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  1. Different sports... IDPA scoring is more focused on accuracy.. USPSA is more based on speed and accuracy.. Regardless. Be safe.. shoot your best SAFEST match.. speed does come..
  2. Ashley started in production.. and I got to see her progress from a junior shooter at a local range to where she is now... Gifted is how I would describe her... I believe she is likely more experienced with minor as she came from production... Also — wasn’t limited and carry optics back to back in 18?
  3. So the action that should be taken moving forward is some lawyer written legalese in the disclaimer you must agree to prior to being approved to register.. that will have some semblance of you lose your right to refund if you request a refund after a certain date. Then the clause where the match reserves the right to, and you acknowledge the acceptance of, a request to the garnishment of wages to recoup funds should you get a credit card reversal. But I’m no lawyer... If this becomes a trend, that is what I can see.... But I also see matches going back to paper checks/money orders... can’t stop payment after it is cashed....
  4. A couple thoughts... you should be able to defend against the credit card charge back... if you caught it in time... when you show the policy for refunds- I’ve seen them deny the chargeback. Next- I agree this is something for your Section Coordinator and Area Director to know about.. They will be best to handle this.. Also let your nearby club MDs know PRIVATELY who said person was.. they may have more challenges with them. A single incident may not make a case for a ban... but as someone said before you have to be careful with any comments of the persons name due to the litigious society we live in.
  5. You’re welcome... The RM Corps spends a great deal of time keeping up with the minutia here and doing all we can to help! Jim
  6. Ok Lee made me go sit down and look.. Since he made the motion... this is an excerpt from the Feb 2020 BOD minutes.. Motion by Area 7, second by Area 8, for changes to rulebook appendices D4 and D7, as developed from discussion. Rule changes and change logs attached. Roll call vote: A1-No, A2-Yes, A3-Yes, A4-Yes, A5-Yes, A6-Yes, A7-Yes, A8-Yes, President-Yes Discussion regarding definition of Single Stack and definition of Single Stack frame and magazine. Clarification to be made to existing rules by DNROI with support from the Board of Directors. In summary, while modular frames are, and have been, legal in Single Stack Division, only those in the 1911 style, using traditional single stack 1911 magazines are allowed. No wide body magazines, including those adapted to feed in a single column, may be used.
  7. I don’t have it at hand.. I’m not in the office at the moment.. but there was a specific mention of this on the last USPSA BOD MEETING. Double stack mags are NOT allowed.. I’ll look for the reference.. but you must use single stack mags.
  8. Exactly! Once you have seen someone ATTEMPT to hold a gun over their head and TRY to engage a target those that say height isn’t a problem will understand....
  9. We had a similar issue at the 2018 area 8 match. A junior shooting PCC and a short wall, with the fault lines away from the wall- She had to hold the PCC over her head to be able to aim at the targets. Due to a pasting confusion issue- she got a reshoot and then a concrete block was added for a platform. Since she was unable to see the targets at all this was deemed to not provide competitive equity as she could not even see the target. 2.3.4, 2.3.7 and 4.6.1 are the only rules that mention competitive equity in the rule book. Under 2.3.1 a course may be modified for ANY reason and changes published from that point forward. See 2.3.2 Note in this change. One might try to argue that 4.6.1 a barrier failed as a competitor could not see the targets. Next— in the case of a PCC held over a juniors head shooting at a low target behind a wall— well that to me is an unsafe target presentation—- when you consider ricochets.... But in the end— I would tell you to call the RM, ask for the “step”. He or she will likely have seen this before. But hopefully that will be considered in the RMs final walk through... I have required port openings be dropped lower, fault lines be moved, and other things. IMHO, if you are doing something to punish that tall shooter or help that short shooter it does not make it reasonable to expect a short shooter to be able to shoot a target if they are not able to see the target... and those prone targets? Is it a shooting challenge to jump up and run after shooting it? It would be better to Plan your prone positions in a way where someone can end there... Just my nickel worth...
  10. Here is what I would recommend to all that have an issue with major match fees versus local matches— When you shoot a major and see an RO you know— ask them — how much does it cost you over what the match covers does it cost you to come and work this match? At a local— you don’t have this issue.. no one is paying more than anyone else to shoot... typically no hotels.. no meals .. etc... So the expenses don’t make it truly comparable.
