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  1. Josh, I'm in a unique, if biased position… I’m driving 8 hours to the match myself.. stages looked good, pending NROI approval, but it will be a good match. This is my 4th year shooting in a row and working A8. It looks fun, lunch will be Southern Bobbi Q… range is good.. the only complaint I’ve heard is hotels are 30-45 min away.. depending on the weight of your right foot. Full disclosure— I’m one of the RM’s for the match. I’ll be in the large UTV, if you see me say hello.. but I hope we don’t need to meet as RM to competitor….
  2. Radar tech?  Do you work for CTTR?  


    FTTR here!


  3. Yea.. the current guidance is if it is in the rule book it does not have to be in the WSB…
  4. Can you show me a rule that says between shooting boxes?
  5. So in the event I saw a couple years ago in your statement should be a DQ.. open shooter with a slide racker— gun went to “single action” mode due to a some issue I forget… he was shooting strong hand and using the weak hand to rack it.. should that be a DQ? Nope.. he was actively engaging targets..
  6. Read this and consider AD VERSUS AIMING https://nroi.org/?s=Aiming
  7. If it is in the rules, it does not have to be stated in the WSB.. check rule 10.2.1.
  8. You beat me to it.. the first thing I ask ANYONE when they think it is a DQ is cite your rule.. if they can’t provide one, then how could it apply? for procedurals— same applies.. what rule? this should be a learning tool for all…
  9. There were a couple incidents where competitors were caught down range and not seen.. then most started moving to snow fence...
  10. 6.4.4 is the rule you are looking for.... but look at the follow up rule 6.4.5 for what has to be done after that.
  11. Please help the MD that had the less accurate answer know the accurate answer...
  12. Find your Area Director and ask them directly... where do you live?
  13. Reshoot - range equipment failure. This is why you seldom see them in major matches.
  14. This is pretty normal... so here is what most people do— and what I recommend.. first find out if you have enough interest... Say20-25 people.. if the answer is yes— To cover the cost you would need $800 plus transportation for the instructor- either a rental, or someone to drive him/her around, and meal cost for the instructor.. say 2 nights in a hotel— consider $100 a night for arguments sake.. the. $50ish a day for food.. $300 plus they $800.. and then find classroom space.. and see if your club will let you use the range.. now you are in for about $1100... at 25 students you would be about $50 a head... ask your AD and SC if they have any funds to help you. also ask your club if they have any insurance discounts for having certified range staff... if you have other clubs nearby, reach out to them.. and see what they can help with... in the end, it is a good class— and can help both you as your club.... I hope this helps!
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