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  1. I think you wrote a more specific thing about Ron Avery and I couldn't find results. It was still about the C-clamp technique. I don't know what you're aiming at, and how much time you got, but since I can't magically solve the groups issue, I work on anything else. For some reasons, pro shooters which can shoot these kind of groups, are either champions (GM or above, at least), or below B level. I'm looking for room to improve in any way. Resources are limited.
  2. Can you link some? Last time I tried searching his name, I didn't find anything. I'll try this C-clam grip, I hope it works as expected. In the video I watched it didn't seem to be really clear
  3. At which distances? The difference seems to be very little, compared to other techniques like the one used by Vogel
  4. What I said is one of the most used techniques by good shooters. Maybe not needed for a speed draw because the distance is too lo. No way to be disqualified if you're pressing when the gun is pointing at the targets. Pick the words that are better for you to understand, I'm sorry that there are so many rude people in this forum.
  5. Since you're adding no value with your post, I guess that's a good idea
  6. Tell me how you can shoot yourself if you're pointing at the berm already
  7. That's exactly what I'm talking about. Thanks for the great example. I guess 1000$ wouldn't have been enough to get those DA shoots to be Alpha 99% of the times (given a certain time constraint)
  8. Guess what, most top shooters tune their weapons to have the best possible. There are few exceptions. Only few won't tell you. It wouldn't be smart to have a bad gun and working on practice (wasting time, literally, while you could work on something else, except if you have 8 free hours a day)
  9. Of course it's both, but there are parts like -> short reset disconnector, or reduced trigger spring, which could take 5000 - 30'000 rounds just to achieve the same results.
  10. This doesn't mean much, it's like saying Grauffel can beat a novice by using a glock Anybody is free to use (or waste) his time/money Except for beginners, I don't understand why you'd prefer to spend 1000$ for practice over a 50$ part, for example.
  11. I'll try it (the C-Clamp technique), but something makes me thing that this WON'T be the techinque to double tap and have 2 A's with 0.10 splits. It seems like a typical grip anybody could suggest, with a slightly different angle.
  12. Any video that explains C-clamp grip techniques? Is that from Kim?
  13. That's why I started this thread. I needed to know what part of rules are exactly letting me do that
  14. xdf3

    Shadow 2

    Just to add more data. Mine lasted about 30'000 rounds. No, wait. I decided to change it, it was still working. Minor load (130-135 PF), 10Lb spring
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