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  1. Anybody else? Or is there any better way I can find out?
  2. One hole groups? What if that never happens?
  3. I agree. Too many shooters taking twice as much and literally whining about the importance of time (go play IDPA then). Not all of them but this is common
  4. From that, I'd understand that any disconnector would be allowed
  5. Yes, and there is no downside to this, literally. Many shooters fail to do it, they just limit themselves. As many walk-ins as possible, and you can mimic it behind the stage before starting.
  6. I think there's no need to see the sights under 5 yards and you can throw off fast splits (0.10-0.15) with some training. 100ms is not much time considered that it's the time between the 2 shots, not the time you used to think "now i'm going to shoot again".
  7. Probably at 7+ yards (of course it can't be the same for everybody). You can also give a look at best open shooters to see how it would be impossible to track dot movement, you just know you can double tap under X distance.
  8. I've never liked the "keep doing alpha's and you'll eventually gain speed". I can't see how that would be working. Especially for very fast moves.
  9. I used my shadow 2 and shadow1 both at the same time and I noticed the result couldn't be comparable at all. I even paid more attention when using the sp01
  10. I found out the same about mine. I bought it used, now I'm starting to think the seller found out that. How do I check for any issue? Can 10X Bushing solve it?
  11. How come some shadow2 seem to have a different pull with the exact same springs? Is there any secret? What pull do you have with 10 Lb main spring?
  12. It doesn't mean anything. You can't take most GM's with thousands of rounds shot. It's just not a good example. Take a new/average shooter, give him a glock or a shadow2 and see the difference in no time. There are few exceptions, and of course the typical GM which shoots over 40k rounds a year is not a good example. Of course some shoot less, and of course it won't matter as much after a certain level of skill.
  13. I don't agree and I'll explain why. Maybe it will look clear at the end (please, take some time to answer, don't just reply to offend my uncommon opinion) Let's take out of the equation some very expensive parts, and let's take into consideration gun parts which may cost from 5 to 200$ A very easy to understand example for what I know : Cz Shadow2, ipsc production rules. Stock shadow2 vs main spring 11LB. In the first case, to do what you can do with the 11Lb spring, you will need so much practice that it could literally be a "waste" of money and time. Let's say it's 20$ in the worst case. You spent it once, and here you go. 100% sure it will take less time to press the trigger, OR it will mean less mistakes done due to pressing it. Have you ever considered how much points you might lose (or not gain) due to using a bad gun? Yes, everybody can have good results with a bad/average gun, with a lot of practice. Is it smart? I can bet it's not. It's the same example you can use for training courses or practice. Another part is : HOW MUCH will that part change your results? To me, for example, the RIGHT recoil spring will give HUGE results compared to the effort, while practicing with a BAD SPRING and trying to have the same results will take MUCH MORE EFFORT. After some time, there will be a stable point, so, trying new parts will probably give 0 to little improvements. The key measurement is improvement/cost. If you are decent at analysis, you will probably find out what is more cost effective. Another simple example for what I know : 1500$ to spend: Glock 17 Cz Shadow2 Let's say it's 500$ for the Glock and 1000$ for the Shadow2. Saying you have 500$ left to spend on practice is a really bad idea to me. It won't ever be enough to cover the disadvantages of using a Glock. Maybe you will have to shoot 30'000 rounds to be somewhere near the same level of a 1000-rounds shadow2.
  14. You're not going to track sights with a 0.10-0.15 split at few yards. What do you expect to see? It's not that grandmasters become supermen and they can see faster.
  15. 18. Aftermarket parts, components and accessories are prohibited, except as follows: 18.4 Aftermarket springs and trigger assemblies are permitted. What does that mean? Which parts can be changed? Sear, sear spring, disconnector, etc...? How to be 100% sure of what can be changed and what not in this case?
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