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  1. What??? my texts were not good enough for you... I am hurt.
  2. You are so wrong on this, the RO is several feet back from the Start position, the shooter would need to have the gun pointed "up range" to get the muzzle on him at all.
  3. it died for me at the end of season 2. Never went back.
  4. Call Safariland and they will send you some, most likely free of charge.
  5. There was an issue with a run of Motors from a vendor they no longer buy from. If you email DAA, and tell them what is wrong they will ship you a new motor, it is not hard to replace and it fixes this issue. I know I had to do it twice with two that I bought around the same time.
  6. OK, I give, but I will protect some parties that do not need to be dragged into this. So, a shooting web site was having a "per-order" CR speed special last year in Nov. I trust and respect this site so I placed my order and paid my money. after 40 days of waiting I contacted the site and was told that there was a delay in placing the final order with CR speed as they were on Vacation. well not what I wanted to he but OK. So another 20 days go by, and I contact the site again to be told in a response email that CR speed had confirmed shipping and we should have the stuff soon. Knowing that it was coming from South Africa I gave it two more weeks. Nothing. At this point I contacted CR Speed and was told that the order had indeed shipped and I should get it soon. I am thinking fantastic..... Nothing. After another week, I contacted them again, and was told that the order had not shipped because they were all at Shot Show, and that when they got back it would ship, so I am thinking BS. Another week passes, and nothing, again I contact them about the order, and again I am told it shipped, waiting again.. you might start to see a pattern here, Nothing. this time I give them only a few days and I ask for shipping info so that I can file a postal fraud case, and it is at this time they inform me that indeed the order never shipped and was never processed because the payment from the Website did not go through, and then they went on vacation and then to Shot Show, and I would not see my order for two more weeks. So I contacted the Site shared this info, they contacted CR Speed and only to discover that indeed they never processed any of the orders from them. I then canceled my order with the website, got my money back in 24 hours and well never do business with CR speed. All I can say I see a lot of folks out there using it, I am sure it works great, but I will never know and that is I guess my loss. But if you read this and think maybe I don't want to do business with people that cant keep the story straight or be honest with customers. Well then OK, or you can just think what an ass hat this tool is.
  7. well Dave, You see I am willing to put any issue I have with the company in writing, and I have to them. I do not believe in slandering them in a open forum, there a shooters that love their product, and I am sure that it works great, I will never know because they lied to me, and I did not have a good customer experience at all with them. So you would have me tell you all the sorted detail on this for what reason? I think it was clear they lied to me when asked for information on my order and that lead to a poor experience As for the black eye, they gave them to them selves. they choose to lie and did so knowingly.
  8. Ian, Send me a PM and I will share with you the details. I don't want to post this to the forum as there is no need beyond what I have already posted.
  9. Well my issue with CR speed is not with there product is it with the company, it is my opinion when staff at a company tell you something they know is not true just to get you an answer they think you want to here they are lying. And when pressed for that answer over a two month period to be lied to several times again and again is just bad business. And I would not recommend them to anyone based on that.
  10. Please see the URL for the rules for Production weights. You can have a max of "list gun" +2oz for a max weight. http://www.uspsa.org/uspsa-NROI-production-gunlist.php
  11. SoS, I think this fits just fine here, While it is not FUNNY it is SAD that someone involved in this industry is so poorly informed about product or process.
  12. Calling every shot.

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