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  1. Ouch.. maybe this US isnt such a good idea as I thought it was..
  2. Hmm.. I didnt know that. Thanks
  3. I did this last night.. Field stripped it, put in the cleaner with one shot. Let it buzz for about 2 hours.. Brushed it off. Let it buzz.. Put it in the oven on 150 to dry it out.. Lubed it and greased it. And it is awesome! Hmm.. So I dont do this for every cleaning?
  4. Ya. I was going to field strip it, but it sounded like I needed to completely disassemble. So I field strip, US, put clean water in, US again.. Dry, lube?
  5. So what is the point of the US cleaner if I have to break down the pistol into each individual piece? That is more labor intensive than I normally clean it.
  6. You have made my day!! I have had someone tell me I would have to disassemble every single piece before I could use the US cleaner.. That sounded like more work than just hand cleaning it.
  7. Is it safe for me to drop my slide into the ultrasonic cleaner and clean it? How about if I take the grips off, is it safe to drop the lower into the ultrasonic cleaner?
  8. I shoot to get out of the house. Shooting (and reloading) allow me to focus on just that task. I dont think of bills, work projects, or any other stressors .
  9. reading and reading and reading

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