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  1. Thanks again for the feedback. Heres were I'm at. 15 lbs main spring (everything goes bang) 10 lbs with a new Dawson Precision capture guide rod. This set up has helped, but I still have reliable issues with feeding and ejecting. I am going to look at the extractor next. Has anyone found their extractor to be the problem with reliable issues with the Trojan? Thanks in advance for additional feedback. This has been fascinating for me because the gun ran great for a couple years.
  2. Thanks for the feed back on what works for your Trojan's
  3. I have 9mm Trojan that's ready for new springs. Can anyone recommend a good set up for USPSA single stack minor. I have been and running reloading147 gr Extreme with 3.2 gn of titegroup in my cz and would like to stick to this recipe. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Got my Alpha X last week. Matched it up with the pictures from double alpha's website, my insert needed ( and purchased) matched the TSO photo. Fit is good, have only practiced dry fire draws, but I think I am going to like it. Will follow up after I shoot a match with it.
  5. Ok I have a 91254 and love the gun. What should I be worried about with this model being discontinued? Is it finish wear?
  6. Bought a S2 black. Came with 2 flat safeties
  7. 3.2gr TG under 147 Zero Hollow point 1.10 OAL. Shadow target and Shadow 2 100% reliable for 3k runs
  8. eerw, I'm thinking sending one of my shadows in for this cut and plate(s). Can I get a plate for the deltapoint pro? Second question, do I need to send the whole gun or just the slide?
  9. Chili 11.5 cgw spring, is that the hammer spring? What recoil spring are you running?
  10. I have tried both Dawson and Tripp in my STI Trojan. For me the Tripp mags have performed best.
  11. Being a older shooter I grow up on 1911's, double action revolvers and then the Beretta 92's. I took a long break from shooting, I decided to make some time for my self and found the great sport of practical shooting. Things had changed, Glocks, M&P's these plastic striker fires were everywhere. So I tried them, but they just didn't feel right. I told a friend I was considering a FN, they were plastic and double action. He wisely steered me to the CZ 's (thank you coordinator). I fell in love with the great double action triggers on CZ's and how they fit my hand. I am now the proud owner of two SP01 Shadows, a Cz Custom CTS 40, a Cajun Gun Works P01, a P07 and have a Cajun Gun Works Rami on order. Yes I am a official fan boy of CZ, I just love them. So when I saw this striker fire from CZ it peaked my interest, CZ has proven to me that they know how to build a great gun, so I will give this new model a try with a open mind. I will however wait, let the second gen hit the market before I buy. Not a sermon, just a thought.
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