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  1. The 2.0 is available now all over. 4 and 5". Apex has 2.0 parts on the site.
  2. HKpro is saying that a VP9L will be at SHOT.
  3. Honeybooboo

    Gen 3 or Gen 4

    I have and yea it lightens the pull but there's still more creep because of the dot connector verse a standard connector. With all things being equal, the gen 4 will be about a half pound heavier than a gen 3 because of the tighter geometry. I've tried a standard connector in a gen 4 and that didn't work well either. I use medium backstraps on a gen 4 anyway so there's no point to a gen 4 imo if the trigger will never be as good. I've had several gen 4s and several gen 3s.
  4. With the Shadow 2 coming out is the regular sp01 shadow still relevant? Are they going to keep making them?
  5. That seems like a super light recoil spring. CGW days not to go below 15lbs on the p09.
  6. SJC frame weight. Brass magwell TTI base pads sights whatever trigger work guide rod and springs.
  7. Honeybooboo

    Gen 3 or Gen 4

    I just bought a vickers glock and the trigger is much better than my gen 4's. Not sure I'm liking the RTF2 but I won't go back to gen 4's.
  8. I have never considered an H&K for competition but I was messing with a USP tactical yesterday and that thing is sweet. I like the trigger and ergos. It'd be funny to roll up to a match with one.
  9. I have the case tumbler listed there. The smaller Dillon one. I guess my biggest confusion still is case prep. I was planning on buying the best brass I can to start. So Lapua. So after I load and shoot my first run, what's needed to get the brass ready to reload other than cleaning it?
  10. I'm looking to get in to reloading. I've been a little nervous to jump in to it but it's time. I built a package through Dillon. What else do I need to load 9mm for sure and probably 45? Dillon XL650 - Case feeder - Powder check - Bullet tray - low powder sensor - 9mm pistol dies - 9mm case guage - D-terminator electric scale - Primer flip tray - primer pickup tubes - digital caliper - Lyman reloading book - Dillon case cleaner - case/media separator
  11. I've been eyeing Atlas hard. What am I getting with an Atlas Titan compared to the STI DVC limited with the Atlas tune and trigger job?
  12. Honeybooboo

    Gen 3 or Gen 4

    The very nature of a dot connector is what makes it mushier. A standard connector will be the crispest, but in a gen 4 it results in a real heavy trigger.
  13. I've seen this happen to good shooters that really know what they are doing and I don't know the reason for it. All I can say is get another rod and new springs and see if it still happens.
  14. Honeybooboo

    Gen 3 or Gen 4

    Gen 3. I have gen 4's but may sell for gen 3's because they have much better triggers. I'm picky about triggers and gen 3's have lighter and crisper triggers all else being equal. They are more reliable too when you start swapping springs because of the geometry.
  15. A few years ago it seemed like the xdm was fairly popular. Now it seems like nobody shoots one. The ergos are pretty good, the trigger is good and can be excellent. Is it because if you aren't shooting a Glock the ppq, 320, etc have taken over as the alternative?
  16. Honeybooboo

    Glock 17M

    The traditional rifling is so that they can trace bullets back to specific guns. Glock did not want to do the flared magwell and fought it hard.
  17. I shoot glocks. Got a Dan Wesson valor and did not like it at all. The trigger was great but otherwise not a fan. Got caught up in the hype. Got a Stock 2 and had trigger work done. Wasn't a fan of that either. I'm just a trashy Glock whore I guess. I want to try a PPQ and VP9 though. I bet a PPQ trigger in a glock though would be hnggggg.
  18. Kyle Defoor mentioned his gen 4 19 shooting real high. He switched the recoil rod or something and that apparently fixed it. I dunno?
  19. How does the recoil spring affect the striker spring? I understand that using a light recoil spring with a stock striker spring could cause out of battery situations. But how would using a light striker spring with a stock recoil spring affect things?
  20. I've been buying gen 4's but have been getting frustrated. I generally don't like minus connectors because it makes for a mushy break. The dot connector in a gen 4 is decent but still has some creep compared to a standard connector. A standard connector in a gen 4 is heavy. It seems like the gen 3's have better triggers overall and can be crisper and smoother. Is anybody shooting gen 3's specifically for the trigger?
  21. Sphinx is done. Bankrupt or something. But out of business.
  22. You don't need a conversion. Jäger makes gen 4 rods. Polymer, steel, and oversized extra heavy steel. Captured. Uncaptured. Whatever you want.
  23. Haha don't know why I used that name. Also, I think gen 3's are more forgiving of aggressive spring setups. Gen 4's seem to have more problems with light striker springs combined with heavy trigger springs. I believe the geometry is more aggressive. Steeper trigger spring angle.
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