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  1. ^^^ So if price isn’t a concern, Q5 or TP9SFX, or the same thing really? i saw that Sprinco offers a recoil rod with red and white spring options. Is the red spring still lighter than factory?
  2. I saw that. I like your videos. That’s what’s holding me back from a Q5 or Canik. They seem flippy but maybe it’s not that bad.
  3. My dealer has some in. I keep hearing everyone who reviews them say “they are great for the money.” What if price wasn’t a factor and you are comparing it to everything else out there, does it still compare? I hear that they may not shoot as smooth as some other and be a bit flippy. But that’s the same with the walthers that I guess they are copying. I handled the glock 19 sized one and good ergos, tight fit, and awesome trigger. I can’t see what would be holding it back.
  4. Honeybooboo

    TS Orange

    Are these good to go out of the box? Do they need tuning or anything to run right? Never had a limited gun and I like the idea of something less finicky then a 2011.
  5. Thats what I figured but it got me thinking that maybe Sig will surprise everyone like usual.
  6. Do you think there’s a possibility Sig may update the MPX and do a gen 3? That’s what I hate about sig. they just roll out new guns every year and then whatever came before it is old news and unsupported. The MPX gen 1/gen 2 thong was enough of a mess but look at all the various sig rifles and even just within the MCX. Now they are calling the Virtus the “final chapter.” Yea okayyyy. Maybe so, until you come out with the NCX or something next year.
  7. I think I’ve decided on the Sig. I’m going to get the FDE one, put on a Lancer Carbon Fiber handguard to reduce weight, and a Sig Golding stock. Expensive but better be sweet. MPX: 1880 Lancer: 320 folding stock: 240 and then a trigger. Sig went back and forth but you can use standard AR triggers right? Or did Geiselle or someone come out with an MPX trigger?
  8. Wow. $320 is expensive but worth it I guess.
  9. The Lancer is slickkkk. Do you notice a lot of weight difference?
  10. It’ll be factory ammo, but probably Atlanta Arms stuff so soft stuff. I just want something that runs and is reliable. With the MPX I’d want to do that light barrel and handguard and trigger so it’d be pricey but whatever. The AR Taccom upper looks interesting. What’s a good to go assembled lower I can just bolt that on?
  11. I need a 9mm Carbine and there’s 3 I like but haven’t shot them so I’m ordering blind. MPX: it’s all about the smooth cycling and soft shooting. JP GMR 15: It’s a JP. But I hear they are front heavy Nordic AR9: Lots of reviewers for samples on YouTube and they seem legit. I don’t have a need for changeable magwells but does t hurt anything. Im leaning toward the Nordic or JP but without being able to handle either of them it’s a tough call. What say you?
  12. Does anyone sell the Range Officer with a trigger job already done?
  13. I’m looking for a 9mm PCC blaster. I really like the looks of the JP. They are pricey but Shooter’s Connection has a bunch in stock at $1800. I’d feel a lot better at 1500 but it is what it is. I’ve never seen one in person and have never even shot a 9mm AR. So it’s pretty much a blind buy. Are you guys happy with them? I’ve never been totally sold on a CZ EVO. I think they need a lot of parts to get them to where I want so it’d basically be JP money anyway by the time I do a trigger pack, new rail, new safety and grip. The MPX has the most innovative system and I like that it’s a soft shooter, don’t have to worry about spring strength keeping the bolt closed but balancing it to reduce recoil and all that. Feels a bit front heavy, cost the same as a JP, and I really don’t like Sig as a company. So yea, sell me on JP basically I guess.
  14. Hmmm. I’m liking that Taccom CF setup. I was at my dealer today and they had an MPX K in stock. On the the other hand the standard carbine is sweet. Hmmm.
  15. If the SFX is considered single action so is the XDM and PPQ and those are legal.
  16. Along with the vp9sk check it out. http://www.heckler-koch.com/en/products/military/pistols/sfp9/sfp9-l/product-overview.html
  17. The PPQ is nice but has some flaws for action shooting. It recoils more than the competition and results in slower splits. The grip is pretty slick. That seems to be the consensus by just about everyone that tries them for action shooting. The trigger is awesome but considering what you can do to glock and m&p triggers it kind of makes that a mute point. I dont one know if the 5" tames it at all.
  18. Debating if I should play in Limited or single stack next. Should I get a CK Hardcore 2011 or a CK 9mm 1911?
  19. I am planning to get a gunsmith fit barrel for my 2.0. I won't do the fitting myself and will take it to a gunsmith. Is this a pretty routine and simple thing for a smith to do? My local smith builds 1911s so I imagine it's nothing for him to fit a barrel but I just want to make sure it's not something that can be easily messed up.
  20. I know. This has been talked about before. I want to get a PCC. My brain keeps telling me to get an MPX because because of it's advantages, primarily the fact that it shoots real soft for fast splits. For some reason i really want the CZ. I like its light weight and it just feels good shouldering. Tafan Butler says the MPX is a real advantage over everything out there. Is it really the case? Are you limiting yourself with a CZ?
  21. Wouldn't your hand hit he magwell awkwardly?
  22. Not sure how to best describe this but I was shooting today and thinking about how the gun lines up in your hand, wrists, and arms. When you watch guys like Bob Vogel talk about grip they sort of clamp in on the gun and the elbows flare out. This causes the gun to line up at an angle compared to the wrist. I've seen this called an "offset grip." i was watching a video with Jon McPhee. He's a former Green Beret and Delta guy. He was talking about the importance of lining the gun up with the arm. I've seen this called an "in-line grip." I don't think it can ever really get fully in line with an isosceles stance because the gun is in the center of your body and your arms don't come out of your chest. He says the in-line grip is important for accuracy. If the gun is offset in your hand it'll cause you to pull shots. So shooting today I was trying to focus on tucking my elbows in and getting the gun in line with my arm as much as possible. It seemed like this provided more muzzle control because my shooting arm was locked and absorbing recoil, compared to having my wrist offset and it being harder to control. Maybe I'm overthinking it but does anyone pay attention to how your wrist and arms line up with the gun. What have you found?
  23. I bought a 2.0 today and it's good. I got the 4.25" because that's what's available without a safety. Stippling is good and aggresive. The trigger is ok. It's right at 5lbs, pretty smooth, but the break is creepy. Recoil is smooth and light. Accuracy seemed good. Off hand I didn't have any surprises. Groups at 25 yards on an NRA B8 were fairly impressive. Still plan on an Apex gunsmith fit Barrel though to see what it's really capable of. Honestly, as a Glock fanboy I think this has greater potential if the trigger can get sorted. I've messaged Apex to see what they recommend and if it's possible to get a crisp 4lb trigger in the 2.0s. I'll keep playing with it but a 5" may be in order for production and I think that these M&P's really are underrated.
  24. They will have 2500 made next month so yes. Just have to remove the magwell.
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