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Found 6 results

  1. I have an M3K that has a factory 10rd tube installed. I'd like to go to 13rd or 14rd capacity and cannot seem to find an extension that will simply thread on to the end of my existing tube. I've tried calling MOA (never answers) and several others with no luck. Its like they've never heard of such a thing. Everyone keeps recommending the extensions for the M3000 which has the mag tube that ends at the forward grip. I'd prefer a simple extension to my existing tube but if someone knows of a 13rd solid tube I cand just replace mine with, I'd be ok with that too. Thanks for any help
  2. I started having an issue today at a match that I've never experienced before which led to an other issue when I got home. I have a factory M3K w/ a Nordic +8 extension. Never had any issues feeding shells before. Today, when I put 8 or more in the tube, it refused to release the first shell. So on every stage, I had to pull up on the bolt release then fight the jam that it caused to get it to manually load the first shell. After that, it ran fine. I didn't understand what exactly what causing it until I got home. When I got home, I loaded some dummy shells to recreate the situation. If I put 6 in the tube, it runs flawlessly. Releases the first shell onto the carrier without any issue. As soon as I put 7 or more, things stop working. I initially thought it was the spring since I never trimmed it and it was about 16" past the end of the tube. Got out my measuring tape and pliers and trimmed it 5 coils to get it to be ~12" past the end of the tube. Still the same thing. So at this point, I detail stripped the shotgun. I wanted to examine the carrier latch assembly and possibly try to smooth it out and round it out a bit. However, I can't get the stupid screw holding the extended bolt release off. I'm afraid it might already be stripped. I've tried heat, and PB blaster to no avail. Any secret to getting the carrier latch assembly out?
  3. I'm trying to find a recoil spring ( I hope that's the right term) for my Stoeger M3k I use for 3 gun competition. The shotgun runs fine but I want to get a backup just in case. I can't seem to find anything online however. The closest thing I found was this http://www.midwestgunworks.com/mm5/merchant.mvc? . Does the M2000 share thae same spring as the M3000/M3K?
  4. After many hours of lurking on this and other forums, I finally decided which shotgun to buy for a noob in 3 gun and I picked up a new Stoeger M3K!!! The LOP and stock angle wasn't working. I cut a 1/2" off the stock butt and changed shims. Pretty darn perfect fit! I have Kick Eez pad and new HiViz site coming in. Oh...and new Briley bolt handle and release....in purple! I'm a girl...it's gotta match the gear! hahaha I am pretty stoked to have it and went outside to pattern the different chokes. Can you say....FU-UHN!!!??? Taking it to trap tonight to get to know it better. Just wanted to share... ...Cheers...
  5. Okay guys I couldn't find a thread outlining my exact question and I couldn't find the info in the 104 page M3000 thread either, lol! I am about to move from 2 gun to 3 gun and through much research have decided on the Stoeger as the shotgun I am going to purchase. My issue is deciding on either the M3000 or the M3K as a more cost effective option in the long term. Through my research the M3K has an oversized safety ($35), oversized bolt release ($20), charging handle ($30), and an opened up loading port ($120). All for an extra $100 over the M3000. I plan on having MOA precision open up the loading port even more so the money I would save on that is gone. So essentially im paying an extra $100 for $85 in parts from MOA. Seems to me that if im looking at this correctly I should just go with the M3000 and send it to MOA for some work and save a few bucks, right?
  6. Took my wife along to the Johnson 3 gun match this past weekend and now I am no longer getting a new shotgun for myself, she wants one. The budget is going to allow either a pretty much stock Beretta 1301 or Stoeger M3000 worked over into the P3K when the design is finalized. These 2 guns are picked because they are: 1. The 2 I was already looking at for myself. 2. Reliable and budget friendly. 3. Not heavy guns. This leads me to a few questions. While not terribly recoil sensitive, is the 1301 gas system going to be noticeably softer shooting than the inertia M3K when both are properly fitted and have good recoil pads? I have already read Patrick Kelley's article on shotgun fit and have applied it to my current shotgun. She has handled both guns in stock form but not shot them. Currently holding a 1301 she has to turn her head almost sideways and scrunch down to even sort of get on the sights. The stock needs to drop a good bit and some cast off be applied to even get her close. The long LOP of the stock M3K make other adjustments irrelevant to start. Between the 1301 and the M3K, which has more adjustment for drop and cast or will they both be about the same? My plan is to get either shotgun and the shim kit and attempt to properly fit it before she ever fires the gun. LOP will be cut to 12.5 inches with recoil pad installed. This will hopefully allow me to correct pitch with shims as well cast and drop while still maintaining a shorter LOP. I'm just guessing that proper LOP will come out to between 12.5 and 13 inches based of stock adjustments made to shotguns when I was growing up. My shotgun now has a 13 1/4 length of pull which is far to long for her. Any advice on this plan would be greatly appreciated.
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