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  1. Im not sure, I will check.
  2. the rifle picks up the next round fine an locks back on an empty mag.
  3. I have a TriggerTech Diamond and although it will go gown to 1 lb I have it set at about 2.5. I have several times (live fire only) had the hammer follow the bolt home and when the trigger is pressed its dead. Will not fire. I can manually work the charging handle and the rifle with fire. I have tried to reproduce the problem manually working the bolt and it only seems to do it during live fire. Also important, I thought i hada faulty trigger so I swapped it out with a second trigger (same make model). Problem persists. Any ideas? Lantac upper/lower lantac
  4. Was afraid of that...thanks for the info.
  5. We have a couple of revolvers in the store that have cracked frames. Is there any saving these or are they parts now...? Thanks
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