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    I've been shooting IDPA, IPSC, action and steel for a little over a year.
    I'm shooting Bianchi this year for the 1st time.
    Update: been shooting for 5 years now and made SSP Master at the IDPA national championships this year. (2014)
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  1. I have both the first and second generation M & P pros. An Apex barrel, in both my pistols, will shoot inch and a half groups all day long if you do your part.
  2. I have shot blue bullets in three different barrels in my M&P pro. They do not group well in any of them... If you buy a barrel, get an Apex semi drop in!
  3. File down the bottom of the follower
  4. I don’t know what kind of accuracy you are looking for but my semi fit for the pro shoots 1-1.5” at 25yds all day...
  5. The 13# works well for my 5" pro. Has anyone else had the problem of the spring slipping over the head of the guide rod screw? I destroyed 2 ISMI springs trying to get them to work...
  6. I have both. KKM is definitely better than stock but the apex is much superior. I have shot 1” 5 round groups at 25yds. (Handloads)
  7. If I do my job, the apex barrel will shoot 1" 25 yd groups!
  8. I use green for indoors and red for outside. Green overpowers your front sight in day light.
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