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  1. RadarTech

    Can NROI amend a rule?

    Yes changes will put inserted into the rule book on the app, and online rule documents....
  2. RadarTech

    Can NROI amend a rule?

    A rule book rewrite has been published and is in draft at this time. Www.uspsa.com/rulebook
  3. Seems this is a good time to mention the draft 2019 rules currently posted to USPSA....
  4. RadarTech

    Hello from NC

    Yes... hit www.ncsection.org All matches are listed there.
  5. RadarTech

    Pregame squib

    On a PCC? Sure muzzle on the ground... break it open... pull the BCG..
  6. RadarTech

    Pregame squib

    Some people recently have carried bolts on their belt for PCC... and one person even mentioned a squib rod and a hammer.... Whatcha think George? It wouldn’t be worth the score but someone will do it or need to do it....
  7. Congrats!! I’m hoping we hear more good news in this regard for you!
  8. RadarTech

    Software for small group

    You could use PractiScore... Depending on what/how you score I’m sure there is a match type that would work for you... You could make the handicap a penalty or time add. Just depends on how you score it..
  9. I specifically asked Troy about this bump to open. Troy said the rule clearly handles it and no bump to open.
  10. I have seen a few anatomically challenged competitors that could not do 2 inches even if they wanted to.. I can see how they would get exempted by an RM..
  11. Haters gonna hate...
  12. I used to track and share all kinds of helpful rule items like this here.. Then the pick forks came out on this very forum a few years ago... now I share it only within a private group..... No good deed....
  13. RadarTech

    Shooter's World Clean Shot

    I personally know the owners of shooters world. Great people!! For 9 and .40 clean shot is all I have used since 2015 or so when I found it locally. But shooters world’s powder mags and primary offices are close by... I think I have 20-30 lbs on the shelf..
  14. RadarTech

    New USPSA Classifiers

    If you haven’t heard this years nationals will have 6 potential classifiers......