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  1. Reshoot - range equipment failure. This is why you seldom see them in major matches.
  2. This is pretty normal... so here is what most people do— and what I recommend.. first find out if you have enough interest... Say20-25 people.. if the answer is yes— To cover the cost you would need $800 plus transportation for the instructor- either a rental, or someone to drive him/her around, and meal cost for the instructor.. say 2 nights in a hotel— consider $100 a night for arguments sake.. the. $50ish a day for food.. $300 plus they $800.. and then find classroom space.. and see if your club will let you use the range.. now you are in for ab
  3. I think there is an 82 year old in A8 that shoots PCC -I’ve seen him work A8 and shoot it the last 3 years.. and another in their late 70s or early 80s in SC.. he shoots revolver, PCC, limited and production..
  4. So— there are 2 primer plants I have been told of... in the US starting up... I think the shortage will last until they get moving.. then to compete the other plants will start producing more... until covid is truly under control— then we will be at a lurch too.. I know 1 primer plant that was hit hard ... and that hurt production...
  5. Well.. bye... that’s gonna be it... limited 10 might be the new hotness... we may get what we vote for.. or don’t vote for.. in the end- someone said it a few days ago- they may not get the bans they want this 4 years.. but may 10-12 years from now
  6. Go read 10.5.19. that should answer your questions..
  7. If the score can be determined- no reshoot.. the only optional reshoot is for external or RO interference. and that is for the RO to offer..
  8. Amen—- and I would add... the shoot and scoot folks get a reputation. And people will heckle you sooner or later....
  9. I meant to add more — if you want to do nothing the price will go up.. most locals have minimal cost offset by volunteers.. and free labor.. no one is making a living at holding matches alone.... only if they offset all matches with extra training etc can they make money... I’m sorry but I have to ask— do you do any of the following : 1. Paste and reset 2. Run the timer 3. Run the tablet 4. Carry your own bag stage to stage. 5. Have someone else paste and reset for you 6. Sit in the shade and watch everyone else paste and rese
  10. I know a range that does setup and tear down with no need for volunteers to do either.. and people complain about $40 match fees....
  11. How do you measure the diameter of a steel hit? Since you think a ricochet should count, what if I ricochet off a rock and hit the A zone on a target? Should that count too?
  12. The jerseys came from Alpha Gorilla Sports. and they were bought by go fast don’t suck. if you go to their website— you can contact Bill Duda.. he will be the person who can help you. I hope this helps!
  13. So what do you do if the hit is a ricochet off the ground? Or it hits the bottom of the popper or is an edge hit?
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