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  1. Ouch! My comment was tongue-in-cheek, though I guess all jokes have some element of truth to it (I need to improve my accuracy).
  2. I resent the change! Missing a 2x3 sliver deserves something better (sounding) than missing lower A zone, which is 12x bigger.
  3. Awesome job! Was wondering the other day if scores over 100% are in fact part of your average (at 105 or 107, etc) or does it get loaded in as simply 100%.
  4. Not really a game but yoga is excellent for training shooting sports. Got into it doing p90x workouts and it’s no joke. Strength, flexibility, breathing control and ability to “center” and relax your mind. Sounds something out of Beyond Fundamentals!
  5. Glad you guys have had better luck. I have zev ultimate kits in my glock 17, 21, 34 and 35. All were polished once again for good measure. My lyman trigger gauge says the 17 is the lightest at 4.1#.
  6. 2.1#.....How did you do that? My zev ultimates were never better than 4.5lbs and I re-polished it all myself.
  7. Thats awesome! Absolutely dying to get my Titan next week. My alpha x is just waiting.
  8. I’ve tried a bunch of connectors, polished everything and installed $230 zev Tech ultimate kits. At the end of the day, that system is generally going to be a zero sum game between trigger weight and “crispness”. Maybe Johnny Glock can build you a 2.5# trigger but you start to defeat internal safeties and your cost in the gun is the same as a used Edge. I am a glock fan and own lots of them but gave up on them for limited because the 2011 platform is superior in every way except cost IMO (higher frame weight, lower slide weight, trigger pulls back rather than on fulcrum, etc).
  9. I just copy my matches into excel from the practiscore website....each stage into separate excel tabs. Press “control” and “A” simultaneously and it’ll select everything. contol + c copies everything control + v pastes everything I do some formatting clean up but it works. Lately some of the ad images get transferred but you can delete them. This scoring spreadsheet I built may also be of value. Best used on desktop machine.... https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-atfeg2NSYBVpmVksfK82o0R3CXlIIJgNlDtmXt8nK4/edit#gid=0
  10. I probably already missed the last slot. Didn’t have enough time to run it by the wife, who worked today, so maybe I’ll take your advice and do the monthly match. Thx!
  11. Can any previous or current first-timers chime in?
  12. Thanks, Glk! Prizes given on day 1 or end? Think Day 1.
  13. Practiscore registration opens up today. I tried to find a thread on Area 8 logistics from prior years but was unable to find much. I’ve never shot a level three match before so I’m trying to answer some questions and solicit answers to things I don’t know enough about to ask! I tried to join the area 8 Facebook page a few times but am “pending”. Can you answer one or two below? -Does it fill up quickly on practiscore? -If I got in could I pick the day to start? -Can you shoot in one day or is it a multi-day commitment? -Places to stay and eat nearby any good? -General vibe of that match? -Did you enjoy it? -Would it be insane to do this as first level III match? If so what’s better near DC? Thanks in advance!
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