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  1. I dropped a note to Troy... Let’s see what he says... maybe we will get a rule edit...
  2. The first sentence clearly says OUTSIDE the shooting area then says wholly beyond the shooting area... so does being inside the shooting area meet that??
  3. Ok... I would simply say— RO— read the entire rule.. Now please call the RM... The read the entire rule was told to me time and time again in the past... This rule is based off the first sentence... The rest is supporting arguments...
  4. The rule ONLY addresses standing on a wall support that is OUTSIDE the shooting area... If it is INSIDE the shooting area this rule for a penalty would not apply... But— if you see 10.3.7 So WSB May now contain- climbing on or standing on support structures is NOT permitted. There is your punitive rule...
  5. If it is non-existent then you are touching whatever is underneath the non-existent element. AKA the ground... And since you fire a shot. It is one penalty per shot fired up to the maximum scoring hits in that area per 10.2.3 That is what I would tell a competitor at a match I RM... I think you are reading too much into it.
  6. Correct there is no procedural... there is no FTDR in USPSA.. Only said for the moving away from start position...
  7. Check It does restrict moving without RO approval
  8. Let me make sure I understand this... You are standing in the start position within reach of a port that is just and open/close port. The port does not activate anything. And the RO said if you open or close it during the make ready it is a procedural?
  9. CZ is right... and I’ll add... rule says if found without an RO will take you to a safe area and take appropriate corrective action...
  10. Well it’s kinda required to keep up with stuff like this as an RM... ;-) Ken Nelson posted a method on how to handle this on the PractiScore blog.. I don’t have that link handy.... but if you want I’ll find it shortly.
  11. https://uspsa.org/documents/minutes/20170228.pdf Check this...
  12. This was in a BOD minutes post... It was in 2017 IIRC... let me look around....
  13. Majors have been shot in up to hurricane conditions, via headlights, and heavy winds. Lightning is where the line is drawn for many.... For a major — if it was a total shutdown... next day or toss a stage are likely outcomes. The MD and RM will discuss and make a call...
  14. I think there will have to be some kind of periodic changes document. People will print it out and need to have that document to keep track... Not sure what kind of doc you put out... but I’d be interested in seeing what you did compared to mine above...
  15. There was a discussion and I can’t remember it if was Troy or another RMI... But it was mentioned that loaded or unloaded should be the same for all divisions. Facing direction is rule directed for PCC... where as start facing up dang loaded and holstered is ok for pistol... Also for pistol side... I would recommend all the same.. consider a production shooter with a problem. He/she goes to open... or single stack or limited.. so keeping all pistol the same would be an equitable idea... Regardless.. IMHO singling out a division for different start positions falls under the Troy rule -don’t be a dick... And the golden rule— just because you can doesn’t mean you should.
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