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  1. I haven’t tried the Berry’s but shot a bunch of Everglades 124 plated with 4.3g of w244. Chronoed at 1050fps from my g17 at 1.150. Nice easy load that even plunks in my cz75b. Every bullet profile is a bit different though so YMMV. The Everglades 124 fmj would not plunk in my cz at that length, but no problems in the Glocks.
  2. I’ve been buying 750 135s from Blue this past year. Each time taking 4-5 weeks to arrive. Thought I would bump it up to 2200 on 9/24. Still waiting.
  3. It seems to get good reviews wherever you can find them, but haven't seen many reviews from the popular YouTube guys. Caught the BF deals and ordered from Ranier Arms. Showed up yesterday. Anyone running the Justice with the outer shield? It's gonna make a big sight even bigger, and like the above post, I've never dropped a gun. But, I've never had anything breakable on a gun. lol Now have to wait for my G17G4 slide to return from Jagerwerks. $130 for cut and Cerekote. I'll consider myself lucky if it shows up before February.
  4. As long as you’re not running near maximum charge then you should be fine mixing brass. I’ve chronoed light brass (FC, LC and many others) vs heavy brass (CBC, MEN, and a few others) and found about 90fps difference. I still run the same charge, but seems sensible to at least separate into 2 weight classes for possible zero shift. I gave up early on trying to separate by firing count.
  5. I’ve ordered the 750 packs of 135 TC in May, July, and August. Each have been delivered in 4-5 weeks. The last was ordered 8/10 and delivered 9/18
  6. I too, have recently started using coated (Blue) after years of plated and FMJs. Shot a couple of hundred through my dirty G17 and G26 this past week. No problems. Cleaned up easily. A short test, but I have no worries about shooting them.
  7. Just going from Westerns data. +p has 6.1 max @1150. Judging by my brass, yes you should have room to run if you like. Rem Golden Saber 124 +p goes 1190 from my g17. Shouldn’t have any problem getting there with TB. My 5.9/124 has a pf 140 My 3.9 w244 w/ 135 TC BLUE has a pf 137 The TB load was noticeably snappier. Similar to factory 124 loads as best as I remember. Natoreloading has some adventurous loads if you’re looking.
  8. Picked up 4lb of True Blue from Midway after reading its praise on natoreloading.com. The powder is a VERY fine ball powder. My Lee Autodrum measure struggled to hold it all in without leaking. W244 is much easier to work with. My first load of 5.9 with 124g plated Everglades at 1.150 gave me 1138 fps with no pressure signs using WSP. ES19 SD7 I have no need to push higher but it seems there’s a little room there. Glock 17 and CZ75B Will be trying it with Blue 135TC next
  9. The Wilson gauge is only concerned with base to shoulder. The neck and body diameters are left loose. You measure your fired case in the gauge so you get an indication of your chamber size. Then just bump your shoulder back .003 or more and your good to go. My B/A 5.56 barrel measures 1.771 while my BCM 5.56 NM barrel measures 1.768. It’s so consistent that I can gather my brass after shooting and tell which gun it was shot in (probably irrelevant info). I usually set it to 1.765 to minimize working the case. The trick is, when using mixed brass, that the heavier brass (CBC, Norma, MEN) wil
  10. I use the Franklin Arsenal and 2 sifting pans from Amazon. .25 mesh to catch the cases, .01for the pins. Fill with hot water and a little Dawn. Tumble for 15-20. You can stop there and be fine, or dump most of the dirty water and refill with clean hot water and another small squirt of Dawn. Run for another hour or so. Nice and shiny. I’ve found out that if I don’t dump the dirty water after a short time and just let it run for a couple hours the brass comes out with a tarnished look. Like it’s grinding in the dirt or something. It actually looks better after 20 minutes than after 90. Hmm S
  11. Back to the chronograph. Thought I'd weigh some of my brass just to see how "various" it really is. I know water volume is the proper way, but this should get me ballpark. On the light end was Federal, LC, Frontier, and Hornady in the 92-93gr. range. CBC 100-101gr. GFL and PPU in the middle around 96-98 While there I picked up some MEN brass from the guy next to me. Weighs 105-106 gr. All loads were 24.5 grains of my lot of WC846 thrown from a Lee Auto Drum. 5 shot avg. 16" 5.56 barrel. 70 degrees 55 gr. Wolf FMJ. 2.250" COAL. About a 3 MOA load. It is cheap! FC-2874 E
  12. I use 244 all the time with 9mm. Only load I’ve measured was 4.3 with a 124 plated Everglades. 1058 from a G17. A touch faster from my CZ75. Just tried it with 380 but haven’t chronoed yet. It surely felt more powerful than my usual TG load.
  13. Hornady 55 FMJ @2.205 Mixed cases. CCI400 16" 556 - 24.5=2834 SD-52 25.0=2939 SD-21 20" Wilde- 24.5=3001 SD-55 25.0= 3120 SD-13
  14. They shoot fine. I haven’t benched any of them. I use it just for plinking and the occasional local 2 gun match where distances are from 10-120 yards. Works great! I’ve been keeping the pressures a bit low because I’m sure it will be temperature sensitive. Waiting for lockdown to lift so I can get out to chrono at warmer temperatures.
  15. Also, 23grain of WC846 and a 75 gr. Hornady gave me over 2800 fps from my 20"Wilde barrel. A good 200-250 fps more than Hodgdon says I should get from BLC2. Proceed with caution! Now that I know how it burns, I've gotten good results from it. It has always cycled my guns even when I went as far down as 22.3 gr and a 55 gr. bullet. (2540) with a carbine buffer. I've been running 24.3- 24.5 with Wolf 55 gr. bullets and it cycles fine even with an H2 buffer. Super cheap load!
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