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    I've been shooting IDPA, IPSC, action and steel for a little over a year.
    I'm shooting Bianchi this year for the 1st time.
    Update: been shooting for 5 years now and made SSP Master at the IDPA national championships this year. (2014)
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    David Williamson

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  1. YES Switch it to the other side!
  2. I have both the first and second generation M & P pros. An Apex barrel, in both my pistols, will shoot inch and a half groups all day long if you do your part.
  3. I have shot blue bullets in three different barrels in my M&P pro. They do not group well in any of them... If you buy a barrel, get an Apex semi drop in!
  4. File down the bottom of the follower
  5. I don’t know what kind of accuracy you are looking for but my semi fit for the pro shoots 1-1.5” at 25yds all day...
  6. Didn't know you could do that... Thanks!
  7. The 13# works well for my 5" pro. Has anyone else had the problem of the spring slipping over the head of the guide rod screw? I destroyed 2 ISMI springs trying to get them to work...
  8. saab

    Apex or KKM

    I have both. KKM is definitely better than stock but the apex is much superior. I have shot 1” 5 round groups at 25yds. (Handloads)
  9. If I do my job, the apex barrel will shoot 1" 25 yd groups!
  10. I use green for indoors and red for outside. Green overpowers your front sight in day light.
  11. Not looking to carry it. It's for competition...
  12. Does anyone have or know of a mag well for the M&P compact?
  13. I have been happy with my KKM. Regularly shoot 2" groups. That is with 115gr Zero hp's. It will NOT shoot any other weight bullets worth a crap!
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