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  1. Makes sense. It’s a really narrow grip. I’ve never shot one but every time I want to buy one I stop myself.
  2. Glock just needs to come out with a damn non MOS gun.
  3. I’m aware of that.
  4. The stippling and extra weight are really nice. Maybe I’m crazy but after trying a bunch of Glock triggers I’m pretty happy with a fairly stock trigger, especially in these gen 5’s. A 5lb striker spring to lighten up the pull just a bit and I’m good.
  5. True. And then I can hang upside down and all will be right.
  6. I shoot a lot at an indoor range and I want to be able to hang cardboard targets but the head box isn’t wide enough. Do any of you have any tricks or a way of attaching something to the cardboard to give something for the clips to hang on to? Was thinking I could glue a strip of cardboard to the back of the head or something but I’m sure someone here has a better method.
  7. Pretty much the same. Had a tuned stock 2. Prefer glocks. Have been trying a bunch of other polymer guns like M&Ps, vp9’s, PPQs, etc. the VP9 and PPQ are pretty sweet but their ergos don’t lend themselves to fast shooting like a Glock.
  8. Thinking about grabbing a PPQ to play with. I’ve shot a couple. Biggest con with them is that they are flippy so I want to add some weight. Figured I’d try out the M2 5” regular with no slide cuts since the slide should be a little heavier than the Q5. TTI has the base pads. Does anyone make steel guide rods and springs for the PPQ?
  9. Honeybooboo

    VP9 base pads

    I’m buying a VP9 and vp9sk to play around with and send one to grayguns. I quickly looked for base pads. I love TTI pads. I see that they don’t make VP9 base pads but they say their XDM ones fit. Is this true? Do they fit the SK mags as well?
  10. After shooting a Glock 19x and seeing how well it balances and shoots I was thinking about that for a gamer gun and was looking at the CZ Custom 75 Shadow. They seem cool and a little different. Am I stupid going for that for USPSA/IDPA over a Shadow 2? I have a Stock II but need a new blaster. Thinking the 75 might balance real well.
  11. Yea I emailed them and they quoted me within minutes. Polishing and tuning plus a bunch of Xtreme parts. May do it, nice and convenient.
  12. I wish someone did. The annoying part with stock IIs is, if you don’t do the work yourself, sending them out and dealing with the hassle of that. I wish someone sold sold them all tuned up and ready to go.
  13. What are y’all using for ear pro? I can’t decide between the MSA Supreme Pro X, peltor Comtac III, or TCIs that look like the MSAs but have better electronics. They are all expensive but the TCIs are $400+ so yea. I cant try them on so want to make a good purchase and I hear good and bad about them all. I like a smaller fitting cup. Howard Light Impact Sports for example are way to long and don’t create a good seal. I’ve heard that complaint from a lot of people.
  14. I like the stock gen 5 characteristics so I’d honestly just get a glocktriggers Guardian kit for the gen 5. All stock parts just polished to a mirror shine. May lower weight slightly from reduced friction but they are smooth. I had one in a gen 4 and although they are pricey for what you get they are really smooth.
  15. Anyone wear these for shooting? I know them from cycling and they offer a great fit. Tough for me to find glasses that fit well because I guess I have no cheeks and glasses always sit too far from my face. Jawbreakers sit pretty close and offer a lot of coverage so would I look like a tool wearing them for shooting?
  16. I need an optic for it. Thinking Steiner PX4 1-4.
  17. I may go full retard and put a JP BCG in it and buffer kit.
  18. I just ordered one for $560 to test. Could make for an excellent budget 3 gun rifle. I’m going to play with different buffer systems and stuff.
  19. Off topic but speaking of Ruger, what do you guys think of the MPR as a budget 3 gun rig?
  20. I’m so mixed on this thing. Pros: price its a takedown. takes Glock mags. its a blowback but delayed blowback. From what I’m being told it’s like a double bolt design. Cons: its a takedown. Yea both pro and con. May cause unnecessary poi changes and just be a weak spot. It’s a rifle stock and no pistol grip rifle type forend. It doesn’t seem suited to PCC. No pistol grip and you can’t get a modern grip out front wrapping your thumb over the forend allowing you to drive the gun. It it seems like a good casual/play around/car/prepping type gun. For $500 I’d buy one.
  21. The 617 does seem cool. I’ve never been a big fan of 22 because I always thought it was boring but in a revolver seems like it might be cool.
  22. Is the 627 performance center worth it?
  23. Yea I’m thinking 627, gp100 match champion, or redhawk since it’s a massive hunk of metal and looks ridiculous in an awesome way.
  24. I have zero. And really no experience shooting one. But I feel like as an American I need one. Revo divisions between IDPA and USPSA are confusing. Not that I’d necessarily shoot revo in either but it’d be nice to have the option. I like the the idea of 357 for 38 special loads but I know Smith makes those 9mm Miculek models that seem popular. What about the Ruger GP100? Standard or match champion? What about the Redhawk 8 shot? Id like something I can buy some springs for and take to a gunsmith for a sweet trigger job.
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