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  1. Thanks JakeG have you tried those flat nose in a 1911?
  2. HesedTech and Matt1911 Thanks for the reply, appreciate the info
  3. We tried that bullet profile and the longest I reliably could load in a CZ S2 stock barrel was 1.10. I think what people are telling you is actually shooting them doesn’t matter. What matters is to have a reliable OAL which runs in your gun. This means do some tests by starting long with the correct crimp (empty cartridge with no primer) and keep shorting it till it always plunks and fits & feeds in magazine. When I find that OAL I personally make 10 dummy rounds to verify they cycle as I rack the slide. I personally start at 1.15 and work my way shorter, which will
  4. I keep asking because this is a forum. I thought the chances of another shooter with a Shadow2 that also has chosen to give the blue bullets 147 RN a try might have already figured this out. I keep asking because the replies are data points that help make a educated discision on a starting point. I keep asking because a pluck test on a OAL that is short does ensure reliable function in live fire, and since I have no access to a place to shoot and test different lengths because of the covid problem, I thought asking the question would be helpful. I keep asking because I value
  5. Sorry if that came off wrong, I do appreciate any feedback
  6. Titegroup 3.2 with 147 extreme hp is what I have been loading for production and carry optics with my cz's. I'm not worried about power factor, I need to figure out a oal with blue bullets the same weight but different profile. Just need a starting point. Please don't comment about pluck testing. I get it!
  7. Thanks anonymous and chopaaka i have 4 cz barrel that my standard OAL at 1.10 with Extreme 147 HP run 100% I bought the 147 blue bullets round nose because my STI Trojan just wasn't liking the the hollow points. Maybe it was wishful thinking, but I hoped someone else had gotten to something that worked with both guns.
  8. Guys looking for OAL for 147 RN (.355) Blue Bullets to be fired through a Shadow2. Blue Bullet SKU 09-147RN-box. I'm looking for the longest length that people have had success with. My gun club is closed because of covid19 so I can't test a small batch on my own. Thanks for the help
  9. Has anyone shipped a Dan Wesson Single Stack Classic into the state of Maryland?
  10. Thanks again for the feedback. Heres were I'm at. 15 lbs main spring (everything goes bang) 10 lbs with a new Dawson Precision capture guide rod. This set up has helped, but I still have reliable issues with feeding and ejecting. I am going to look at the extractor next. Has anyone found their extractor to be the problem with reliable issues with the Trojan? Thanks in advance for additional feedback. This has been fascinating for me because the gun ran great for a couple years.
  11. Thanks for the feed back on what works for your Trojan's
  12. I have 9mm Trojan that's ready for new springs. Can anyone recommend a good set up for USPSA single stack minor. I have been and running reloading147 gr Extreme with 3.2 gn of titegroup in my cz and would like to stick to this recipe. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Got my Alpha X last week. Matched it up with the pictures from double alpha's website, my insert needed ( and purchased) matched the TSO photo. Fit is good, have only practiced dry fire draws, but I think I am going to like it. Will follow up after I shoot a match with it.
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