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  1. I’m so mixed on this thing. Pros: price its a takedown. takes Glock mags. its a blowback but delayed blowback. From what I’m being told it’s like a double bolt design. Cons: its a takedown. Yea both pro and con. May cause unnecessary poi changes and just be a weak spot. It’s a rifle stock and no pistol grip rifle type forend. It doesn’t seem suited to PCC. No pistol grip and you can’t get a modern grip out front wrapping your thumb over the forend allowing you to drive the gun. It it seems like a good casual/play around/car/prepping type gun. For $500 I’d buy one.
  2. The 617 does seem cool. I’ve never been a big fan of 22 because I always thought it was boring but in a revolver seems like it might be cool.
  3. Is the 627 performance center worth it?
  4. Yea I’m thinking 627, gp100 match champion, or redhawk since it’s a massive hunk of metal and looks ridiculous in an awesome way.
  5. I have zero. And really no experience shooting one. But I feel like as an American I need one. Revo divisions between IDPA and USPSA are confusing. Not that I’d necessarily shoot revo in either but it’d be nice to have the option. I like the the idea of 357 for 38 special loads but I know Smith makes those 9mm Miculek models that seem popular. What about the Ruger GP100? Standard or match champion? What about the Redhawk 8 shot? Id like something I can buy some springs for and take to a gunsmith for a sweet trigger job.
  6. Thatd be sweet. Springfield has been making some cool guns lately regardless of your position on them. Their AR’s are nice.
  7. So these seem like they are good to go huh? How do they compare to an MPX as far as shootability and recoil?
  8. Honeybooboo

    WTB P320 X5

    My dealer had one a couple days ago. Are people still buying sigs? Seems like they fell off bigly with all the drop test stuff. Maybe I should buy it.
  9. Honeybooboo


    That makes sense considering it’s a double stack. Steel single stack vs steel double stack and maybe a little lower bore. Maybe. Slide seems lighter though.
  10. Honeybooboo


    Are they fun? I was fingering one at my dealer today and now I want one but the trigger needs work and I’ve heard complaints that they are kind of snappy. Doesn’t really serve a gaming purpose so it’d just be for fun I guess.
  11. You need them all to keep making entertaining videos.
  12. ^^^ So if price isn’t a concern, Q5 or TP9SFX, or the same thing really? i saw that Sprinco offers a recoil rod with red and white spring options. Is the red spring still lighter than factory?
  13. I saw that. I like your videos. That’s what’s holding me back from a Q5 or Canik. They seem flippy but maybe it’s not that bad.
  14. My dealer has some in. I keep hearing everyone who reviews them say “they are great for the money.” What if price wasn’t a factor and you are comparing it to everything else out there, does it still compare? I hear that they may not shoot as smooth as some other and be a bit flippy. But that’s the same with the walthers that I guess they are copying. I handled the glock 19 sized one and good ergos, tight fit, and awesome trigger. I can’t see what would be holding it back.
  15. Honeybooboo

    TS Orange

    Are these good to go out of the box? Do they need tuning or anything to run right? Never had a limited gun and I like the idea of something less finicky then a 2011.
  16. Thats what I figured but it got me thinking that maybe Sig will surprise everyone like usual.
  17. Do you think there’s a possibility Sig may update the MPX and do a gen 3? That’s what I hate about sig. they just roll out new guns every year and then whatever came before it is old news and unsupported. The MPX gen 1/gen 2 thong was enough of a mess but look at all the various sig rifles and even just within the MCX. Now they are calling the Virtus the “final chapter.” Yea okayyyy. Maybe so, until you come out with the NCX or something next year.
  18. I think I’ve decided on the Sig. I’m going to get the FDE one, put on a Lancer Carbon Fiber handguard to reduce weight, and a Sig Golding stock. Expensive but better be sweet. MPX: 1880 Lancer: 320 folding stock: 240 and then a trigger. Sig went back and forth but you can use standard AR triggers right? Or did Geiselle or someone come out with an MPX trigger?
  19. Wow. $320 is expensive but worth it I guess.
  20. The Lancer is slickkkk. Do you notice a lot of weight difference?
  21. It’ll be factory ammo, but probably Atlanta Arms stuff so soft stuff. I just want something that runs and is reliable. With the MPX I’d want to do that light barrel and handguard and trigger so it’d be pricey but whatever. The AR Taccom upper looks interesting. What’s a good to go assembled lower I can just bolt that on?
  22. I need a 9mm Carbine and there’s 3 I like but haven’t shot them so I’m ordering blind. MPX: it’s all about the smooth cycling and soft shooting. JP GMR 15: It’s a JP. But I hear they are front heavy Nordic AR9: Lots of reviewers for samples on YouTube and they seem legit. I don’t have a need for changeable magwells but does t hurt anything. Im leaning toward the Nordic or JP but without being able to handle either of them it’s a tough call. What say you?
  23. Does anyone sell the Range Officer with a trigger job already done?
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