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  1. If anyone wants a 10x barrel bushing I’ll trade you straight up for your factory p01 barrel bushing
  2. Have had a Cajun 10x barrel bushing in my p01. But just got my suppressor and threaded barrel in and as you know the threaded barrel doesn’t work with the 10x bushing. Trying to find where I can get the factory bushing, any ideas?
  3. Took about 6 weeks for my Ibejiheads order
  4. I just got them. Damn they are nice. I don’t have any inserts for them though
  5. I just got a pair of SSI aluminum grips and they are sweet. FAR better than the lok grips I had on previously. Very grippy in all the right places
  6. I’m not entirely opposed to trying other powders. But I’ve got powder that’ll work, and to get back out to an area to chrono is 90m from me. With a screaming wife and 2yo at home it isn’t the easiest task to be going back often
  7. I would be open to trying another powder. BUT, I’m sitting on about 12lbs of N320 lol
  8. Loading up 147gr HST defensive ammo. Using N320 and 3n38 to achieve near 1000fps. this is defensive ammo and won’t be shot often or in high quantities. I notice some cratering with the 4.2, but that’s about all I can see. Even the 3.9 is slightly cratered first pic is max recommended load of 3.9gr n320. Get 939fps second pic is above max at 4.2gr n320. Get 988fps third pic is below recommended of 3n38 at 6.2gr. Get 1032fps id like to run the 4.2 on n320 as the 3n38 fills the case and the bullet smashes the s#!t out of it and get all sorts of OAL variances.
  9. Didn’t realize my uspsa membership had Expired in February. Shot a match last week and got a decent classifier score. I just renewed my acct today, will the system back date and still upload that classifier score? It said I have until April to renew, just want to make sure thanks
  10. I’m in for updates if anyone’s gotten shipping notifications also
  11. Quick update. Swapped the thicker shock buff For the thinner one, and had zero issues at my match. Got a few springs on standby but as of now she runs
  12. I got a 10lb and a 9lb spring headed my way, hopefully that’ll do the trick
  13. Ive got the 10x in my shadow 2. I put a single ragged hole with 10rds at 20y standing. Not too sure what more you could get out of a $350 service and 8-10 weeks
  14. So I got the gun in and it went right out for milling so I hadn’t shot it in its stock configuration. im able to put a piece of brass in the breach face and knock it on my work bench and it holds the brass. I did order an extra power extractor spring and a 10# recoil spring. one thing I did realize is that the shadow 2 comes with a shock buff installed, and to me the stroke is very short. I’ll be pulling the shock buff as well to help the slide move more rearward.
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