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  1. Oh yeah forsure! This is my second akai now and They get better each time
  2. Thanks! Yeah Shay builds some nice machines! And Glenn has been awesome with the grip work
  3. Got this from Glenn today. Grip just needs blasting. Looks really great!!!
  4. Forsure! I’ll post pics when I get it back
  5. Yes. He cuts it based off of 3 measurements you give him. I just decided to send mine into him so I can have him blend everything including the beaver tail and mag release
  6. He initially said about a week, which in this world is quite fast, but that was just making the grip off my measurements and him making it. I decided to send him my gun to have him blend everything. So I’m guessing an extra week
  7. And always chrono off the shelf ammo. Those guys are loading their 9 major to a specific barrel/gun. Your barrel may be faster/slower and will most likely have a different comp and popples. As stated above, get into reloading. I was doing the same and buying and crap isnt cheap, you’ll save hundreds loading your own ammo
  8. Yeah just by looking at them and all the contours, I’m pretty confident it’s going to be an awesome grip
  9. When I was brand new to reloading all I did was spend time in the 9mm reloading section. TONS of great info and a lot of load data. I run a Dillon 650 with a case feed and mini bullet feed (didn’t want to shell out the dough for the mr. bullet feeder). I ended up settling for hs6 and 124gr coated bullets. 8.0 gr of hs6 at 1.170 OAL with the 124gr bullet and my AKAI with 3 top popple holes and 4 holes in a V pattern. I started though around 7.4gr and worked up in .2gr increments and loaded about 20 in each and chronod each round
  10. Yeah I was looking at taran or mbx pads but really wish there was a remedy for the Dawson’s
  11. For those that have the +1 SNL basepads and a Limcat magwell, were you able to get them to fit by filing/sanding any area of the basepad? Would like to keep the Dawson’s, but if they absolutely won’t fit then I can move them
  12. Sent my gun out to Glenn for his LSI grip. Has been great to deal with thus far, and has a pretty quick turn around time. I’ll post pics once I get it back
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