPSC?
  9. I didn't notice any improvement compared to my Shadow2, but I tried it with factory rounds, and it may be a huge difference (it was for me). I normally shoot 130/135 PF rounds (124 grains)
  10. A miss can equal to 2 more seconds (given a Hit Factor of 7.5) approximately. View it like 15 match points lost in the worst case. It might be about 2% of the overall score. It won't lose you a match
  11. Anybody who says practice is better than parts, is lying. There are a lot of bad examples too. It's so easy to buy some parts (under 200$ in most guns) to achieve great results and save thousands of dollars in practice. I've seen that too many times. Shooting 20'000 rounds just to master a stock glock trigger won't make anyone a great shooter, just one who shot 20'000 rounds to master THAT trigger.
  12. I won't name a top female shooter which is probably one of the best in open/production but she definitely has more muscles than me or some other shooters I know, of course that will help. And she had really low splits, I can tell it does help. Of course it's not all about splits, but it might be the low hanging fruit for some shooters. I've seen improvements in splits by squeezing the gun hard but that leads to more trigger freezes sometimes. It doesn't affect my accuracy that much as far as I can tell
  13. Another shooter which tests gun for military purposes and similar stuff told me the same, recoil will affect point of impact BEFORE the bullet leaves the barrel. I'll have to try it again soon
  14. So don't expect to buy a Glock17 and use it like Bob Vogel
  15. Actually this is the first time I hear/read about a glock being as good as a Cz or Tanfoglio except from novices, which likes to say "it's the shooter, not the gun", when in reality top shooters clearly say that the gun they're using affects their score, especially if that's a bad gun. Don't count Vogel or Grauffel, they shoot so much and have an advantage over most shooters, and some differences are bigger for some, and more little for others. I've always seen a difference in score whenever a worse gun was used. Of course the difference will be much less in USPSA where targets are easier to shoot and at shorter distances than IPSC but there will be a difference anyway BTW a shooter which had more than 90% in the last world shoot (IPSC) lost a lot by using a gun like Glock 17 in last championship. Maybe it depends on the kind of matches and difficulty.
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