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  1. I appreciate all the replies. Loaded up 600 tonight of 8.4gr at 1.1675 OAL. Going to range on Saturday to test them
  2. Ah okay, I didn’t know that. I will pop for one of their firing Pins. Thanks! Yes 3 popple holes on top, and 2 on each side angled like a V. So 7 holes total, and a comp
  3. Okay I’ll try that. Loading at 8.4gr got me right around 170pf. And thanks that’s what I was concerned about most was the primer. Pulled my slide apart at the range to make sure nothing was out of wack
  4. Thanks for the replies. The gun has an extended limcat FP. I’m going to start by dropping down to 8.4gr, that’ll still be at 170pf, and also lengthen the OAL
  5. Seeing if this is a sign of over pressure on the primer? Shooting 9major with the following load data 124gr precision delta jhp 8.6gr hs6 1.15 oal 173pf Avg 1400fps akai open gun http://i68.tinypic.com/2nrkizb.jpg[/IMG]
  6. Awesome thanks guys! I’ll do the projectile test with the ring, and measuring diameters.
  7. So I will say I am a new reloader. I spent the last 8 months with a Dillon xl650 in the box, and doing strict research on the basics, and up to load data for my akai open gun. Last week finally got it all setup on the bench. I’ve got a few hundred dry rounds ran through the machine now, got my powder to where I want it to start on the lower end. The ONLY thing I cannot find much info on is case crimping. I feel my crimp is good, but my question is can it be too good. Can the crimp be too tight, increasing pressures in the load? And if so, what’s a good way to test/tell that my crimp is good to go? Or is there a measuerment range I can take with my calipers of the top of the case? It doesn’t feel like it’s a lot of force in my roller handle when it gets to the crimp die
  8. Oh not at all! Just was curious, as I didn’t even know this forum had a classified section. I have posted it else where, but not trying to bypass any rules here
  9. I was, for now, looking at the few companies that make major ammo. Like atlant, orm or universal I totally agree! A reloading press is in the very near future.
  10. All great info! Going to have to get the order going
  11. I’ll keep that in mind, thanks for the reply! That definitely makes sense with the gasses. I appreciate the insight. Just wanted to verify a few things before making the switch and draining the life savings
  12. Thanks for the reply, and I appreciate the ammo links. I will start there with off the shelf 115gr minor and see how all goes. As far as the gun though, it’s being sold as a “9mm major” gun. Will the shelf minor ammo still function? Guessing the oal is just a tad shorter on the shelf stuff thanks
  13. Hey there, quick question. Been shooting limited A class for a couple of years now and want to make the trnastition into open. I’m set on an Akai open dragon, but at the moment won’t be hand loading my own loads. So my question is, and I’ve tried searching, can I shoot off the shelf minor 9mm ammo in a 9mm major gun? Also, with the dragon having 8 open ports on the barrel before the comp, will I run Int any issues shooting minor ammp through it? I understand I won’t get the full benefit of the comp or ports unless shooting major loads. I’ve been using 115gr magtech for years in my STI limited gun. Thanks in advance
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