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  1. Right on Dawson’s website. I imagine it would though. Ended up getting a pair of clip ring pliers and was able to get the job done
  2. Just saw the tool doesn’t work on MBX tubes, so I guess disregard this post lol
  3. I’m in San Antonio. Yeah figured it’s a long shot to get someone to send it out lol
  4. Yeah 1 or none is really nice. Thanks for the reply, I’ll have to get Shay to re tune when I send it back in for its check up to get it to stop locking up
  5. Seeing if anyone would be willing to lend me their Dawson mag tool? I’ve got only one mag that needs tuning and really don’t want to pop for the whole kit thanks
  6. How many shock buffs are you running? Any issues with the barrel locking up when you rack the slide to the rear? I’ve gotta run 3 buffs in my akai. It’s stroked, but bc of the buffs it makes it a non stroked slide bc the barrel locks in the lugs in the slide when I take any buffs out. Seeing if you have the same issue
  7. I’m gunna throw the regular Dillon sizing die on there tonight and see how deep it sixes the case
  8. Just backed off the die, cycles the handle all the way down and screwed the die down to where it’s just kissing the empty plate. Still getting the same results with it only sizing a little over half the case. Should I e mail EGW and see if it’s a defected die?
  9. It’s adjusted all the way down to allow the shell plate to still cycle all the way up a the stroke of the handle. Any lower and the handle doesn’t bottom out
  10. Loading 9 major on an xl650. Getting 3-6 rounds per 100 that fail my hundo case and fail a chamber check. Tried maxing out my undersized die and marked some brass with sharpie to see how deep down the sizing was happening and it’s stopping about 1/4” from the case head. Is this normal for the U-die to not size the whole case? Or do I need to look at a different die http://i65.tinypic.com/1zva1pk.jpg[/IMG]
  11. I will try setting the u die a tad deeper to see if that helps. And I’m unsure about if it has a concave shaped sizing ring. It’s the EGW U-die
  12. So once they fail the hundo, I chamber check them and they also fail the plunk test. It seems most of the fail to gauge rounds are right around the case rim. But if this is somewhat around the norm for the amount to not pass that is pre fired brass then that is fine with me. Just wanted to make sure it wasn’t who I was buying from that was the issue. Thanks for all the responses!
  13. I’ve used Nevada ammunition once fired, Fenix ammo once fired and one other companies once fired brass, all fully processed. I’m averaging 4-6 that do not pass my hundo case gauge and I’m also using an EGW U-die. Is this the norm for fired brass? Just want to make sure I’m not losing my mind over nothing, or is there a place out there that has consistent gauged brass? Or is the only way to get the consistency to buy new brass? Thanks in advance
  14. I appreciate all the replies. Loaded up 600 tonight of 8.4gr at 1.1675 OAL. Going to range on Saturday to test them
  15. Ah okay, I didn’t know that. I will pop for one of their firing Pins. Thanks! Yes 3 popple holes on top, and 2 on each side angled like a V. So 7 holes total, and a comp
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