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  1. Here's my attempt at it. Wanted to get rid of the finger grooves while I was at it. Dremeled everything down to smooth. Basically just removed the factory texture. Applied the 6hr JB with a popsicle stick, poured over the SiC 60/90, then tapped it in with my finger to get it to set up and get rid of any high spots left by the Popsicle. Removed the tape after an hour, then let sit overnight. This has right at 1000 rounds on the grip. Still nice and grippy. A little wear but no peels or chips.
  2. Full sizing not needed if you neck size.
  3. 1. I would start out on your single stage to get a feel for it then transfer over to the Dillon later once your comfortable. Your going to have to clean, lube, resize, measure, maybe trim and deburr, maybe swage/ ream primer pockets, then prime, powder, seat. Crimping is optional. Point being that there’s a lot to potentially do between the sizing stage and the primer seat stage that you don’t have to do with straight wall pistol, so it’s going to be difficult to get going on a progressive without a lot of automated accessories. You could case prep on the single, then finish up on the Dillon? 2. Totally unnecessary 3. By your calibers you noted, I’m assuming an AR or similar. Use full size dies and learn to bump your shoulders for your tightest chamber to reduce brass working and potential accuracy gain. 4. Not really any bad dies. I use Lee dies for 223. They’re nice for the rare but inevitable stuck case.
  4. Jagerwerks cut it .125 deep. My current front sits .205 above the slide and I can see a lot of it though my optic when the dot is centered. For $40, I may go with the AB standard height set in all black. Their front is at .195 so I should still be able to use it in a pinch. Thanks for the input!
  5. My plastic Glock sights are long gone, and the Dawson won't fit with the dot installed. I like the Angry Bears because they are cheap and lower than most. I've had a rifle red dot go out in the middle of a stage, so a usable all black sight in a pinch seems like cheap insurance since I want to fill the slot anyway. Lots of draw, index, and head posture to do before the first match.
  6. Agreed. But not looking to solve the problem with irons, only looking for the best solution to fill the empty slots. So we have 1 vote for standard height sights. Anyone else?
  7. Recently had my g17 milled for a Swamp Fox Justice for use in local pistol and 2gun matches. Previously had Dawson fiber optic irons but they’re too low and the rear won’t fit with the dot installed anyway. I’m looking at the Angry Bear tall sights for an inexpensive replacement but haven’t decided on plain front or FO. The red FO can be a bit distracting while trying to find the dot but green is available and my current front sight is too low so it’s throwing me off a bit. So, go with tall FO to help finding the dot, or go black to make them a bit more invisible?
  8. I haven’t tried the Berry’s but shot a bunch of Everglades 124 plated with 4.3g of w244. Chronoed at 1050fps from my g17 at 1.150. Nice easy load that even plunks in my cz75b. Every bullet profile is a bit different though so YMMV. The Everglades 124 fmj would not plunk in my cz at that length, but no problems in the Glocks.
  9. I’ve been buying 750 135s from Blue this past year. Each time taking 4-5 weeks to arrive. Thought I would bump it up to 2200 on 9/24. Still waiting.
  10. It seems to get good reviews wherever you can find them, but haven't seen many reviews from the popular YouTube guys. Caught the BF deals and ordered from Ranier Arms. Showed up yesterday. Anyone running the Justice with the outer shield? It's gonna make a big sight even bigger, and like the above post, I've never dropped a gun. But, I've never had anything breakable on a gun. lol Now have to wait for my G17G4 slide to return from Jagerwerks. $130 for cut and Cerekote. I'll consider myself lucky if it shows up before February.
  11. As long as you’re not running near maximum charge then you should be fine mixing brass. I’ve chronoed light brass (FC, LC and many others) vs heavy brass (CBC, MEN, and a few others) and found about 90fps difference. I still run the same charge, but seems sensible to at least separate into 2 weight classes for possible zero shift. I gave up early on trying to separate by firing count.
  12. I’ve ordered the 750 packs of 135 TC in May, July, and August. Each have been delivered in 4-5 weeks. The last was ordered 8/10 and delivered 9/18
  13. I too, have recently started using coated (Blue) after years of plated and FMJs. Shot a couple of hundred through my dirty G17 and G26 this past week. No problems. Cleaned up easily. A short test, but I have no worries about shooting them.
  14. Just going from Westerns data. +p has 6.1 max @1150. Judging by my brass, yes you should have room to run if you like. Rem Golden Saber 124 +p goes 1190 from my g17. Shouldn’t have any problem getting there with TB. My 5.9/124 has a pf 140 My 3.9 w244 w/ 135 TC BLUE has a pf 137 The TB load was noticeably snappier. Similar to factory 124 loads as best as I remember. Natoreloading has some adventurous loads if you’re looking.
  15. Picked up 4lb of True Blue from Midway after reading its praise on natoreloading.com. The powder is a VERY fine ball powder. My Lee Autodrum measure struggled to hold it all in without leaking. W244 is much easier to work with. My first load of 5.9 with 124g plated Everglades at 1.150 gave me 1138 fps with no pressure signs using WSP. ES19 SD7 I have no need to push higher but it seems there’s a little room there. Glock 17 and CZ75B Will be trying it with Blue 135TC next
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