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  1. Got this fixed last night. Comparing the new bow to the old it was slightly longer. Shortened the bow with a punch while installed and now the half cock engaged, and doesn’t drop with the trigger
  2. FIXED. The new bow was slightly longer than the other. Couple of light taps on the rear of the bow with it installed and now the half cock works, and doesn’t drop with the trigger
  3. For sure, fair enough. But yeah shay at Akai I’m sure would be up for it
  4. So I shortened the new bow, half cock works and engages. BUT when it’s at half cock and I squeeze the trigger the hammer falls. Is that checked at chrono, or just that the hammer catches on halfcock?
  5. Thanks for the response. That was my thought, was the length but wasn’t sure. And I got the regular bow. After tomorrow’s match I’m going to give that a try with a punch. Thanks again!
  6. I threw the old trigger back in, got a match tomorrow and don’t need a ND. Swapping the old trigger bow back in the half cock now engages fully again
  7. Before with the sv trigger it had a good grip on half cock. Now with the other sv bow, it BARELY will touch the half cock and 9 out of 10 times not engage. Anything in particular I should look at?
  8. On my limited gun I had half cock on a previous trigger, but not with a new SV trigger. Is the half cock feature needed?
  9. I did. Couldn’t find anything but was seeking further advice. Thanks for the input
  10. Was reading “trigger tuning tips” on Brazos from ‘04. I dropped in a new SVI trigger bow, which replaced another SVI trigger. With the old trigger, when the hammer was at half cock, the trigger couldn’t drop the hammer. With the new trigger it does. I have the pre travel tab bent all the way back to give it the most pre travel but this still will drop the hammer from half cock when squeezed. My question: is this considered illegal? He mentions in the article that this is checked at chrono stages. This is the excerpt: ”The hammer should not drop. If your gun fails this test, you either need more overtravel or there may be damage to the half-cock notch or sear. Be sure to fix the problem, as this is a safety feature that must function on your gun. At a match, this is checked at the chrono stage.”
  11. Got this from Glenn. Turned out great! Just need to slap on my magwell once it gets delivered back to me
  12. Oh yeah forsure! This is my second akai now and They get better each time
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