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  1. Kyle Defoor mentioned his gen 4 19 shooting real high. He switched the recoil rod or something and that apparently fixed it. I dunno?
  2. How does the recoil spring affect the striker spring? I understand that using a light recoil spring with a stock striker spring could cause out of battery situations. But how would using a light striker spring with a stock recoil spring affect things?
  3. I've been buying gen 4's but have been getting frustrated. I generally don't like minus connectors because it makes for a mushy break. The dot connector in a gen 4 is decent but still has some creep compared to a standard connector. A standard connector in a gen 4 is heavy. It seems like the gen 3's have better triggers overall and can be crisper and smoother. Is anybody shooting gen 3's specifically for the trigger?
  4. Sphinx is done. Bankrupt or something. But out of business.
  5. You don't need a conversion. Jäger makes gen 4 rods. Polymer, steel, and oversized extra heavy steel. Captured. Uncaptured. Whatever you want.
  6. Haha don't know why I used that name. Also, I think gen 3's are more forgiving of aggressive spring setups. Gen 4's seem to have more problems with light striker springs combined with heavy trigger springs. I believe the geometry is more aggressive. Steeper trigger spring angle.
  7. I don't think it's the extra power trigger spring on its own. That combined with a light firing pin spring will possibly cause reset issues. Just a guess but you are probably running a 4lb spring or something right?If you are running a 4lb striker spring it's probably best to use a stock trigger spring. If you have a heavier striker spring I think you can get away with the extra power trigger spring. The striker spring is resetting the trigger. So if that's weak, and then needs to battle a heavier trigger spring it's going to reset the trigger with less force. I am no armored. Just what I'm thinking after experience with different triggers, springs, kits, etc.
  8. Literally a dot. Standard connector has nothing. Minus has a - and plus has a +.
  9. The mushiness is from the connector. All these kits use minus connectors. If you give up some weight and go to a dot or standard connector it cleans up the pull a ton. Still light but it won't be 2.5-3lbs. (Gen 3's typically .5lb lighter with the same setup) I keep reading the term "dot connector". What exactly is that? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Glock has the standard connector that comes on gen 3's. With the gen 4 the trigger will be a half pound heavier then the gen 3 because of the steeper geometry of the trigger parts. So Glock came out with the dot connector for the gen 4's. It's in between a minus connector and the standard. Gen 3's will always be able to get a little bit better triggers.
  10. The mushiness is from the connector. All these kits use minus connectors. If you give up some weight and go to a dot or standard connector it cleans up the pull a ton. Still light but it won't be 2.5-3lbs. (Gen 3's typically .5lb lighter with the same setup)
  11. The full kit is badass. It's as light and short you'll get a glock trigger. If you are doing it get the full kit with the striker. However, I also like stock triggers with a standard or dot connector with an extra power trigger spring and either a 5lb striker spring or 4-4.5lb with an aftermarket striker. I'm not a fan of the creep you get with a minus connector. I'd rather give up some weight and get more crispness with a heavier connector and lose weight with springs.
  12. When you get a magwell and frame weight on there it'll take things down quite a bit. Especially once you start reloading.
  13. SJC frame weight Dawson brass magwell or TTI magwell TTI base pads Dawson sights KKM barrel 15lb recoil spring for major For trigger either just a polish with a standard connector (no minus) with an extra power trigger spring and a 4lb striker spring with a jäger striker; or a DK trigger. This gun would shoot real flat. Only thing you'd be giving up to a 2011 is a trigger imo. And I like the glock ergos better. I like the more aggressive angle and lower bore axis. I'm considering this myself. Have a Stock 2 for production but limited is fun. Would be a cool steel challenge gun too. Maybe without the frame weight for that.
  14. Ok. Guess we will see. Anyone ever use Atlanta Arms in their Tanfos?
  15. Honeybooboo

    Glock 34-35?

    Wait you shoot a 35, but want a 34 for limited and want to switch it to 40? Why not build up the 35 for limited? I'd do an SJC frame weight Brass magwell TTI base pads Flat trigger Would be a sweet limited glock.
  16. I've run 147g American Eagle through a stock 2 and had no issues. Just ordered some Atlanta Arms 124g because I like that they make 130pf and shoot noticeably lighter then the factory stuff like american eagle, umc, etc. Always ran great in my Glock 34. But I'm seeing that they have an OAL of 1.145 which seems pretty long for the stock 2's. Does anybody know the OAL of the 147g American Eagle? Wondering if I'm going to have any issues.
  17. Me too but grip tape on the smooth grips like posted above seems like a good option.
  18. Kinda weird because the old style sight looks like it's on the new style frame and the new style sight is on the old style frame. I have the new style frame with the old sight in your pic.
  19. These ones? http://henningshop.com/products/tanfoglio-matchsteel-smooth-grip-special-deal
  20. I still haven't found any marketed as new style so if anybody knows of any aluminum grip panels let me know.
  21. I've been told that most of the grips don't quite fit right in the newer style Stock 2 frames. I was told to buy grips made for the new style. Who makes these?
  22. Jim bodkin just finished mine. Should have it any day. He does Stoeger's guns and seems to be the top Tanfo guy.
  23. You can make a Ben stock 2 by sending it to Jim Bodkin.
  24. They are much easier to get now so there's going to be more used ones on the market. Guys that don't like them, wanted to experiment and just try one, going to limited, whatever.
  25. Probably could do it taking my time but I'd rather just have a pro do it. Went out to Bodkin today so I'm excited to get it back.
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