  11. I see some valid points here I’d like to see discussed: 1. Should staff at a major pay more than a competitor to “volunteer” to work the match? 2. Do you have an acceptable loss amount for a staff member to work a match? $200? $300? I feel the days of lunch, a match fee, shirt and free brass succeeding in attracting good staff as over or pretty close to it for many matches.. I know a few places where anything but a roach motel will cost $200 plus a night. Even spitting a room would still be high for a 3 day match... 3. I’ve worked many majors, and seen MDs come out of pocket to hold the match- even losing money in some cases— what would you accept as an acceptable amount of profit for the MD? A per shooter $(like most matches pay a range)? Or a percentage of the match income? In the end, no one is making a fortune running matches, many hope to just break even or make a couple grand.. if you own the range and are running the match that changes some. Most matches pay the range $10-15 per shooter and then often cover a prop fee on top of that. So a 200 shooter match might pay $3k for the shooters and another $2 or $3k for props... if you are charging $150 for a match and NOT using credit cards- $30k - $6k (range fee) - ~$600 for USPSA activity fee. -$2k for Targets pasters and paint and target sticks $22k left for the following Water and ice, portajohns, staff lunches, staff hotel? Or stipend, golf cart(s) and expenses thereof, prize table-(not all prizes are given free- some are buy 2 get 1 free, some are at high discount- IE Guns) Chronos? Extra timers,tables, and damage replacement, shirts for staff- cotton? Maybe $1000, techwear? Maybe $3k or more... shirt for competitor? Some things like a meal vendor require a guaranteed amount of revenue to come— say $2500.. if staff lunches don’t cover that, the match makes up the difference. Some prices are low— so that $22k drops to less than $5k quick.. Anyway. All this to say a high match fee may just reflect the costs of the area... or at least part of it.. And those costs may be part and parcel of getting staff... remember those hotel rates? I’m not defending— just -an attempt at explaining...
  12. Yes.... I RM 2 or 3 a year... and it pretty much means a week off per match between travel and time at the range.. As someone who is not retired, there are limits to the amount of time you can use to RM a match... Say it is a Thursday to Sunday match... you would have to travel to be there Tuesday night for stage approval.. and then leave Sunday night or Monday... Friday to Sunday— travel Wednesday and the. Leave Sunday or Monday.. part depends on how far you have to travel And sometimes you need to be there earlier than 1 day ahead depending on the staff at the match... I think the match fees will continue to go up... and I think there will be challenges as we have “retirements” of long time staff. As for RMs- (not counting RMI) I think I was the youngest until this last group just got approved... Mark is in his 30s. And I think one of the RMIs is in their upper 30s.. I’m closing in on 50... man I now feel old.... well maybe not... thanks folks!
  13. One specific thing to mention... The gist of the conversation I had with Troy summarized: if a requirement of the stage requires or it incentivizes you to shoot better one handed it is against the rules. This part is mine: So while a great shooter can handle his/her PCC ONE HANDED and can shoot safely without issue that does not address the majority of other shooters.. I consider that new shooter that is shooting his first match or his first major or her first or a junior without the experience shown in this thread— who takes the hit if a round goes over the berm or creates holes in someone? Yea that is on the shooter, but what will the public see? Who will catch fault? The sport? The MD? The RM? The stage designer? Our rules put that squarely on the range master of the event... IMHO- we are debating a safety rule in this thread from the perspective of super man shooter #1– or maybe someone who has a great deal of experience.. I can do it, so no one should have a problem with it... that is great, I’m glad for you! But the RM has to consider all the others at the match for everyone’s safety.... In the end- if you break out any match- 70% or higher will be those C and D shooters... and we have to make sure the stages are safe for all.... Continuing the thought of not changing the stages—- Tell me the last time we saw an obstacle with a support that you had to climb as covered by 2.2.2... you know a 4 foot knee wall or ramp steep enough you need to grab a rope to go over it? With all the older, and less skilled shooters- who would do this now? The sport has changed a lot since it started. I can point to stories where a Cooper tunnel was 3 ft high or lower inside it... and some older shooters have laughed at todays cooper tunnels... I just know one thing— in the end if I’m running the match I know safety is of the primary importance.. then following the rules, then making sure it is fun! If we can’t be safe, it doesn’t matter if the rules are not followed... and if we are not safe, and using legal stages, will anything else even matter ? Would that even follow the premise of the sport? I’m sure there are those that will disagree with me... and that’s fine— I hope to see ya on the range and we can debate it sometime while watching shooters do crazy things no one intended... —-range is clear—-
  14. I’ve flown in and out of there 3 or 4 times to work at the range. Honestly it isn’t bad a bad flight... I’ve flown thru Phoenix and a couple other places to connect into there.. A few pointers— The rental car counters close BEFORE THE LAST FLIGHT LANDS! make sure you plan accordingly! There are only 2 luggage carousels- and they are right next to the rental cars— so choose wisely and go straight to the car counter first! There is next to no food in the airport.. eat before you arrive for your departing flight. TSA PRE-check!! If you have time to registrar and get it— it can save you.. I have seen lines last 45 min when the airport has 2-3 planes leaving. Going to the range— it is straight up the interstate... exit 45.. literally you can be from the airport to the range in less than 20 min. Once you pass I think it is exit 38 there are no food stops or anything but a road side stand to get anything to eat or drink... be prepared for that! The range— I dropped in a construction image from the butte above... all the bays on the right is where you will be shooting... 13 bays and they are Big! Every bay has a shelter and metal bleachers. In each shelter are enough tables for 16 plus competitors! Plus an AC outlet! There is guest internet on the entire range. It works well— I actually installed it, so I’m kinda partial... The range manager is a guy named Walt.. he is a great person to know! There are 2 huge picnic shelters... power outlets are aplenty there! Plenty of tables too.. This picture is from construction inside a picnic shelter... Food in town— lots of good places.... But anyway— enjoy your match... and if you see Walt- tell him Jim said hello.
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