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  1. Awesome. I’ve always wondered why there wasn’t a steel framed striker gun. I mean I get why, limited market, but thought it would be awesome. Hopefully this his will help control the flippy nature of the polymer Q5. Could be huge. Can’t wait to handle one.
  2. I like plastic striker fired guns. So id be looking at Glocks or M&Ps. Maybe a PPQ but those are definitely flippier/harder to control although the triggers make it so easy to be accurate. Still, tough to beat a Glock if you aren’t going. metal
  3. Totally forgot about this thread. I’ve picked up a couple Glocks since then as well as a Ruger EC9 that I actually really like. Also loving the Glock G45. Now that the VP9B is out I wouldn’t mind one of those. I was shooting yesterday and handled a PPQ Q4 tac at the shop and that’s nice too. But the high bore throws me off. I want something to put a red dot on and I’m like eh the dot would be like a mile above my hands. Interested to see what comes out at SHOT this year.
  4. What do you think is done to them?
  5. If you like plastic guns but maybe don’t like the grip of a Glock then the M&P 2.0 is the way to go. Shoots soft and great ergos.
  6. Also going to get the TTI base pads for it. Those, along with the tungsten guide rod, should help slightly with taming down the one big negative of the PPQ.
  7. This looks like the way to go wing a factory part and all.
  8. I know. That’s why I was confused. Maybe it was a bad one.
  9. Not a big 1911 guy. I’d like a 2011 at some point though. I went to the store ready to buy one. Then I dry fired it and was like really? The trigger was awful. Gritty and tons of creep. Like a mile of creep. Couldn’t even call it a rolling break. It was like a double action trigger.
  10. I do have a 2.0 full size and it’s a great gun. Good options. I’ve shot both actually. I think I preferred the PPQ SC slightly. However, I hear that they changed a lot of the internals and it’s vastly different from the PPQ. I don’t know if that’s good or bad but people seem mad that it uses the PPQ name and likeness.
  11. Looking for something to buy for fun/possible carry and not necessarily for a division. What do you think? PPQ VP9 or p320
  12. Do you have a Patreon? You are one of the few guys worth giving money to if it helps keep these reviews going.
  13. Watched it when it came out. Favorite series on YouTube. I like that you review guns that might not necessarily be considered competition guns because it gives a unique prospective.
  14. I’ve messaged apex but I believe there are some important changes in the 2.0 trigger. I think it uses different geometries and a different trigger bar and stuff. I don’t know exactly but yea. But if the pre-travel can be cleaned up while lowering pull weight just a bit, then the 2.0 trigger would be fantastic. I dont want want to change the overall feel of the trigger. I like how it breaks, that it breaks further back, and the reset.
  15. Can you run the USB by itself? I see on apex’s website it says it’s designed to work with the apex sear but honestly the 2.0 trigger is pretty damn good stock. Just looking to clean up the pre travel a bit and maybe get the overall pull a little lighter.
  16. It’s a tough call. Both can be super competitive. Both shoot soft. Glocks are good because of the low bores and aggressive grip angles. The gen 5 triggers are really nice. Easy to work on and replace stuff. The 2.0 has a low bore too and a very rough grip texture so stays put. Could probably use some more stippling higher on the grip though. The trigger is good. Really light from the factory. I still think it’s a toss up.
  17. I have both but I’m just curious as to what others think that may have shot both.
  18. They look cool. They probably get banged up pretty easing being soft brass.
  19. There’s nothing wrong with the hump. On a full size gun it drives your hand high. On compacts, yea I could see the issue. Glock grip angle is best grip angle. Allows an aggressive thumbs forward grip that locks your wrists and gets the bore low. Everything you want for fast shooting.
  20. If it’s a spring issue I don’t see why you couldn’t use a 17 round spring in the 15 rounder with an extension.
  21. Get a Thug Plug from the glockstore. Sits flush, it’s brass and coated black.
  22. Makes sense. It’s a really narrow grip. I’ve never shot one but every time I want to buy one I stop myself.
  23. Glock just needs to come out with a damn non MOS gun.
  24. I’m aware of that.
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