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  1. RadarTech

    USPSA Arbitration Form needed!

    And a few other files we use to have available https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jht8rvj35x6ytyl/AACfTkXaRwB9DXDKjCagvO1ia?dl=0
  2. RadarTech

    USPSA Arbitration Form needed!

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/u1ps44dp98fgzx4/Arbitration_Form.pdf?dl=0 Here ya go..
  3. AHHHH PULLING BUTTS!!!! Such fond memories of this from the Rifle Ranges in the Marines... UBER COLD mornings in the BUTTS.. and uber HOT humid days under those concrete parapets... Imagine pulling butts every day for a week solid!! Boot camp and then every year on active duty when you are not deployed.... While I have never shot NRA High-power or Service rifle it sounds alot like what we called the KD (Known Distance) Course. 200,300 and 500 yards- with 5 stages of fire-- 15 rounds in 20 min at the 200 slow fire(sitting, kneeling and offhand 5 rounds each)-- 10 rounds at 200 yard rapids fire 70 seconds Standing to Sitting (5 from each of 2 magazines)-- 5 rounds rounds slow fire (Sitting) at the 300 yard line-- 10 rounds rapid fire Standing to Prone in 70 seconds (much like the 200 and the easiest stage of the day-- 10 rounds prone from the prone position at the 500 yard line.... The difference I see is we used the B Mod Target and the Dog target ... What you are showing looks like the "able" target.... Anyway--- thanks for the walk down memory lane!
  4. RadarTech

    PractiScore Change Log Page Gone - Forbidden!

    have you emailed support@practiscore.com or posted here: https://answers.practiscore.com/ DJ watches that and will respond ASAP..
  5. RadarTech

    USPSA rule 5.2.3 clarification

    We have a competitor in NC that never uses belt loops... due to his anatomical characteristics, his belt never moves... He posted a video somewhere.... George is right it hasn’t changed since the 2008 (with changes) rule book..
  6. IT is a we will charge more to pay people to paste since some won't do it... That is when the cheap ones will start pasting...
  7. RadarTech

    PCC and Pistol

    I have an email chain going between a few BOD members. The gist of it is that every example presented to date is a GM PCC shooter that hasn’t shot a classifier in a pistol discipline in a significant period of time... meaning they likely don’t show skill improvement on pistol. So there is the opinion this is not a real thing and when asked for examples to prove them wrong— I see this response. I’m actively trying to help your cause. But if no one has examples, I’ll gladly drop it. Point here is— in the grand scheme of things there are a number of other challenges being worked on at HQ. And while this bears merit, I don’t see them dropping other priorities when the complaint comes without any evidence. I’m on your side... show me something and I will present it. If this is just a waste of time, I too could be doing other things..
  8. RadarTech

    PCC and Pistol

    So do you have examples of these mediocre shooters with GM in PCC and a lot less in pistol? If you have good examples I’d do the write up and take this to Foley... But I’d need a number of examples... Otherwise this will be laughed off the stage..
  9. Add $40 or so for a battery pack and case Then a case to put it in.. most folks have been adding $50 of extras to these things... and the extra charging cords etc....
  10. I get it.. Like I said before. BUT you have people that will NEVER learn and NEVER WANT to learn... That won't change.. We have a volunteer sport, and some people only want to shoot... Some people won't even paste.. so getting them to learn to use the tablet is not gonna happen... Instead of printing a WSB, your solution is to put a SECOND tablet on the stage for someone to mess with and have stats to monitor? How many stats guys want to have to handle another stage device and batteries etc? Do you even understand how crazy that sounds? Printing an official copy is the way to go until tablets are indestructible in a kiosk mode that can't be messed with. I am sure most competitors would rather we spend $900 to $1400 on prizes than 9 to 14 tablets and the protective covers. Cheap is a matter of perspective.. I heard of a major recently that asked the RO's to not take their stipends..... RO's would rather we spend that on a stipend, a staff dinner, hotel expenses etc.. for the cost of a single tablet I can print lots of copies of WSB and have a fresh copy every session or even squad!! I totally get the teaching technology issues... I spend my days working with CIOs, IT Directors and Managers to get the IT departments to understand things like BGP, OSPF, SD-WAN, IPv6, Stateful packet inspection and Deep packet inspection... or Wireless multipath distortion, frequency diversity in complex RF environments. or even simple stuff like Spanning-Tree... YMMV.. but shooters MOSTLY careless about HOW the scoring works, they just want it to work... And this creates the problems where we lose great stats people-- Like JC down in Ga... burnout.. Again this is a volunteer sport with no incentive to learn the tablet... What I have to constantly defend against using technology: there is a point that TOO much use and dependency on technology is a bad thing.. To go FULL electronic at a match, we need a complete Primary system and a full backup. Every device must have a backup, and in some cases a tertiary backup. If we don't do this right, a match is ruined, a stage is tossed. all for the sake of what exactly?
  11. I get it. I really do... I see all your points to use everything PractiScore.. and I like it... But many ranges around here don’t have power in the bays... and still use nooks This weekend I had 5 different long term competitors tell me they couldn’t figure out the registration for a major and on a squad of 9 we had only 3 people that could score on the tablet. Over time all those that are not computer/tablet literate will be out of the sport. Until then, we have to realize we are an entertainment industry and if shooters want paper briefings we as highly tech savvy need to realize we can’t program our way out of it. In your plan what do you tell that competitor that can’t get the WSB on their flip phone? Or can’t read without special glasses? Customer service is what makes a large part of a major match work. I don’t like a competitor handling the scoring tablet at a major.. period... you may have missed a minor issue in our area with a problem with that...
  12. I may be in the minority here... But I would prefer to have a paper hard copy... Here are my reasons: 1. Weather— protect the tablet as much as possible 2. Battery life— depending on the tablet this could affect its life during the match. 3. RM changes to the WSB.. this becomes more difficult with the electronic version... is there a change log on the tablet? 4. RO readability- it may be harder to read it on the tablet.. sun light, font size... 5. Competitors handling the tablet at a major. I don’t want to have this happen. What could go wrong right? Just a few reasons... And yes I get why there are reasons for it on the tablet... just don’t think it is a good idea...
  13. RadarTech

    Scoring question. Bounce one off the barrel

    The rule is- 9.5.5 Enlarged holes in paper targets which exceed the competitor’s bullet diameter will not count for score or penalty unless there is visible evi- dence within the remnants of the hole (e.g. a grease mark or a “crown” etc.), to eliminate a presumption that the hole was caused by a ricochet or splatter. So it would be a Mike.
  14. Bill Duda has a target cover you can use.... also for stuff like swingers.... hairspray will add water resistance
  15. RadarTech

    Practiscore offline?

    Service level agreement... They are typical terms to say something will be fixed in x period of time.