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  1. The trigger finger always worked better for me. However, I really don't like doing anything with that finger besides pulling the trigger. I know it might be a psychological thing, but I'm always afraid that if I give my trigger finger too many jobs that it might confuse one with the other. I don't want to get a "bang" when I really want the mag to drop. This is of course a training issue... but I have sooooo many repetitions with the standard mag release. Plus I also like shooting non-HK pistols as well. Going back and forth is a recipe for messing it up, IMO.
  2. DoctorH, while I might not have all the answers, I can at least empathize fully with your situation. At age 18, I developed a significant case of 4th nerve palsy in my left eye. The only way I could keep from seeing double was to have a substantial head tilt to the right. Considering that I only started regularly shooting at age 21, I was in a terrible position to start up something that requires solid visual abilities. The only way I could do anything was to close or patch my left eye or tilt the crap out of my head... playing pool, shooting pistols, reading books. I tried prism glasses.
  3. Damn... I forgot to put the part about not clipping coils in my original post here like I did when I posted the same question on HKpro. I've done a fair amount of research on the matter and despite the various debates on line about it, I'm of the belief that cutting coils off a spring reduces preload and makes the beginning part of the travel softer (since it's shorter -- duh) but that it actually stiffens the spring at the later half of the travel. This was something I ran into back when I was toying around with vehicle modifications... people who cut coil spring to lower their cars act
  4. Based on what I'm seeing (as well as reading online), HKs are typically over-sprung. Plus I usually go to a lighter spring for all competition / target guns regardless for all the usual reasons that people switch to lighter springs (ie, use with minor loads, faster slide speed, avoiding slide momentum causing nose to dip when slamming forward, etc.). This pistol will not be a "competition pistol" per se, but I would occasionally like to swap out the spring for use with some lighter target loads. I just can't find anyone offering a spring option for the pistols.
  5. Is there a source of lighter recoil springs? Or does anyone know if springs for a different pistol would fit?
  6. At the moment the Q5 is a rare sighting. Having never handled a P320, examine a PPQ long slide side by side with a P320. If the base versions don't work for you, the optic ready examples will be no different. This is definitely correct with regards to the Q5. Aside from the milled slide, a couple of holes, and a different color trigger, they are the same.
  7. I wonder about the durability of MagPul mags. Their plastic seems harder than the factory mags (which I suppose they should be since they aren't lined).
  8. Yeah, it's the same reason why there aren't any good all steel mag bodies for Glocks, only in reverse.
  9. ^^^ This is exactly where I feel it when I hold the pistol. It's also what I figured would happen if I put any substantial number of rounds through the pistol, which is why I didn't even consider buying it after dry-firing it at the store. The pistol I tried had the medium grip. I suppose that going to a larger grip would make it worse (or at least, not make it any better). I usually need to put the largest backstrap on every pistol I buy or I don't have room to have my support hand make any contact with the grip. Back when I primarily shot revolvers, I would shave down the wood grip on
  10. It wasn't. Fail to read the whole thread? I can't believe I am doing this. First this: I doubt it will come down much. I bought a ppq m2 and a navy when they first came out and they look like they are about the same price today. Walthers have always been a bit pricey.Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk To which I said this: To which he said this: Wow really? In the mid 4's?I got rid of my ppq's over a year ago and kind of regreted selling them. Might be a good time to grab one! The market is over saturated with guns... Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk To w
  11. wrong gun What's the "wrong gun"? I was responding to the comment about seeing PPQ's for mid to high $400s. I wasn't talking about the Q5 if that's what you're saying.
  12. I swear I saw them on sale at a LGS for $459 a month or two back. I could be misremembering that price (since I was only looking for a 5" and it wasn't on sale), but I know that Osage County Guns is selling them for $499 right now on gunbroker.
  13. I've seen PPQ's in the mid to upper $400's lately. I don't recall seeing them that cheap when they first came out. However, you're probably right about the Q5. At the very least, it will be a couple of years before there is a substantial drop in price, if at all.
  14. They are new and a low volume make / model. I would suspect that over time the price would come down.
  15. I played around with one at a shop last week. I thought I'd love it, but it wasn't to be. Turns out that my hand just doesn't fit well on the PPQ platform. The hump on the back of the grip wasn't "right" for me, but I could have lived with that. The real issue was the fact that my thumb knuckle hit the corner of beavertail area (in the same way that MAC on youtube complains about the Ruger American). It was noticeable just holding the gun for 2 minutes that I'm sure it would be a major problem after a few hundred rounds (or likely many less than that) in a session. If I already owned the
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