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  1. It simulates recoil while dry firing. By many peoples opinion, it is a great practice and dry firing tool.
  2. I don't see a Coolfire trainer for either the Lim Pro or Stock II. They do have one for the Witness Elite Limited .40 and Match 5" 9mm. They also have for some CZ models. Has anyone come across a Coolfire trainer that works with the Lim Pro or Stock II 9mm?
  3. I've been thinking of putting together a CO pistol for USPSA/IDPA. I have a couple of Lim Pros and a Stock II. If I do this I figure it would be with one of the Lim Pros as they are legal in USPSA and IDPA and I would still leave a Production Stock II and an SSP Lim Pro. The optic I would probably go with is a 5 MOA Trijicon SRO when available. I figure I could either go with a EWG mount like posted below and if I remove it, I can put my rear sight back on. Or, I can get the slide milled, set the optic lower and go all in. http://www.egwguns.com/pistol-and-red-dot-mounts/trijicon-rmr-sight-mount-for-eaa-super-sight/ - For those that have tried a EGW type mount, does this setup well for competition or does the higher mount make finding the dot too frustrating or too bouncy? - I'd feel a little better about milling if the mill job came with a return cap/plate with rear sight dovetail allowing return of the rear sight and coming back out of CO. For those that went for the mill job what convinced you to make that decision?
  4. I'm seeing that Everglades is $1 more than Xtreme for .147g RN plated .356 diameter bullets per 1000 but Everglades shows free shipping so there is some savings. I usually jump on an Xtreme sale so that usually makes up for some shipping. Does Everglades offer specials also? Coated bullets are not a good idea for PCC rifle barrels? I do play PCC every once in a while as a sideline fun distraction.
  5. Memphis. I will get my stock2 barrel reemed at PD like my Lim Pros. I do prefer the .147g that i’ve been shooting for years. Given that what do u recommend, staying with Xtreme or trying out theBlacks? I believe my Xtremes OAL are currently in the low 1.120s.
  6. Anybody run 147g 9mm Black Bullets out of their Tanfo's? What do you think? Any issues with buildup inside the barrel? I have been running .147g Xtreme and I'm happy with them but I think I could save a little switching. I have run Molly coated type bullets Bayou and Cimeron before in my Glock 34 KKM barrel days. I do think the Xtremes have been better on the reloading. If you have loaded the .147g 9mm Blacks with Titegroup what was your powder measure?
  7. Thanks Dazhi. Will be at Doubletap Friday.
  8. I got a good deal on the mags, made sense to just replace the whole thing instead of just the spring.
  9. In one of my 9mm Lim Pro which is tuned nicely, I recently replaced the PD 13lbs hammer spring and the Wolf 9lbs recoil spring. I also ordered 6 new mags to deal with widening feed lips and weaker springs in my old ones. But that lead me to think what should be a good annual or semi-anual replacement plan. Ive got all the other stuff in there like PD extended striker and spring, bolo and other springs. Anybody have a tune-up program they use to replace springs and parts?
  10. Is there any reason to get a P Match or P Match Pro when one can just get a Stock 1, Lim Prod (if can find one) or Stock II (if not IDPA). Can the triggers in these Polly guns be tuned down as good as a steel gun? I would be very interested in one of these if it countered the Sig P320 X-FIVE. But I would have rather seen a striker fired 3.5 trigger in the P Match Pro and weight inserts to get it up to at least 35oz.
  11. 5 of mine measure around 0.369 at the opening edge of the lip. There were a couple that measure 0.580 or higher. When they get too wide, do you try to bed them back with pliers are just toss them and get new ones? I'm going to get a couple new ones since I was going to replace mag springs anyways and the cost of a complete one is close to a new mag body + new mag spring.
  12. I shoot Production SSP, so 10+1 rounds in the gun. I had just cleaned my mags (outside only) and gun the night before.
  13. This hasn't been a problem with my 9mm Lim Pro but I had 2 double feeds today at a match while reloading. The slide is set to close on reload so I slam the mag home to ensure the slide closes. Its set good on this gun so I don't really need to slam it hard. I did clean my gun last night and lubed it as well as cleaning the outside of the mags. I also replaced the hammer spring with a PD 13 lbs spring and the recoil sprint with a Wolf 9 lbs spring. On the recoil spring, I'm not sure what was in there before. I bought the gun from a friend and he had it tuned. The old recoil spring looked like it had some coils clipped on one end. I haven't changed my mag springs for a year. Unfortunately, I did not save the mag on the malfunction. I typically rotate 6 mags during a match. Someone suggested maybe the mag spring is getting weak. Any suggestions? If it happens again, I will definitely identify the mag and see if its just one problem. In any case, I don't mind replacing all mag springs with extra power springs.
  14. Thanks...with 124gr bullet and 3.3 grains of Titegroup, is your OAL 1.140? Do you think for Xtreme 124gr bullet and OAL 1.130, I should still start off with Titegroup 3.3 grains? I'll have a Blitzkrieg piston comp and SJC PCC comp in an FX-9 carbine.
  15. I'm thinking about working up a 115gr 9mm Titegroup load for my PCC. I normally load Xtreme 147gr with Titegroup 3.2 COL~1.122 for my pistol. Looking at Hodgden site for Titegroup: 9mm Luger, 115 GR. LRN, COL=1.100 Starting (GRS / Velocity) 3.9 1,075 Max (GRS / Velocity) 4.3 1151 I think I would like to increase COL to 1.130 thinking it may feed better in my Glock PCC mags. I'm not a knowledgeable loader, I just figure out what I need and stick with it. So I'm going to ask some questions which may be obvious to some of you guys. - Do you think at COL 1.130 I should still start off with 3.9grs of Titegroup? Given the Hodgdon load data is for pistol, would it be better if I dropped it down some to like to 3.5grs of Titegroup for a higher velocity 16" barrel? The idea is to reach power factor of 130-135. - Is there any logic as to whether a liter bullet (115gr) with more powder would have less perceived recoil than a heavier bullet (147gr) with less powder? Rifle would have a compensator and I imagine the liter bullet would produce more gas.
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