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  1. I assume the spring that comes with the ZEV Technologies Competition Spring Kit is 4#?
  2. About that time.. Prices seem to be around $300 but a lot of people are out of stock, just want to make sure people are raising prices because availability...
  3. Seems fairly common, my question is why dont people just spend the extra $40 and get a lightweight firing pin so they can use the 4# spring?
  4. If I get the Zev competition spring kit and Zev pro connector and dont use the reduced power firing pin spring (I'd rather avoid light primer strikes) is it going to change my results on the pull a lot?
  5. Zen spring kit comes with extra heavy trigger spring, reduced power firing pin spring, and reduced power firing pin safety spring... If I dont use the firing pin spring (I'd rather not deal with light primer strikes) will it still lower my pull a good bit?
  6. I dont remember if it was here or not, but I've shot production for quite a while now without changing a thing on my G17 (like everyone said)... At this point, whats the go to changes on my trigger to start testing out on practice days? Before anyone says "its different for everyone", I know, but if you shoot a "milspec" AR trigger for 3 years then test out a SSA-E, AR gold, etc you WILL notice a difference, I am just asking what "most" people tend to change so I can run the tests myself. Thanks
  7. I know everyone thinks its a waste of money, as did I, but the $100 dry fire mag is pretty damn nifty and I cant really say the $100 wasnt worth it
  8. Obviously you can only pull the trigger once to dryfire.. I know there are dryfire mags, etc.... but what are you guys doing? I assume there has to be a standard and its not that...
  9. Ok.. so I do pass low recoil loads in the store but never even pick them up cause shooting on my property I just buy cheap target rounds... So for 3-gun do you guys usually just run standard 1oz 2 3/4 #8? There's no low recoil other than in slugs? Is it even worth it (I guess if its the same price and cycles it is)?
  10. Long time skeet shooter, semi new 3 gun.. Is there a go-to soft(er) shooting round known to cycle perfect in the M3K with a 5rd ext? I'd like to stock up on one or two of the "known to run like a top" loads
  11. Seems to be $50 cheaper than everywhere else but I dont want to wait months...
  12. Ok thats what I was looking at. I try and be a bare necessities guy and have 2 bags, one for the range and one for uspsa (which consists of nearly nothing) but then I have to transfer stuff from one to the next which is just calling for me to forget something so I'd rather just have it all together and throw it in a cart and call it a day
  13. I'm looking for a "wagon" not really a "shooting cart". Are you guys just getting them on Amazon? I like my bag but its big and fullll of crap, I am sick of hauling it around... I'm only30 but I'm ready for a pull cart already
  14. Thanks for all the answers, hadn't been back to check on this. This (post) is my thoughts exactly, and as far as the person cut, I was told about it (which was probably an exaggerated story). The amount of matches shot at semi-close range are astronomical and you never hear about it, but those one or two "stories" always have me wondering. But the reason for asking was because the difference in several steel targets on a few stages and me renting a bay and shooting 500+ rounds at steel, just weighing my odds hah. I love shooting steel, even if its just mixed in a match or practice and the place I practice charges $20 to rent steel which isn't bad, but its not terribly expensive to buy and you get more variety than they have and I can just throw it in the truck bed. I park in my "bay" at the practice club so it wouldn't be much of a pain to bring my own. Looks like I will carry on with my shooting, as long as you have good glasses it seems to be safer than some make it out to be.
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