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  1. Is that Gournet’s work? Jeff
  2. JNW

    Red dot for TSO

    Thanks for the replies. Now to acquire a TSO. Jeff
  3. My most reliable 1911 out of the box is my Kimber - honest. All I’ve done is tweaked the sear spring to get a safe 3.25# pull. However, my DW PM9 is an absolute joy and after having the trigger group tuned up by a competent 1911 pistol smith it is perfect. Get a Dan Wesson - either the PM9 or PM45. You won’t regret it and if you want to sell it a line of expectant buyers will form. Jeff
  4. JNW

    Red dot for TSO

    I’m considering getting a 9mm TSO for some local range games. I need to shoot with a red dot and would prefer one mounted on the slide. Does this CZC mount work on the TSO? https://czcustom.com/cz-parts-all/red-dot-mounting/slide-racker-multi-ts-st-blued.html Anyone have their TSO slide milled for the CZC optic plate system? Thanks, Jeff
  5. I have a relatively new Kimber KHX Optic Ready 9mm with a Vortex Venom on it. I bought it only because of the optic ready slide and was prepared to have lots of issues. Well, other than 3 FTFeed with one Wilson ETM mag the gun has been flawless. That was 1,800 rounds ago. I’m over 2,100 rounds since buying it this June. I did adjust the sear spring to get the trigger pull down to 3 pounds 6 ounces and it feels great. This gun feels almost as nice as my Dan Wesson PM9 and shoots just as well. This gun is making me a Kimber fan boy. Kimber builds more 1911s than anyone except maybe Colt, so lots of them out there. I think the bad mouthing they get is undeserved. Mine is the most reliable out of the box centerfire 1911 I have. Jeff
  6. An old practice with bullseye 1911s was to load the gun by having the slide locked back, inserting a loaded magazine, holding the trigger all the way back and then dropping the slide by either slingshotting or with the slide release lever. The idea was that this simulated the firing sequence and protected your sear/hammer interface from getting damaged. Some advocate doing this during fry fire as well. If you use this technique enough times you will eventually get an AD by letting the trigger go forward just a little. Don’t do this. Ever. It’s a habit that will get you disqualified or injured eventually. I dry fire my 1911s a lot by just running the slide and I don’t hold the trigger back when recocking the gun, even though it simulates the firing sequence. I don’t let my slide drop on an empty chamber, just hold the slide and let it go forward slowly when dry firing. If I have to replace ignition components early so be it, but thousands of dry fires have not done anything to any of my pistols so far. Jeff
  7. JNW

    CZ 97 trigger

    Well, my smokin’ deal on a used gun fell through. How hard is it to put in the SAO trigger, get a crisp 2-3# pull and put adjustable sights on a 97B? Jeff
  8. JNW

    CZ 97 trigger

    Thanks for the replies. Just wanted to make sure it is straightforward to increase the pull if I needed to. Jeff
  9. JNW

    CZ 97 trigger

    I am looking at a used CZ97. It has a Cajun pro trigger job in it and is SAO. The trigger pull is 2 pounds now and wondering how hard it would be to increase it to 3 pounds? Don't know if I will like the trigger so light. Thanks, Jeff
  10. JNW

    Optic Ready Shadow2?

    Okay, so a big wait for a factory OR pistol. So who do you guys recommend for milling a slide for a direct installation of a Leupold DPP? Jeff
  11. JNW

    Optic Ready Shadow2?

    I contacted CZ USA last week asking about an OR Shadow 2. They sent me a form email that they know nothing about future guns. Are people happy with the RDS plates and milling from CZ Custom? Seems like having a slide milled is the only option unless you want to wait who knows how long. I would have thought the US is a huge market for CZ and they would want to get new guns here ASAP. Jeff
  12. JNW


    For a carry optics gun do you prefer to run it without sights or do you find a set of co-witness sights helpful? Thanks, Jeff
  13. I have a PM9 and the older model RO Target in .45. I had the trigger on the Springfield worked on, added a FO front sight, EGW custom bushing (which did improve accuracy), grip tape and VZ grips. I’m not up to a DW price, and it shoots well for me, but I much prefer the PM-9. The higher grip on the PM-9 is very noticeable and a big part of why shooting it is so nice. In retrospect I wish I had just bought another Dan Wesson, which I’ll probably end up doing. The RO is a good gun - the PM9 is fricking awesome! 3,000 rounds in and I still have to take it apart with a bushing wrench. Jeff
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