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  1. it died for me at the end of season 2. Never went back.
  2. Thank you. A lot of hard work went into this and all matches.
  3. Hahaha, Oh the Troll is strong with this one... You see we (The Match Staff) found an issue with the power and rather then being unfair to some shooters, we pulled the firing of rounds over the chrono, and allowed the rules to work in the shooters favor, but that is not what you want to hear now is it. You want there is be some big issue that we are not willing to talk about, but like at the match and now here on Enos the truth is easy to tell. You may want to open a rule book and read Appendix C2, 21.
  4. Really? Let's see here we had two Gauges because one was not enough and wanted to ensure we did not have a Faulty gauge, but I guess that is not good enough and you felt the need to slander the match, thanks Neil. Sorry we won't see you next year.
  5. We had two gauges. We wanted to avoid any issues with "its that Gauge", No it was both of them...
  6. I don't think that is accurate at all, there were many types of mags that failed, and basepad combos. So I would say to single out a specific maker of mags is not fair or accurate at all.
  7. I have a Dawson tuning kit, files, and gauge if you want adjust them?
  8. Did you shoot it today at ESPS? Right handed shooters, go right side of barricade, start on far left Mini, and work to the right.
  9. Are you sure your home range will accept the NROI cert, most want/Need you to be NRA RO/CRO cert.
  10. YES!, this is exactly what they should have done, I had to do just that at the 2015 Nats in Utah when I dropped a needed mag at the start and the RO followed me to the end and when I yelled I was going back she stood there, and I ran right past her with the pistol pointed down range and away from her.... the Scoring RO had to yell Stop because she was vapor locked. Needless to say I got a reshoot. RO's need to be very aware and are just like refs, just part of the playing surface.
  11. I don't have one, I just use an empty mag, shove it in pull the charging handle and the bolt locks back....
  12. You can lock the bolt back on Make ready.
  13. Get a $35 BAD Lever from Magpul and Poof issue fixed.
  14. Call Safariland and they will send you some, most likely free of charge.
  15. Not on the list, not legal yet. if it is not on the approved list is NOT legal. As of 11:30AM 5/16/2017 CZ 75 CTS LSP (42.1 oz.), CZ 75 PO7 Duty 9mm 3.8" barrel (27 oz.), CZ 75 Shadow Accu Lite 9mm (38.8 oz.), CZ 75 SP01 Phantom 9mm (29 oz.), CZ P-09 (31 oz.), CZ100 (24 oz.), CZ100B (24 oz.), CZ2075 Rami 9mm & 40 S&W (25.5 oz.), CZ2075 Rami P 9mm & 40 S&W (23.5 oz.), CZ75 (35.3 oz.), CZ75 Compact 9mm (33 oz.), CZ75 P01 (27.2 oz.), CZ75 SemiCompact (33 oz.), CZ75 Shadow Black4.60" barrel (39 oz.), CZ75 Shadow Duo Tone 9mm (39 oz.), CZ75 Shadow T Black4.60" Barrel (40 oz.), CZ75 Shadow T Duo Tone 4.60" (40 oz.), CZ75 SP-01 (41.2 oz.), CZ75 SP-01 Accu-Shadow 4.6 barre (42 oz.), CZ75 SP-01 Shadow 9mm 4.72" (42 oz.), CZ75 SP-01 Tactical (41 oz.), CZ75 SP01 Shadow Target Black4.6 (42 oz.), CZ75 SP01 Shadow Target Duo 4.60 (42 oz.), CZ75B 9mm & 40 S&W (35.3 oz.), CZ75B Stainless (35.3 oz.), CZ75BD (35.3 oz.), CZ75D Compact (28.3 oz.), CZ85 (35.2 oz.), CZ85 Combat (35.2 oz.), CZ85B (35.2 oz.), CZ97B (40.8 oz.) Various models also come with a 4.80in barrel, the added weight for these models is .176 ounces. 6/28/16--weights changed to 35.3 oz for CZ 75, 75B, 75BD.
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