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  1. Update, I fiddled with this gun as much as I could. I am now incredibly proficient at completely disassembling a 1911. And putting it back together. Wasn't the over travel screw. Couldn't find anywhere that the grip safety or trigger bow was touching inappropriately. As there is no one where I live that is an actual 1911 pistol smith I was left with either sending it out (which would have been expensive and taken a loooong time to get back) or replace the ignition set. It wasn't about the money, more about the time. I bought a set from KC Crawford and now have a wonderful 2.5 pound trigger with a little roll, which I like very much. Gun is reliable, safe and shoots wonderfully. Thanks for everyone's help! Jeff
  2. The only ammo this gun ever gets is CCI SV or SK Standard +. Jeff
  3. I have occasional hammer follow, its doubled several times and when I lower the hammer slowly I can feel a hitch at around the half cock notch. Just started doing this and I did a detail strip and clean and that did not help. Jeff
  4. I have a Caspian frame with a Nelson conversion on it as my go to .22 pistol. The hammer and sear need to be replaced after only 3,000 rounds - apparently not set up properly. I want a 2 - 2.5 pound trigger pull that lasts. It needs at least a new hammer and sear and I'm willing to replace whatever parts I need to. What parts should I get? I am not set up to cut hammer hooks and such - I can replace parts and that's about it. If need be who should I send it to for this work? I live in Minnesota and as far as I know there are no true 1911 gurus here. Thanks, Jeff
  5. I just started reading Zen and the Art of Archery. Herrigel recommends some works by Suzuki and I am intrigued by his Zen and the Samurai. I can’t find any written versions, just audio. Anyone know where I might find this? Thanks, Jeff
  6. I have big hands so i prefer palm swell grips on my 1911s. I have several sets of VZ Operator II grips and love them. I also have a set of XS Shredder palm swells and they grip just as well, but are more comfortable. The only way to know is to try different grips, either on other people's guns or you can do like the rest of us do and just buy lots of grips! Jeff
  7. JNW

    TSO trigger problem

    Finally got a chance to work on my pistol. I backed the pretravel screw out 1/4 turn and it worked, but I gave it about 1/3 more. I initially had it set up right on the edge of functionality. It now has a bit more pretravel than I like, but it should shoot just fine. Also took off the rear sight to make this easier in the future. Man, was that thing on tight! Thanks again for all the help! Jeff
  8. JNW

    TSO trigger problem

    Thanks! I wanted to ask on this forum before I did any thing. I’ve got a frame mounted optic so this is my opportunity to remove the rear site so I can remove the slide easily. Jeff
  9. JNW

    TSO trigger problem

    I just shot my relatively new (several months old) TSO 9mm and had my first problem. I’ve got about 2,000 rounds of factory 124 grain ammo through it and was shooting American Eagle today. All of a sudden while shooting I had a dead trigger. The gun had fired, ejected, cocked the hammer and loaded a new round. However, the trigger had not reset. It did this several times and then started doing it every time. It even did it with a fresh mag in and I racked the slide by hand all the way back. Found that the hammer was not quite cocked all the way back. If I pushed down on the hammer a small amount it would cock and reset the trigger. It now fails every time. Is it just some debris in it or is something really wrong? Thanks, Jeff
  10. I wonder if you can drill the frame to take the CZ Custom optic mount? Sure looks like there's room. Jeff
  11. JNW

    TSO frame mount issue

    Fixed it with a UM Tactical delrin shim. Jeff
  12. JNW

    TSO frame mount issue

    I have a new 9mm TSO and love it! I got the CZC frame mount and attached it to the pistol and mounted an SRO on it. Everything went together great, but I ran out of elevation adjustment. With my SRO adjusted all the way down it shoots 5” high at 50 feet. It’s dead on at 10 feet - not very useful. I assume the only fix for this is UM Tactical 1 degree shims. Is this a not unusual problem? The optic is perfectly flat on the mounting plate. I tried loosening the frame mount and retightening it, hoping that this would move things around. No change at all. I do have a Venom I could try, but I want the SRO on this gun. Thanks, Jeff
  13. JNW

    TSO optic mount torque?

    George, Thanks for the response. Any pics or videos of installing the bosses? I was under the impression that machining was involved. Jeff
  14. JNW

    TSO optic mount torque?

    I have a new TSO and want to install the CZC frame mount and an SRO with my thumb rest. I have all three pieces, but nothing came with instructions. What torque settings should I use for attaching the mount/thumb rest to the frame and the SRO to the mount? Should I use Loc Tite? Is it recommended to install the boss pins to the mount? I’d have to have someone do this. Thanks, Jeff
  15. JNW

    Checkering CZ Shadow frame

    Then it would look like I checkered it! I also think the front strap is not very thick..
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